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Sweden News ~ March 2014

Please click on the title below to read Connemara Pony News from Sweden prepared by Jenny Hagenblad. Photos and results in Dressage, Eventing, Show Jumping and Driving, plus Stallion News are included in her 5 page summary.

Sweden News ~ March 2014

Denmark Report (DKCPS) – March 2014


50th Anniversary of the Danish Connemara Pony Breeders Society

In 2014 we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Danish Connemara Pony Breeders Society, founded in 1964. The society was founded by 7 breeders who owned 5 ponies, 1 stallion, and 4 mares. We will celebrate this anniversary on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd August 2014. More to come in 2014, please keep an eye on our website for updates on this event.

REPORT 2013 

The Annual Inspection and Show:

The big event of the year is our annual inspection and show. 20 ponies were entered for inspections and 35 ponies for show. The judges were Henry O’Toole, Ireland, Jørgen Finderup and Ann Dupont both from Denmark. It was held over 2 days, the first day on Bornholm, an island in the Baltic Sea near Sweden. The weather was good and it was the hottest day of the year with 33,3 °C, which made it a bit of a challenge for ponies, exhibitors and judges.

In Denmark Class 1 for mares is divided into I. class + Medal, I. class and II. class A.

Two mares were graded in I. class on Bornholm.:

HESTEKLEWA MARY (Hesteklewa Wild Donovan/Skousboe Marvie) and

AC-SA’LINAS AF ENGVANG (Glencarrig Fionn/AC-Sa’lin Øndi af Engvang).

On Zeeland two stallions were graded in Class 1.

One mare got I. class + Medal + Best pony of the inspection:

ALBERTSHØJ CORADINE (Coosheen Finnegan/Frederiksminde Camilla)

Albertshoj Coradine (Coosheen Finnegan/Frederiksminde Camilla)

Albertshoj Coradine (Coosheen Finnegan/Frederiksminde Camilla)                                             photo: Lene Nielsen

And 3 mares were graded in I. class:

MØRKHØJS MINNIE M (Lærkens Catch Me/AC-Bettie Woman af Engvang),

Morkhojs Minnie M (Laerkens Catch Me/AC-Bettie Woman of Engvang)

Morkhojs Minnie M (Laerkens Catch Me/AC-Bettie Woman of Engvang)                           photo: Lene Nielsen

DAMBÆKSGÅRDS SANTANA (Teglstrup Duke/AC-Star Queen af Engvang) and


Dambaeksgards Santana (Teglstrup Duke/AC-Star Queen of Engvang)

Dambaeksgards Santana (Teglstrup Duke/AC-Star Queen of Engvang)                              photo: Lene Nielsen

HEDEGAARDENS HELENE (Teglstrup Duke/Tobæks Camilla).

Hedegaardens Helene (Teglestrup Duke/Tobaeks Camilla)

Hedegaardens Helene (Teglestrup Duke/Tobaeks Camilla)                                                 photo: Lene Nielsen

7 times during the show classes the judges awarded a pony with the coveted 1 st. prize 23 points:

HESTEKLEWA MARY (Hesteklewa Wild Donovan/Skousboe Marvie)

HESSELBJERGGÅRDS CEYLON (Hohnhorst Jeremy/Hesselbjerggård Colleen)

ALBERTSHØJ CONRADINE (Coosheen Finnegan/Frederiksminde Camilla)

MØRKHØJS MINNIE M (Lærkens Catch Me/AC-Bettie Woman af Engvang)

BREDEMADGÅRDS CILLA (Lærkens Callaghan/Hyldens Primula)

Bredemadgards Cilla (Laerkens Callaghan/Hyldens Primula)

Bredemadgards Cilla (Laerkens Callaghan/Hyldens Primula) photo: Lene Nielsen

LOFTY CIARA (Lofty Roderic/Beezies Bounty) 

LOFTY CIARA (Lofty Roderic-Beezies Bounty) photo Lene Nielsen

LOFTY CIARA (Lofty Roderic-Beezies Bounty) photo Lene Nielsen

ENGHØJS LOVELY LAUREN (Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel/Enghøjs Queennie) and

ENGHØJS LOVELY LAUREN (Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel:Enghøjs Queennie) photo Lene Nielsen

ENGHØJS LOVELY LAUREN (Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel:Enghøjs Queennie) photo Lene Nielsen

HYLDENS PRIMULA (Pilgaards Sammy Jr./Øxenholm Bouchette) for a mare-family.

HYLDENS PRIMULA (Pilgaards Sammy Jr.:Øxenholm Bouchette) for a mare-family. photo Lene Nielsen

HYLDENS PRIMULA (Pilgaards Sammy Jr.:Øxenholm Bouchette) for a mare family.    photo Lene Nielsen

This year it was the same pony there took the title as Best pony of the inspection and Best in Show, both on Bornholm and Zeeland.

On Bornholm it was HESTEKLEWA MARY (Hesteklewa Wild Donovan/Skousboe Marvie) owned by the family Kaas and Hemmingsen.

And on Zeeland ALBERTSHØJ CONRADINE (Coosheen Finnegan/Frederiksminde Camilla) claimed both titles, owned by Merethe and Niels Dyrlund.

It is possible to find more photos from our inspection and show on our homepage

Choose the word “Resultater”, and You will find photos from several events.


ALBERTSHØJ CORADINE        Photo Lene Nielsen


Agriculture Shows:

The Connemara pony has been well represented at the large agriculture shows.

At The National show in Herning over 3 days, 8 Connemara ponies participated in the big horse show with other breeds. The National Show had just about 50.000 visitors this year.

Photo- Mette M. Sørensen

Photo: Mette M. Sørensen


Danish born Connemaraponies abroard:

We are delighted to see so many Danish Connemara ponies doing well, in and out side the Country.

We entered the year with the news from Olympia. Banks Vanilla owned by Noel Noonan and breed by Jytte and Peter Bank Mikkelsen had won Best of the breed at London International Horse Show – Olympia the 23. rd December 2012. Sadly, both grandsire, Øxenholm Marble Jr. and sire Teglstrup Duke of this succesfull pony was put to rest in the beginning of 2013. But it’s good to know that this line is continuing to do well, as Banks Timber, (Teglstrups Duke-Bank Squares Do-Do) full brother to Banks Vanilla, has been consistent in the showring in 2013. 6 times he has taken the title Supreme Champion.


BANKS TIMBER  photo: Lene Nielsen

In Holland Pilgaards Vogue (Maigaardens Killian/Kærvangs Candie) took a title as Supreme Champion and so did Maj (Nørlunds Cash and Go/Nørlunds Mia Maja) in Germany.

The stallion Frederiksminde Volcano (Lissroe Hurricane x  Frederiksminda Christel) passed the Irish inspection at the autumn 2013.

The stallion AC-Samson af Engvang (Skovsboe Morning Rock x AC-Soft Jewel af Engvang) – owned by Reimann Family in Germany -, has been standing in Ireland for 2013.

The stallion Rhinstroems Mighty Man (Øxenholm Markbook x Kirstinelunds Juicy), owned by Patty Schmidt, Germany, has been sold to South Africa.

Regarding ponies with Danish blood in their pedigree:

Especially in Ireland and Germany we can find a lot of good results.

At the Clifden show there were Danish blood  among the first 10 ponies in 11 showclasses (out of 17.)

The Junior Champion was by Laerkens Cascade Dawn – number 2 was out of a Danish mare Banks Vanilla.

SUNHILL ROBIN - Junior Champion

SUNHILL ROBIN – Junior Champion  photo:Lene Nielsen

In the stallion-class 4-6 y.o., there were 13 competitors – 7 among the first 10 had Danish blood – 2 of them were Danish born.

Also in the ridingclasses we had good representatives  – the ridden Champion Nire Valley Belle was by Danish Frederiksminde Hazy Match. In 6 ridingclasses there were Danish names among the first 6 placed ponies

At the show in Northern Germany, there were 11 classes, where 21 ponies was placed among the first three – all with Danish blood or Danish born.


This is the name of the Danish year-book and it is possible to see it on our Society’s homepage . On the frontpage You will find the title “Årbog 2013”. Hope You will enjoy – at least the photos – the text is not easy for other than danes.

Performance Ponies in Denmark 2013:


This title went to Mai Kaas on Hesteklewa Wendy ( Pilgaards Sammy Jr. x Hesteklewa Wild Woods) .

Mai also won The Nordea Cup for ponies with Wendy. The title goes to the rider, who has been best seen through all the military competitions on Bornholm – over the year. This was Mai Kaas’ last year as pony-rider.

Photo- Morten Fiil

Photo- Morten Fiil

In Denmark we have many good ridingponies – especially in Military (cross country + jumping + dressage) the ponies are doing very well.

Here are few names – other than Wendy – who has done well in 2013:

Hesselbjerggård Highlander (Pilgaards Sammy Junior x Mosens Salia)

Skousboe Candy Floss (Skousboe Morning Rock x Cheery af Ellebrud)

Siegaards Breezer (Innellan Kestrel x Siegård´s Britania)

Skolekrogens Similie (Ravnsholts Diablo x Nørlunds Sweet Souvenir)

Hedegårdens Junker (Rebel Justice x Cirkeline)

Magi af Myreby (Skousboe Morning Rock x Nørgårds Maynilla)

Magi af Myreby (Skousboe Morning Rock x Nørgårds Maynilla)


Hesteklewa Daydream (Ravnholts Garibaldi x Hesteklewa Delight) with rider Sarah Jørgensen in the sadle. Photo- Morten Fiil

Hesteklewa Daydream (Ravnholts Garibaldi x Hesteklewa Delight) with rider Sarah Jørgensen in the sadle. Photo- Morten Fiil

Others who have done well in dressage:

Wirtsmühle Delaney’s (Diamond Shamrock x Nørlunds Primrose)

Elmely’s Dun Jackoo (Mannin Bay Cuckoo x Elmely’s Jasmin)

Veddinge Fit for Fight (Lærkens Catch Me x Frederiksminde Hazy Star)

Skolekrogens Stasia (Ravnsholts Diablo x Nørlunds Sweet Souvenir)

Skolekrogens Stasia (Ravnsholts Diablo x Nørlunds Sweet Souvenir)

Jumping ponies who has also done well – here are a few names:

Foxcourt (Glenayre Silver Fox x Grey Mist)

Glencarrig Tully Finn (Coosheen Finnegan x Glencroft Amy)

Skousboe Mana (Frederiksminde Mandy Boy x Frederiksminde Mellow)

Skousboe Meadow (Frederiksminde Mandy Boy x Frederiksminde Mellow)

Ballycurraghan Coosheen Boy (Coosheen Thyme x Inishlacken Lass)

Quality Judgement 2013 in Jutland:

The pony is ridden by it’s own rider, and next a professional rider is riding the pony, who afterwards gives her/his opinion about the pony. The pony can achieve Gold, Silver or Bronze medal.

The results this year was:

Bredemadgårds Gilgalad, CV 43 (Innellan Kestrel S108 x Bakkedals Primadonna C844)

Dressage : GOLD

Degneloddens Donna, C842 (Frej CH 42 x Maigaardens Clover C365)

Dressage BRONZE   

Nyholts Laureen,  C 1036 (Lærkens Catch Me CH 51 x Enghøjs Lovely Lauren EC760)

Dressage GOLD

Bredemadgårds Aicha, RRC 15 (Mannin Bay Cuckoo CH 99 x Bakkedals Primadonna C 844)

Dressage SILVER

Ærenlund Dusty Diamond, CV 46 (Lærkens Callaghan CH 73 x Hedehusets Durrus C 938)

Dressage SILVER

Hohnhorst Jamiro, DE434340258105 (Hesselbjerggård Justice DE402020610200 x Nørlunds Madigan C 570)

Dressage GOLD     Jumping SILVER

Nørlunds Wizard,  (Woodstock CH 100 x Nørlunds Melanie C 889)

Dressage GOLD     

Report submitted by: Lene Gøgsig Nielsen (March 2014)

CPBS December 2013 Newsletter

 Connemara Pony Breeders’ Society

Christmas Newsletter 2013

New Christmas Show: On December 12th 1923 the Connemara Pony Breeders’ Society was formed. December 2013 marks the ninetieth anniversary of the CPBS. To celebrate this milestone the Society is organising a ‘Celebration of the Connemara Pony’ in Creagh Equestrian Centre, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway on Saturday 14th December. Starting at 10am, there will be a colt foal and a filly foal class. The winner of the colt foal class will receive the Irish Dragoon Galway Irish Crystal trophy and the winner of the filly foal class will win the Eileen Alanna Galway Irish Crystal trophy. Foals must be weaned.

Well known performance pony producers Clare Oakes and Denise Norton will deliver a clinic on conformation, giving a detailed assessment of four geldings both from an in-hand and performance point of view. Dressage rider Mary Mitchell will give a display with musical accompaniment on her homebred Western May.

A new book published by the CPBS will be launched by Séan Kyne, TD, entitled “The Connemara Pony – Celebrating 90 Years”. It is a photographic tribute to the Connemara Pony, containing over 160 photos and priced at €20 it will make an ideal Christmas present for any equine lover.

The CPBS acknowledges that the success of the Connemara pony would not be possible without the loyalty of it’s breeders and members. The two longest serving members of the CPBS and the three families who have owned the same pony family for the longest period of time will each be presented with a certificate of loyalty.

Part of Christmas is about having fun and the CPBS is encouraging riders to have fun with their Connemara ponies. A team obstacle race will be held and a fancy dress class will be held for adults and children. Everyone is welcome to attend and partake in Celebrating the Connemara Pony. Admission is free. There will be a pig on a spit and mulled wine for everyone and a special guest in a red suit will be there on the day. We hear the reindeer are busy getting ready for their big trip so he may have to arrive on his Connemara pony.

For more information please visit .

New Council Members: Four seats were filled on the CPBS Council at our recent AGM. Jane Andrews, Michael Laffey, and John Riordan were re-elected to the Council, while Mossie Joyce was newly elected. At the first Council meeting following the AGM, Andy O’Donoghue was re-elected as President, Henry O’Toole and John Varley were elected as Vice-Presidents, Dermot Power as Treasurer and John Riordan as Honorary Secretary.

An Capaillín: Orders are now being taken for Volume XIII of An Capaillín. It is priced at €10 + €6.50 p+p and packed full of interesting news, results, articles and photos, it is sure to be an interesting read for any Connemara pony fan over Christmas. All Irish orders placed before Friday 20th December will be dispatched in time for Christmas. To order a copy please call 095 21863 or email .

Memberships: Members are reminded that their annual subscription for 2014 is now due. Payment can be accepted by cheque or credit / debit card. Please ensure your membership is paid before 31st January to be eligible to vote at the 2014 AGM.

New Book: The CPBS are launching a new book “The Connemara Pony – Celebrating 90 Years” on Saturday 14th December. It is a photographic tribute to the Connemara pony with some explanatory text and is the ideal Christmas present for any equine enthusiast. Orders are now being taken. It costs €20 + €6.50 p+p. If you wish to order this and An Capaillín the total postage cost for the two items will be €7.50.

VAT on CPBS Services: From January 1st 2014, 23% VAT will be charged on all foal registrations, transfers of ownerships and inspection fees. All studbooks have been notified by Revenue to charge VAT on services.

CPBS Awards: The CPBS will present a number of awards on Saturday 14th December at the Christmas Show. Elizabeth Petch and Stephanie Brooks will each receive a certificate of loyalty for being the two longest serving members of the Connemara Pony Breeders’ Society. Mrs Petch became a member of the CPBS in 1960 and Mrs. Brooks became a member in 1964.

Families whom have had the same dam line for the longest period of time according to the studbook will also be honoured at the show and their dedication to the Connemara pony acknowledged.

The Griffin Family, Screebe, Rosmuc, Co. Galway and their well know pedigree line of windy ponies began in 1929 with the birth of Furnace Lass registered by Mr. Mairitin Griffin in the first volume of the studbook with mare number (366). This line continues today with Mairtin’s nephew Coleman and his 2012 filly Windy Snow Drift (Streamstown Mickey S1-2724 x Windy Dawn M1-17663).

The Keaney Family, Murvey, Roundstone, Co. Galway is synonymous with Connemara Ponies. Bred today under the Murvey prefix the line began in 1930 when Thomas Keaney registered his mare Silver Spray under the number (328) in the first studbook and continues to Murvey Michaela (M3-28594) born in 2012 (Glencarrig Patrick S1-6074 x Murvey Cara M12753) owned by Bernard Keaney. The tradition lives on with Thomas’ grandsons Thomas, Marty & Bernard and looks to continue with great grandson Jack.

The Sullivan Family, Lissoughter, Recess, Co. Galway registered Retreat (320) foaled in 1931. Registered by Michael Sullivan this began the chain that would continue through Thomas, Christy and today Gerry Sullivan with his mare Pride Lady (M1-20192) (Callowfeenish Buachaill 1002 x Christy’s Pride 11903.)

Documentary on Connemara Ponies: Capaillíní Chonamara’ is the title of a new documentary film on the Connemara Pony which will be screened on TG4 on St. Stephen’s Day, December 26th at 7:45p.m. The film is produced by Donnacha O Briain of Union Films Ltd., Dublin and was shot in Connemara during the summer of 2012. The 52 minute film is packed with beautiful ponies, stunning scenery and interviews with breeders (also beautiful and stunning) and is sure to be enjoyed by a massive audience during the holiday period.

Spring Weekend: The 2014 Spring Festival Weekend will take place from Thursday 27th March to Sunday 30th March. The highlight of the weekend will be the annual stallion parade on Sunday 30th March. Colt inspections, educational clinics and lots more events will form the rest of the weekend. To stay up to date with events planned please visit or find us on Facebook.

Connemara Pony Festival: The 2014 Connemara Pony Festival will run from Sunday 17th August to Sunday 24th August. The loose jumping and green hunter finals will take place on Wednesday 20th August, the in-hand and ridden classes will run on Thursday 21st August and the working hunter classes, the high performance classes and the Puissance competition will take place on Friday 22nd August. Details of all events will be available soon on .

Maam Cross Sale: A catalogue sale of 170 registered Connemara ponies will be held in Maam Cross Mart on Sunday 8th December commencing at 11am. Please contact 091 552254 for more details.

Elite Sales Group: The Connemara Pony Elite Sales Group is a newly formed marketing body whose primary aim is to promote sales of Connemara Ponies. It is an independent organisation, working with the support of the CPBS. The Group will facilitate the assessment, display, presentation, and independent marketing of the Connemara Pony.

It is now planned by the CPESG to host a select sale of Ridden Connemara Ponies in Spring 2014, with selection days to be held in late February / early March. It is intended to follow this with an Elite Foal sale in August 2014. Details of these sales will be available from their Facebook page at:

The Group consists of the following members:

Michael Flanagan ( / 086 3680885)

Robbie Fallon ( / 087 2324627)

Philip McManus ( / 087 2749109)

Mary Uí Chadhain ( / 087 9825045)

Brendan Coyne ( / 087 2346520)

Keith Murray ( / 086 7840131)

Éamonn Mac Lochlainn (

Clifden Sales: A Connemara pony sale will be held in Clifden Mart on Saturday 22nd February. Entries are now being taken.

A special sale of performance ponies will take place on Saturday 29th March, this sale is open solely to Connemara Ponies who are 4 years old and over, all ponies must be broken & ridden.

Each pony will have to be vetted in advance of this sale, and entries will be limited to 120 lots only. This sale promises to be a first class event.

Viewing of all lots performing will take place on the morning of sale for 3 hours from 9am to 12pm. Sale will start at 12 noon.  Entry forms for this sale will be available from Monday 16th December 2013, the closing date for entries is Friday February 14th 2014.

For more details please contact Clifden Mart on 095 21861 or visit .

Database: Work on our online database is almost complete and we hope to have it launched on over the coming days. It will be automatically updated on a daily basis to ensure breeders have as up to date information as possible. We apologise for the delay in getting it up and running.

Christmas Office Hours: The CPBS Office will close on Friday 20th December and will re-open on Thursday 2nd January. Office opening hours are 10am – 1pm and 2pm – 4pm.

Member’s Feedback: The CPBS welcomes feedback from its members. If you have any suggestions or comments please email them to or send to CPBS, The Showgrounds, Clifden, Co. Galway. We also love to hear of any Connemara doing well at home or abroad so please keep us up to date.

The Council & Staff of the CPBS wish all our members a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Performance Ponies in Denmark


Gold medal achieved at the Nordic Championship in Cross Country

Lillevangs Ember  (Ravnsholt Diablo x Kløvens Easy) is a 10 y.o. Connemara gelding ridden by Sofie Møller Jensen.

Ember is on the Danish National team in Military for ponies.

In  juli 2012 the horse and rider was in Starum in Norway, where they participated in the Nordic Championship.

The Danish team won gold and Ember and Sofie got an individual 6. place out of 25 competitors.

The team also got a 2. place at a National Horse show in Haslev.

In  2011 Lillevangs Ember was on the team, who got bronzemedal at The National Championship and he was placed 10 on the national list of military ponies.

Lillevangs Ember

Enghøjs Quincy Blue

One of our competition ponies, who has done very well in 2012, is Enghoejs Quincy Blue (Baunely’s Dipper x Enghoejs Lovely Lauren) with his rider Clara Bergman Smit.

Horse and rider has participated in both national as well as international jumping competitions.

Quincy Blue is an S-pony and have received 4870 points on the national list for jumping-ponies.. They have been placed in – and have won MB and MA classes in National – and Elite horse show. Quincy Blue has also participated in JBK Horse Show, the biggest international event in Denmark – and they won MB. Enghoejs Quincy Blue is one of the most winning cat. 1 ponies in Denmark.

Enghoejs Quincy Blue

Lene Neilsen (Submitted 11 December 2014)

News from Denmark


AUTUMN 2012 – SPRING 2013

Welcome to the first newsletter from Denmark in 2013. I hope You will forgive, that we also have taken a bit of news from the autumn 2012.

 Banks Vanilla – 2012.

One Danish pony really placed Denmark on the map – Banks Vanilla by Tegstrups Duke x Banks Squares Do-Do bred by Jytte og Peter Bank-Mikkelsen and owned by Noel Noonan, Manor Connemara Ponies, Irland.

She wan NPS/Baileys Horse feeds M&M Ridden Pony section and became “the M&M Ridden Pony of the Year” in the class for New Forest / Connemara at The Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) 2012.

Banks Vanilla, ridden by Sam Roberts, was also rewarded with  “Tagg La Liga Award” in their class M&M Ridden New Forest / Connemara.

Banks Vanilla, was following selected to participate at Olympia. With the rider Hannah Horton, they became  6th in a strong M&M ridden class with 40 competitors and ended up with the title “Best of Breed ‘ in the Connemara section at Olympia 2012.

Banks VanillaBanks Vanilla                                           Photo:

 Danish born stallion inspected in Germany – 2012

The 2½ year old colt Hesselbjerggård Jaronimo by Hohnhorst Jaro x Pilgaards Maybie, bred by Karen Louise Jørgensen, Hesselbjerggård Stud farm, went in the summer to May og Holger Reimann, Hohnhorst Stud farm, Germany.

Jaronimo participated  in october in the stallioninspection in Verden and achieved Class 1.

hesselbjerggard JaronimoHesselbjerggaard Jaronimo               Photo: Holger Reimann

 Supreme Champion in Finland 2012

The Connemarapony show in Finland 2012 was wonn by the 22 y.o. Aramara Eliza. Eliza have realtionship to Denmark. Her father Ardnasillagh O’Flaherty was sold from Denmark to Finland and her mother is the Danish born mare Pilgårds Camilla (Padraigh of Rosenaharley x Kærvangs Candie).

Amarara Eliza got several titles that day; Best mare – Best pony born in Finland – Supreme Champion in hand and Reserve ridden Champion. Really great of a pony, who, the year before, was very ill and only acute operation saved her life.

Aramara ElizaAramara Eliza                                        Photo: Satu Pitkänen

Danish born stallion to Ireland 2013.

We are proud, that one more Danish stallion have taken the journey to Ireland; AC-Samson af Engvang by Skousboe Morning Rock x AC-Soft Jewel af Engvang (Øxenholm Godot x Øxenholm Sleepy Eyes). Samson is bred by Anette Schou-Lund, AC-Engvang Stud farm, Bornholm and owned by May and Holger Reimann, Hohnhorst stud farm, Germany. Now he is staying by the Bourke family, Abbeyside Stud farm, Claremorris.

The Reimann family bought Samson as a youngster. Later – at the inspection – he achieved Class 1  and has also passed his performancetest.

Samson has also been in France for a year.

AC-Samson af EngvangAC-Samson af Engvang

 Teglstrup Duke CH 50   (24. maj 1986 –  5. marts  2013)

Lene og Asger Larsen, Teglstrup stud farm, Vålse, had to put down their 27 year old stallion Teglstrup Duke.

Teglstrup Duke  (Øxenholm Marble Jr x Red Baroness (Island King)) won the foalclass in 1986.  In 1990 he achieved final inspection and the same year he got the title Reserve Best in Show on Bornholm.

Duke had 2 son’s who achieved final inspection Danmark;  Baunely Dipper og Skousboe Hero plus one in Ireland; Banks Timber. Baunely Dipper is now owned in Germany and Skousboe Hero passed away in 2012.

Lene G. Nielsen (Submitted 11 December 2013)

News Around the World ~ April 2013



The Events Calendar recently received from  Denmark shows that an Inspection program and Pony Show will be held on Bornholm on 2nd August 2013.

A similar event will be held on Zealand on 3 – 4th August.

Besides Regional Jutland and Regional Zealand, have other events programmed such as Riding, Quality Judgement and Studies of pedigree and Stud Books.

In all of these areas, there are several Agricultural Shows featuring Connemara ponies.

If you are in the areas mentioned, perhaps a day visit to one of the shows will see quality Connemaras competing  and displaying their quality performance qualities.  A quick E-Mail to the Danish secretary will  clarify areas, places and times!


For those visiting Great Britain in the coming Spring and summer, a visit to one of the below mentioned areas could  enable you to see some of the finest Connemara Ponies in Britain and in fact, elsewhere, competing and displaying their excellent Performance qualities.

Monday 1st April – Scottish Connemara Group Dressage competition.

Sunday 7th April – Judges assessment and probation filly Inspection assessment day.

Wednesday 24 April –  BCPS Colt Inspection Ivy House Skelton Wood End Penrith Cumbria.

Thursday 9th May –  Colt Inspection Norton Heath Equestrian Centre Blackmore.

Sunday 30th June – North East Connemara Group Show , Northumberland College Kirkley Hall Ponteland  Northumberland.

Saturday 13th July, Eastern Connemara Group Eventer trials, show jumping and Dressage, Horseshoe Farm  Dereham. Followed on 31st August with a Novice One day Event and Dressage Competition.

Sunday 20/21st July –   BCPS Ridden and In Hand Breed show, Warwickshire Agricultural College Moreton Morrell.

Sunday 28th July – BCPS Northern Show, Osbaldeston Equestrian centre Blackburn Lancashire.

This is just a few of the Connemara Pony events throughout  Britain during the Spring and Summer,  Contact with the secretary will give a full list of events and venues.

Filly Inspections this year will be organised by a co-ordinator from each region.

Colt Inspection for 2013 will be held in three venues  –  24th April  Ivy House   Skelton,  Friday 26th April Stretcholt Farm, Stretcholt, Somerset  – Thursday 9th May  Norton heath Equestrian centre Blackmore.


As in many other areas of the world, Nature has been most unkind to those residing below the line.   Extreme flooding in the eastern States, not once but to the present time, three times with widespread damage and loss of life has occurred.  In other areas huge bush fires have caused massive devastation.  It is pleasing to say that there has been no reports of loss of Connemara ponies in this extremely wide spread devastation.  It is therefore reasonable to indicate that there have been few shows held where the Connemara Pony could be seen to be giving their usual high performance  displays.

The Connemara pony Show case, a somewhat spectacular even in the Connemara world down under, was again seen at Werribee, Victoria in last September.   Ponies were presented from Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.  An Irish Judge  found quality ponies in all sections  and awards went to all areas.  It is believed that this show will not be available next year due to cost factors, distances needed to be travelled etc.  This is indeed a shame as in its two years of showing the Connemara pony, wide applause has been given to those who worked hard in its performance.  As well as “In hand” classes Dressage, working Hunter, ridden and show jumping events were held.

In those areas where Shows could be held the Connemara pony excelled as always.

2013 Melbourne Show saw Gracefield  Park  Mr. Ed crowned as the top led Connemara Pony.  “Gracefield Park Mr. Ed”. Was also crowned as the Champion Connemara at the show with reserve Champion being awarded to “Kahean Snow Blossom”.   Unfortunately there are no other results available for the Melbourne Royal.

Castle Hill, New South Wales, produced a great day for the CASTLE HILL Show but unfortunately the numbers of Connemara Pony entries was down on last year.  The judge however commented on the standard of those ponies presented.   Brooke Allan, produced the top mare/filly under 4 years of age with “Asham Ballybelle”  taking the first ribbon. “Asham Madonna also owned by Brooke was awarded the top rating in the over 4 years mare class.   Supreme Champion at this show was awarded to “Asham Madonna”

Tanunda South Australia saw a small but quality field of Connemara ponies on display.

Champion led pony was awarded to Glenormiston Rosanna and the reserve ribbon was placed on Innisfree Beaujolais. Led Purebred Gelding ribbon went to Glenormiston Connaught and the supreme champion Barogue led award went to Glenormiston Rosanna.   A strong field of Connemaras ponies went into the ridden arena.  Innisfree Beaujolais collected the ridden purebred Mare or stallion class.   Ridden pure bred over height was awarded to Glenormiston Connaught.  Pleasure Connemara pony award was placed with Glenormiston Connaught.  Ridden hunter Galloway award went to Innisfree Beaujolais.  This pony also was awarded the Working Hunter  Galloway class.

New Zealand

Waikato Show was held in October 2012.  Supreme Champion Connemara of the show went to Keltic  O Se.  Young stock foal/yearling was won by Glenormiston Rionach.  2 – 3yr old pony ribbon was placed on Glenormiston Rahanishka and this colt also was awarded the Champion young stock award at the show. The Mare 4yrs and over award went to Mungala Tuar Ceatha.

Canterbury  A&P Show in November 2012 also was well attended by the Connemara ponies of the area, and, from the awards list, the Connemara again displayed its quality and abilities.

Supreme Champion Connemara went to Tallyho Neptune, purebred youngstock award went to Windward Mickey; Purebred adult award was place with Tallyho Neptune.

Partbred youngstock award went to Glardon La Strofian,  Partbred adult ribbon was placed with Windward Hemi and the Champion purebred award went to Rednalhgih Hayman.

It is hoped that quite soon, the ICCPS website will be upgraded and a regular review of Connemara Pony sows etc. world wide will then be able to appear on a regular basis.  To do this of course those responsible for the continual reports of the Connemara pony world wide will need your full support. Someone from each Sister groups who will collate results will need to be allocated, then ensure results are sent to  the promotions officer and then onto the web master for inclusion.  A whole new system will hopefully come into place and we will be able to let ALL members throughout the ICCPS , the Mother Society and all those who are not Connemara orientated but, who read out website, will know know just how strong our Connemara pony is , especially  in the performance fields world wide.  The new moves have my whole hearted support and I trust that I will still be able to bring the Connemara performances  to you where  ever you are!

John Tennant,

Promotions Officer  ICCPS.

Swedish News 2012

Swedish News, August 2012


Well into the second half of the year six Connemaras are on the top 100 of the dressage ranking. The Connemara with the most dressage points is presently the lovely Blue Eyed Cream Tic Tac (by Countach Campbell out of K¨ohls Rapsodi) who is in an overall fourth place. Tic Tac has had a successful season with several wins at the national level and was one of two Connemaras to participate in this year’s Swedish dressage championships where he was placed seventh in one of the qualifiers and won the consolation class. The second pony to compete in the Swedish dressage championships was Backens Lotus (by Rolls Royce out of Princess Jasmin) who is presently ranked number 21.

The Lofty stud is doing well so far on the dressage top 100. A pony bred at the Lofty stud by Irish parents, Lofty Roseanne (by Ashfield Cathal Crobdhearg out of Rolo), is presently in joint 85th place together with Hansas Daisy (out of Hagens Naughty-Nora) by the stud’s former homebred stallion Lofty Roderic. Also among the top 100 dressage ponies K¨ohls Evelina (by Shirley’s Thunderbell out of Hagens Ellina) continues to do well, at present in place 69 while Okay Cosmos (by Cannon out of Iowa) made place 99. The one partbred Connemara to make the top 100 this far through the competition year is Celica by Kamik Breeze, who himself, like Hansas Daisy’s sire Lofty Roderic, himself had a career as a show jumper.

During the last weekend of July the riding club Ekenryttarna arranged Connemara com- petitions where Swedish dressage champions in dressage and show jumping were crowned. Among the ponies 130 – 140 cm Hagens Bella (by Hagens O’Chief out of Hagens Xquisite) was in a class of her own winning at more than 76 %. The above mentioned Lofty Roseanne claimed the Champion title among the the ponies 140 – 148 cm high, while Bella’s two years younger half brother Hagens Dumle (out of Hagens Zeline) won the Champion title in the class for overheight ponies and riders over 18 years old.

Lofty Roseanne (by Ashfield Cathal Crobdhearg out of Rolo), Swedish Con- nemara dressage champion 2012. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Lofty Roseanne (by Ashfield Cathal Crobdhearg out of Rolo), Swedish Connemara dressage champion 2012. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad


After a couple of slow  years  pony  eventing  is  gathering  momentum  again.  So  far  this year there are three pure and two part bred connemara who have won eventing points. Leading the eventing ranking so far is the part bred Casper, a half bred half brother of the dressage pony Okay Cosmos out of a Swedish warmblood mare, who has been a reliable successful eventing pony for a number of years with several different riders. The second part  bred  Connemara  to  win  eventing  points  is  Mareld  (out  of  Milldred).

Highest ranking of the pure breds is another reliable eventer, the Class 1 stallion Nice- n’-Curly (by Nice-n’-Easy out of Corinne II) who continues to do well for the Cedermark siblings. The remaining two ponies with eventing points this years are two imports, the Irish born Glendun Lad (e Moyans Little Monkey u Murphy Blue) and Danish born Engh¨ojs Mac Neal (by Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel out of Engh¨ojs Queenie)

Show Jumping

Among the 100 ponies with the most show jumping points there are no less than thirteen purebred Connemaras and six part breds meaning that almost 20 % of the ponies have a known Connemara ancestry. Add to that a number of ponies imported from Ireland with unknown pedigree but often with a Connemara look.

Nice-n’-Curly (by Nice-n’-Easy out of Corinne II), Class 1 stallion and highest ranking eventing Connemara. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Nice-n’-Curly (by Nice-n’-Easy out of Corinne II), Class 1 stallion and highest ranking eventing Connemara. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Lexus Justice (by Westside Fred out of Dunamoney Lass), presently ranked 26 of the show jumping ponies. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Lexus Justice (by Westside Fred out of Dunamoney Lass), presently ranked 26 of the show jumping ponies. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Of the purebred ponies six are Swedish bred, all by different sires. The Holmtebo stud has had a successful season so far with their home bred mare Holmtebo Our Winnie (by Hagens Zephyr out of Hagens Ultra), youngstock champion at the 2004 breed show, being placed 69 and another mare in their ownership Brittney (by Ashfield Cathal Crobdhearg out of Hagens Grandezza), just behind Winnie in place 75.

At twenty years of age Phalcon (by O¨ xenholm Marble Jr out of Gr¨ans Lady Stella) is still going strong in 22nd place. This year he has several wins and placings at the national level and has also competed in Norway where he was fourth among 27 ponies over fences up to 110 cm. Brol¨otens Cloetta (by Juno Rory out of Molly) combines the genes of her dressage sire, a son of Rory Ruadh, and her maternal grandsire, the show jumper producer Ballydonagh Cassanova, in a very successful package with wins and placings up to national level, including a seventh place at the Swedish show jumping championships.

The last two Swedish bred purebred Connemara on the top 100 are the two half sis- ters Poetic Annie (out of Myrens Anitra), fourth at this year’s Swedish show jumping championships and participating in the Nordic Championships, and Poetics Flower out of Coosheen Plover) ranking in place 19 and place 54 respectively. Being by Poetic Justice then are joined by three part bred half siblings, Little Wonder in place 26 who took a silver at this year’s show jumping championships, Hilma in place 47 and Poetic Star in place 77. Another two part breds to make the top 100 are Hip Hop (by Pommac) and Coronilla II (by Frederiksminde Hazy Chance) in place 45 and 62 respectively.

The French bred Connemaras continue to do well in the Swedish show jumping circuit and there are presently four French bred ponies on the top 100. Ix de l’Aulne (by Dexter Leam Pondi out of Castille de l’Aulne) is in runner up position among ponies of all breeds and took his fifth Swedish rider to the European championships this year. Together they also took the bronze at the Swedish show jumping championships.  Ix’s half brother Ice and Fire d’Albran (out of Underline of Laps) is another pony doing well and presently ranking 42. Lover de Vauper (by Thunder du Blin out of Daphn´e de la Dive) in place 96 and Idefix du Villon (by Quignon du Parc out of Hilda des Ludes) in place 37 are the remaining two French bred ponies in the top 100. Idefix was approved as a Class 1 stallion earlier this year and the interest he has received from the mare owners did not stop him from being selected to compete at the Nordic Championships.

The remaining four Connemaras on the top 100 are all Irish born. Sceilig Siofra (by Deise Sam Maguire out of Gentle Jessie) in place 90 is a household name among the top national ponies in the 130 – 140 category. Tullamore Dew (by Monaghanstown Fred out of Heather Beauty) has competed in Sweden for several years, but in the past two years he has really begun to blossom and has competed both on a national level and internationally in Norway. Another pony to compete internationally is Lexus Justice (out of Dunamoney Lass) in place 26. He travelled all the way to France where he was third over fences up to 120 cm. His part bred half brother Wutang is presently the better of the two Westside Fred brothers and ranks 13 with a successful season so far including being one of the ponies taking a team bronze at the Nordic Championships.

On a slightly lower level, Connemaras competed for the title Swedish Connemara cham- pion in show jumping at Ekenryttarna the last weekend of July. Hagens Earl (by Hagens Ryan out of Hagens Amy) was the only pony to make two clear rounds on the tricky course and subsequently took the championship among the ponies mearuring 140 – 148 cm. Swedish Connemara champion among the ponies height 130 – 140 cm was Lofty Rose of Tralee (by Coosheen Finbarr out of Lofty Rowallane Rose) who was placed third overall in the class which included ponies of both height categories.

Hagens Earl (by Hagens Ryan out of Hagens Amy), Swedish Connemara show jumping champion 2012. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Hagens Earl (by Hagens Ryan out of Hagens Amy), Swedish Connemara show jumping champion 2012. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Lindens Fay (by Rooar out of Hagens Jubil´ee), winner of the meeting prize for best overall pony at the Swedish National show 2012. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Lindens Fay (by Rooar out of Hagens Jubil´ee), winner of the meeting prize for best overall pony at the Swedish National show 2012. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Swedish National show

At the same time as the Swedish Connemara championships in dressage and show jumping the Swedish Connemara society arranged its national show and many ponies took the opportunity to compete in the different classes offered, sometimes with teams of mother and daughter riding and showing together.

In the in hand classes Starrhults Bingo (by Holens Ingolf out of Hagens Smile) took the gelding championship to Harvey Wallbanger (by Coosheen Finbarr out of Hold Bubble Bell). Bingo’s half sister, Starrhult Fly High (by Starrhult Bossanova) was named reserve youngstock champion with Bjennesby Cher (out of Coriona) by the Finnish stallion Rock- field Scarface as the youngstock champion. Lofty Deirdre (out of Beezies Bounty) by the French jumper Dexter Leam Pondi, and hence a half sister to the show jumpers Ix and Ice and Fire mentioned above, won the class for mares 4 – 7 years old and was subsequently reserve Best in Show with Trojas Molly Malone (by Janus out of Ciao Bellissima), the winner of mares 8 – 12 years old, being Best in Show. The Janus daughters had a great day in the in hand classes also being second in the class for mares 8 – 12 and winning the mares 13 years and older, winning a gold in the progeny class and with China Girl (out of Chera-Li) winning the Colour Cup for the best pony neither grey nor dun.

In the ridden section Starrhults Bossanova (by Spinway Corona out of Hagens Paloma) won the Open Ridden class and Lindens Fay (by Rooar out of Hagens Jubil´ee) won the Open Working Hunter Pony. Lindens Fay also claimed the meeting prize for the best overall results in ridden class, working hunter pony, dressage, show jumping and in hand, and she took the dressage award for best combined dressage and ridden class results. The corresponding prize for show jumping and Working Hunter Pony went to the Irish born Ballinasloe Ambassador (by Robin Hood out of Valley Girl)

Young pony activities

Three-year-old tests and quality tests for four-year-olds have been held in a couple of places around the country. So far two Holmtebo ponies have been given a gaits award at three-year-old tests. Holmtebo Walzing Mathilda (by Hagens D’Arcy out of Holmtebo Wait for Me) and Holmtebo Noula (by Starrhult Bossanova out of Holmtebo Nimble) are both second generation home bred ponies. During the autumn there will be more opportunities for young ponies to show their qualities and, together with young ponies of five and six years of age, qualify to the big young pony finals later this autumn.

/Jenny Hagenblad

France: Calendar for 2013

Calendar for France 2013

Classification, Regional Shows and National Show


Date des classifications


Lieu des Classifications

23 Février 2013


Elevage de Séguret
Lieu dit Séguret
Contacter Isabelle Jault : 06 10 91 75 07

02 Mars 2013


Elevage du Brana
16 rte de Serres Castet
Contacter Mme Da-Re-Regnier :
06 10 18 52 67

03 Mars 2013


3549 route Launac
Boxes gérés par l’AFPCContacter P Carles : 06 83 73 08 86 ou JB Léonardis : 06 88 021 931

14 Avril 2013

Haute Normandie

Elevage OAK
Le Quesney
Contacter H De Belloy : 06 88 68 06 42

26 Mai 2013

Rhône Alpes

Centre Equestre de Montbrison
9 Allée des Haras,
Contacter Daniel CLERET (‎) :
04 77 96 92 19

15 Juin 2013


Haras National de Rosières aux Salines
1 Rue Leon Bocheron
Contacter l’association ADECLOR pour la location des boxes au
03 83 30 62 50 : Location de 20 € adhérent ADECLOR et 50 € non adhérent ADECLOR

22 Juin 2013

Pays de la Loire

Haras National du Lion d’Angers
Parc Départemental de l’Isle Briand
Contacter Anna Bordes :
06 89 94 58 10

28 Juin 2013


Domaine de Pousiniès –
Contacter Jean Louis Laurent :
06 20 99 80 53

29 Juin 2013


Les Ecuries de Colchiques
Chamnay –
58230 MAUX
Contacter Frédérique Boisselier :
03 86 85 04 23

21 Juillet 2013

Basse Normandie

Haras National du Pin
Contacter :

24 Août 2013


Sologn’ Pony
Parc Equestre Fédéral

30 Août ou
01 Septembre 2013


Haras de Pompadour
Place du Château
Boxes Gérés par L’AFPC

7 Septembre 2013


Haras de Lamballe
Place du Champ de Foire
Contacter Annie Blandin :
06 84 20 34 27

21 Septembre 2013


Ferme de Saint Louis, 
Contacter Pauline GUERIN :
06 66 45 89 73

06 Octobre 2013


Haras des Flagues
Lieu-dit les Flagues
14400 GUERON
Contacter Nicolas Hervé :

27 Octobre 2013

Aix en Provence

Lieu à définirContacter :
The regional show dates :
Pays de Loire, in the town Loin d’Angers – 23 june 2013
Bourgogne, in the town Maux –  29 june 2013
Le Sud – 29 juin 2013
Normandie/Picardie, in the town Forges les Eaux – 4 august 2013
Bretagne, in the town Rostrenen -8 september 2013
The 3 year old mounted championships during Sologn’Pony  25 august 2013
The  French National Show, Pompadour -31 august 2013
There is a website for the AFPC

Australia: South Australia March 2013


First Quarterly Edition
March 2013

Welcome to the first edition of the newsletter for 2013.  I hope everyone has enjoyed the summer months with their ponies.

This newsletter includes photos of a new arrival, news of several partbreds out and about and the results from the Tanunda Show Baroque classes.

Please also note the calendar of events for 2013.  We look forward to seeing you out and about!

Catherine McTaggart


Clifden Stud has recently welcomed a new foal from Glenormiston Brigid (Castle Baron x Glenormiston Dinmerren Bay) by Fredericksminde Hazy Cavalier.  Gill advised that Brigid foaled Friday evening, 15 March at a very civilised hour just after 6.30pm.  A lovely rich bay to go grey, she has been named Clifden Hazy Dream.   Congratulations to Gill on the safe arrival of this lovely new addition.

 horse1  horse2

2013 SHOW DATES – with dedicated Connemara classes

  • 11th August 2013 – SA Welsh & Open Performance day
  • 31st August-1st September 2013 – Gawler Agricultural Society Show
  • 13th October 2013 – Kapunda and Light Breed Show
  • Date to be confirmed around November – Festival All Breeds – SA Arabs
  • 1st December 2013 – Northern Hack and Halter – SA Buckskin Assoc.
  • 7th March 2014 – Tanunda Agricultural Society Show

Please refer to the SA Endurance Riders calendar for rides starting from 10km.  I will be attending a number of rides this year if you wish to meet me there –

Pony dressage competitions will also be held by Mt Crawford and Adelaide Hills Dressage Clubs and the South Australian Dressage Association – refer to websites for details.

Out and About
TJ – Partbred by Boonahburra Braveheart

TJ – Partbred by Boonahburra Braveheart


Pauline McClements, owner of purebred Connemara stallion Boonahburra Braveheart currently on lease to Wychwood, sent through this recent photograph of a part-bred son by Braveheart out of a Thoroughbred mare.



Achill Charisma – Partbred by Achill Fiddler

Achill Charisma – Partbred by Achill Fiddler


Jane McNicholl has sent through a photo of Achill Charisma by Achill Fiddler out of a Thoroughbred mare.  Jane is pleased that the new owners are absolutely thrilled with her ‘ teddy bear’ temperament and have big hopes for her future eventing career.





Wychwood Hilal (Wychwood Willy Wagtail x Jahahn Izadorah

Wychwood Hilal (Wychwood Willy Wagtail x Jahahn Izadorah


Part bred Connemara/Arabian Wychwood Hilal successfully completed her first 40km endurance training ride in April at Mt Crawford forest.  Hilal is now starting 6 months training for pony dressage, being a couple of centimetres below 14.2hh.  We look forward to seeing her out competing toward the end of the year.



St Patrick’s Day luncheon

St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated at Tally Ho Lodge this year.  Michael, Trish and Rachele supplied a delicious lunch starting with pumpkin and carrot soup, followed by chicken and also beef balls, upmarket sandwiches and then delicious plum cake with cream, chocolate profiteroles, tea and coffee.  Everyone then took a walk to see a few of the ponies before coming back for another coffee, then home.  Those able to make the lunch included Gregg and Tania McKee, Rachele Taylor, Jane Bush, Chris Royal, Jane McNicholl, Lauren Bywaters, John Tenant and Gill Beaton.


(Andalusian, Friesian and Connemara) Saturday 9th March 2013

With thanks to Gill Beaton for providing the results.  Congratulations to all those that competed on the day.

Horse & Handler led exhibit 10 yrs & over 2nd Glenormiston Connaught – Georgia Mott(owner J. & M. Dawkins)
Led Purebred Mare 4 yr & over ne 14.2hh 1st  Glenormiston Rosanna – Gill Beaton
2nd  Innisfree Sparkling Shiraz – Georgia Mott(owner J. & M. Dawkins)
Led Purebred Stallion 4 yrs & over 1st  Innisfree Beaujolais – Carole Benassy(owner J. & M. Dawkins)
Led Purebred Gelding any age/height & Overheight 1st  Glenormiston Connaught – Georgia Mott
Ridden Purebred Connemara Mare or Stallion 1st  Innisfree Beaujolais – Carole Benassy2nd  Innisfree Sparkling Shiraz – Georgia Mott
Ridden Purebred Gelding or Overheight Purebred 1st  Glenormiston Connaught – Georgia Mott
Pleasure Connemara, Purebred, Partbred, Overheight 1st  Glenormiston Connaught – Carole Benassy2nd  Innisfree Sparkling Shiraz – Georgia Mott
Open Ridden Classes for Baroque Breed Ring Exhibits
Ridden Hunter Galloway 14hh & ne 15hh 1st Innisfree Beaujolais – Carole Benassy2nd  Glenormiston Connaught – Georgia Mott
Ridden Working Hunter Galloway 14hh & ne 15hh 1st Innisfree Beaujolais – Carole Benassy2nd  Glenormiston Connaught – Georgia Mott


 Untitled2  Untitled3

Gill Beaton with Glenormiston Rosanna


Denmark: Event Calendar 2013




16. March            AGM

2.  August           Inspection and show on Bornholm

3.-4. August        Inspection and show on Zealand

Hovmarkens Ridecenter, Slagelse Landevej 34

4200 Slagelse.

Besides that Region Jutland and Region Zealand have their own arrangements as:

Riding competitions – Quality judgment – Study of pedigree and studbooks – Region election, this often with a talk about Connemara ponies. It could be about judgment, breeding, feeding or something else.

Both on Bornholm, Jutland and Zealand there are several agriculture shows, were Connemara ponies can participate as well as there are shows for youngsters of all breed.

On behalf of the Danish Connemara Pony Society

Lene Nielsen