Canada: Avenn’s Golden Legacy

Hello, my name is Gillian Trimbee. I am a student in grade twelve at St Francis Xavier High School. This past summer, I spent many memorable weekends participating at horse shows with a very talented mare named “”Fiesta” (Avenn’s Golden Legacy). She is a 14.3” HH connemara pony who has had nine fillies and as the epitome of a successful working mom, still finds time to take me to the shows and compete with style! Fiesta is known for her laid back attitude outside of the ring, and the incredible contrast between that “Senior citizen” and the suddenly young and agile creature in the jumper ring. Quick and careful, a girl could not ask for a better partner in this sport, and passion, of horseback riding. Fiesta is seventeen years old but that certainly doesn’t stop her! We participated in many shows and were almost always in the ribbons, if not first place. The more difficult the courses were was when we were able to show off best. Fiesta, can turn on a dime and maneuver the most difficult course without the need for speed’ !

The highlight of our show season was probably the Jump With Hope For Kids With Cancer Horse Show, having won five hundred dollars in prize money. The proceeds of the show went towards the Kids With Cancer Society. Pictured below is the cooler she won on the Schwab Pontiac Buick Jumper Classic:


(She looks sleepy because when not competing, Fiesta likes to conserve her energy.)

We went to many shows this summer, starting with the Caledonia Horse show:ave2

and ending with the Gorsline Fall Classic. One of my favorites was the Paramount Horse Show in the Calgary/Okatoks area. We won division champions at the 2’9 level and the classic, coming home with a very nice cooler and a complementary stable sheet!

Fiesta’s eager attitude shows in her everyday demeanor. Being very smart, I have her trained to associate her sheepskin shipping halter with horse shows and therefore whenever I go to get her in the field with her “fuzzies”, she gets so excited! Always ready to show off her stuff, she is usually prancing by the time I take her to the trailer.ave3

Overall, this past summer I spent in partnership with Fiesta was very memorable and I learnt a lot about myself and about the art and passion of riding. The spunky buckskin pony is one of a kind, and a sort of mascot for Devon Ridge Farms. She is the foundation mare, as well as the accomplished riding horse we all know and love. She is a pony you can jump on bareback and simply ride for the sheer joy of riding, through the unique Alberta landscapes we are all so fond of, in perfect synchronization. I love this pony very much and will always cherish the memories I have had with her this summer, jumping and showing and galloping on the trails! Gillian Trimbee

ave4Avenn’s Golden Legacy also competed for 5 years for Team Connemara on the Battle of the Breeds competition at Spruce Meadows. Here she is in 1997 competing in the Compulsary ridden test.

“Fiesta”, (Avenn’ s Golden Legacy) is a 1990 mare by Lynfield’ s Cormac MacCarthy x Avenn’ s Golden Ruby. She has produced nine Connemara Fillies for Devon Ridge Farm:
Devon Ridge Magnolia (by Bally’s Friar Tuck), Devon Ridge Goldana (by Wodan hannoverian), Devon Ridge Benita (Bien Mallin’s Little Ben), Devon Ridge Rhiannon (Bien Mallin’s Rory O’Sullivan), Devon Ridge Rhapsody (Bien Mallin’s Rory O’Sullivan), Devon Ridge Golden Treasure by (Bantry Bay’s Dillon), Devon Ridge Fantasia (by Bantry Bay’ s Dillon), Devon Ridge Mercedes (by *Fairyhill Hawk) & Devon’ s My Fair Lady (by *Fairyhill Hawk).


Avenn’ s Golden Legacy with her two fillies by *Fairyhill Hawk.

Canadian Battle of the Breeds 2010

The team members this year were l to r: Chris Knox (K.F. Hobby), Phil Knox (K.F. Felicity), Morganne Shearer (BM Rory O’Sullivan), Ailsa Antialla, (Celtic Fyre) aka Dances with Doris

The team members this year were l to r: Chris Knox (K.F. Hobby), Phil Knox (K.F. Felicity), Morganne Shearer (BM Rory O’Sullivan), Ailsa Antialla, (Celtic Fyre) aka Dances with Doris

This year there were 12 breeds competing. The first event is always compulsory skills. Chris rode a nice test, and we all thought she was marked very harshly. Phil drove a superb test with Flicka and had the highest score of the whole event. When the scores were combined, we placed 2nd in the class.

The jumping in the afternoon was “interesting”. There were many upsets with one mule refusing to go anywhere near even the first jump, and a very small girl on a shetland taking a tumble. Ailsa had an excellent round on Fyre and opted for the jeopardy fence. Unfortunately she had a refusal which knocked 100 points from her score. 13 year old Morganne also had a very good round on Rory. There was a mis- understanding about the time allowed for taking the jeopardy fence, and she failed to take this jump. We ended up with 5th ribbon.

The obstacle driving on Friday morning is always a crowd pleaser as they think up such difficult things. Phil and Chris were at a disadvantage with a 4-wheel cart when a nasty back-up was added to the course. Both had good solid rounds, and we placed 5th in this event. I must say that the standard of driving has greatly improved over the last few years as it used to be an accident waiting to happen with untrained animals.

Barrel racing is always late on Friday in the sand ring, with a big crowd sitting in the stands and on the grass bank. Morganne had an excellent run on Rory, and Ailsa and Fyre were fantastic! The top 6 teams go into a run-off and we had our best ever finish with a 2nd. Well done Morganne and Ailsa – your practice paid off!

The trail class on Saturday is always a matter of luck, and is completely unpredictable. At this point the three contending breeds were Morgan, Quarter Horse and us. Unfortunately the normally very quiet and obedient Flicka was having an “off” day and they also missed completing the jeopardy obstacle by one second. Morganne and Rory made up for it with an excellent round which put our team in 6th place when the scores were combined.

The final result was Morgans 1st, Q.H’s 2nd and we were 3rd. Not a bad result at all and we were very close to being 2nd.

The amount of time and effort (not to mention cost) put in by our team members cannot be under- estimated, and they are surely deserving of our thanks. The exposure we receive at this event is fantastic and benefits all our breeders.