Kinzighausen Hazy Joyce, winner class 11 and 12year old mares, Champion mare and reserve BIS Grünberg 2020

Kinzighausen Hazy Joyce, winner class 11 and 12year old mares, Champion mare and reserve BIS Grünberg 2020

Castle Emperor, winner stallion class and Best in show Grünberg 2020


Due to Covid 19 we had to change the date of our show from June to September and were more than happy the show could take place on the lovely grounds of Grünberg Riding club the weekend 19/20.09.2020.

On Saturday we had ridden classes and best dressage pony of the day was the stallion Kinzighausen Hazy Majesto by Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel, best jumping pony Kinzighausen Golden Montelino by Glaskopf Golden Merlin.

We had nearly 80 entries for the in-hand classes, and it was really lovely to see high quality ponies in all classes.

Junior Champioship went to Maila, a two-year-old filly by AC Samson of Engvang, Reserve to Hohnhorst Marla by Egelunds Cover Boy.

Best in show was Castle Emperor by Castle Comet, 11-year-old buckskin stallion recently imported from Great Britain by Sternberg stud, Alexandra Krämer, bred by Peter O’Toole, Ireland.

Champion mare and Reserve Best in show was Kinzighausen Hazy Joyce by Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel, bred by Kinzighausen stud and owned by Chris Wegener-Schmidt.

More results (First and second of each class) please find on the following list:

Class 1 : foals (4)

1 Siran DE 41410066320 ,    geb. 27.03.2020 ,  

V.: Ac-Samson af Engvang     M.: Mara
MV.: Paradiso van de Zonnehoeve
Zü.u.Bes.:  Susann Wenners, Emsdetten


2 Samson vom Wispertal ,   geb. 30.04.2020 ,  

V.: Marvellous Simon     M.: Milebush Lady
MV.: Drumbad Fletcher Moss
Zü.:  Connemaras vom Wispertal, Eltville
Franz Keller-Wohl und Rosa Wohl,


Class 2 : 1-year old fillies (8)

1 Hohnhorst Marla ,   geb. 29.03.2019buckskin

V.: Egelunds Cover Boy    M.: Hohnhorst Marissa
MV.: Hesselbjerggard Justice
Zü.:  Gestüt Hohnhorst, Familie Reimann, Bremen
Regina Hahne, Lehrte

2 Loxleigh Fawn 826023000010695, geb. 11.05.2019 , grey

V.: Contepomi Cashel    M.: Glencarrig Emperess
MV.: Glencarrig Knight
Zü.:  Cathy Wood, Barnstaple, GB
Sophie Bachmann, Glashütten

Class  3 : 2-year old fillies (10)

1 Maila, DE441411172518 ,   geb. 15.03.2018grey

V.: AC-Samson af Engvang    M.: Mara
MV.: Paradiso van de Zonnehoeve
Zü.:  Susann Wenners,  Emsdetten
Valeria Seidel,  Schwerte

2 Lonely Twin Lovis 276463630071918 ,  geb. 18.05.2018 , bay

V.: Pattys Sommartiden     M.: Sternbergs Liara
MV.: El Larry II
Zü.:  Connemara Gestüt Lonely Twin, Fam. Buschmann, Greifenstein
Sarah Dietrich, Herborn

 Class 4 : 2-year old colt (1)

1 Carnane Chieftain, 372004000102682 ,   geb. 11.05.2018grey

V.: I Love You Melody        M.: Carnane Yasmin
MV.: Glencarrig Knight
Zü.:  Michael Holmes, Irland
Connemara-Gestüt Kinzighausen, Michael Jaczak, Wächtersbach

 Class 5 : 3-year old fillies (4)

1 Crystal Jumping Girl ,   geb. 25.05.2017grey

V.: Woodfield Cracker Jack     M.: Crystal Jolina
MV.: Marvellous Simon
Zü.:  Connemaragestüt Crystal, Grävenwiesbach
Claudia und Lutz Quasnitza, Grävenwiesbach

2 Lehenagh Doon  372004010003421,   geb. 28.05.2017 ,    roan

V.: Doonreaghan Marty    M.: Strawberry Dove
MV.: Coosheen Callowfeenish Cashel
Zü.:  Ms. Mary Ellen Conroy
Sonja Hendricks,  Goch

 Junior Champion: Maila                    Reserve: Hohnhorst Marla

 Klasse 6 : 3- bis 7-year old geldings (5)


1 Kinzighausen Hazy Mozart , geb. 13.05.2013 ,   Schimmel

V.: Kinzighausen Hazy Majesto    M.: Kinzighausen Golden Glory
MV.: Glaskopf Golden Malcolm
Zü.:  Connemara Gestüt Kinzighausen, 63607 Wächtersbach
Franziska Peter, Am Ringwolf 7 , 63571 Gelnhausen

2 Lonely Twin Irish Cream,   geb. 07.05.2017 ,   Buckskin

V.: Thiergartenhof`s Idefix     M.: Lonely Twin Charming Candy
MV.: Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel
Zü.:  Connemara Gestüt Lonely Twin, Fam. Buschmann, Greifenstein
Tanja Prior, Am Vogelsang 18 , 35716 Dietzhölztal

Klasse 7 : geldings 12 years old and over (5) 

1 Kinzighausen Hazy Marengo, DE 463 630016606 ,
geb. 14.05.2006 ,   chestnutV.: Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel  M.: Sweet Wall Pepsi
MV.: Clonkeehan Captain Cook
Zü.:  Connemara Gestüt Kinzighausen, Wächtersbach
Carlotta Wolf,  Gelnhausen
2 Sternbergs Merlino, DE484840223108 ,  geb. 16.02.2008 ,   grey

V.: Skousboe Morning Rock  M.: Renate vom Donaumoos
MV.: Dolomit
Zü.:  Gestüt Sternberg, Peter und Alexandra Krämer, Vögnitz
Nicoletta Stahl, Goldbach

Champion gelding:    Kinzighausen Hazy Mozart                 

Reserve:                     Kinzighausen Hazy Marengo

 Class 8 : stallions 4 year old and over (5)

1 Castle Emperor 372004000010403 ,  geb. 01.04.2011buckskin

V.: Castle Comet    M.: Orphee Schueracher
MV.: Dream of Aulne
Zü.:  Peter O’Toole, Irland
Fam. Krämer, Gestüt Sternberg,  Vögnitz

2 Wirthsmühle Dark Diamond , geb. 22.02.2015, grey

V.: Diamond Shamrock M.: Norlunds Primrose

MV.: Laerkens Cascade Dawn

Zü. & Bes.: Angelika Wolf, Greling

Siegerhengst: Castle Emperor   

Reserve:          Wirthsmühle Dark Diamond  

Class 9: 4-year old fillies (4)

1 Silversea Silence Melody, geb. 24.05.2016 ,   Schimmel

V.: Marvellous Simon      M.: Norlunds Scarlet
MV.: Coosheen Finnegan
Zü.:  Connemara Gestüt Silversea, Nancy Ulbrich, Bad Laasphe
Nancy Ulbrich, Bad Laasphe

2 Milebush Lady ,    geb.   2016 ,   Schimmel

V.: Drumbad Fletcher Moss     M.: Hill Grace
MV.: Currachmore Cashel
Zü.:  Irland
Franz Keller-Wohl und Rosa Wohl,  Eltville

Class 10: 5-year old mares (7)

1 Glaskopf Grey Csilla 276463630010315 ,  geb. 07.07.2015 ,   Braunisabellschimmel

V.: Glaskopf Iwyn    M.: Villa Colleen    MV.: Village Boy
Zü.:  Connemara Gestüt Glaskopf, Glashütten
Dr. Sabine Bachmann,  Glashütten

2 Rosedale Pandora ,  geb. 02.03.2015 ,   Braunschimmel

V.: Currachmore Cashel    M.: Barney Promise
MV.: Linsfort Barney
Zü.:  Alaoise Halpin Coen, Irland
Claudia und Lutz Quasnitza, Grävenwiesbach

Class 11: 6-year old mares (5) 

1 Manor Gentle Robyn M1 372004000040715 ,  geb. 01.05.2014 ,  

V.: Frederiksminde Hazy Match  M.: Lockinge Aconite
MV.: Lockinge Frederik
Zü.:  Noel Noonan, Clifden, Irland
Sophie Bachmann, Glashütten

2 Carnane Yves  M3-372004000031273 , geb. 01.04.2014 ,   grey

V.: Inellan Condor      M.: Cnocban Yasha
MV.: Frederiksminde Hazy Match
Zü.:  Carnane Connemara`s Heather Heights, Irland
Ute Walther, Reiskirchen

Class 12: 7- to 10 year old mares (5)

1 Crystal Jolina ,     geb. 05.05.2012 ,   grey

V.: Marvellous Simon    M.: Crystal Jessie    MV.: Bengt
Zü.:  Connemaragestüt Crystal, Claudia und Lutz Quasnitza, Grävenwiesbach
Carolin Quasnitza,  Grävenwiesbach,

2 Sternbergs Liara DE484840066610 ,  geb. 25.04.2010 ,   buckskin

V.: El Larry II           M.: Lena            MV.: Diamond Rum
Zü.:  Fam. Krämer, Connemara Gestüt Sternberg, Vögnitz
Sarah Dietrich,  Herborn

 Class 13: 11- and 12 year old mares (6)

1 Kinzighausen Hazy Joyce, DE 463 630021709 , geb. 06.06.2009  Schimmel

V.: Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel     M.: Coolmore Joelyn
MV.: Bruadar
Zü.:  Connemara Gestüt Kinzighausen, Wächtersbach
Chris Wegener-Schmidt, Schwalbach a. Ts.

2 Skatholm Jubilee 208333200905649 , geb. 23.06.2009 ,  

V.: Pady Melody D’Auxence  M.: Skatholm White Queen
MV.: Grange Surf Sparrow
Zü.:  Skatholm Stutteri, Fam.Knak , Dänemark
Sophie Bachmann,  Glashütten

Class  14: 13-jährige und ältere Stuten (8)

1 Lonely Twin Charming Clare ,  geb. 07.05.2005 ,   roan

V.: Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel  M.: Grange Surf’s Charm
MV.: Grange Bobbing Sparrow
Zü.:  Connemara Gestüt Lonely Twin, Fam. Buschmann, Greifenstein
Familie Buschmann, Greifenstein

2 Glaskopf Grey Laurie ,   geb. 02.05.2002 ,   Braunschimmel

V.: Glaskopf Golden Merlin  M.: Kinzighausen Carragh Lassly
MV.: Bruadar
Zü.:  Connemaragestüt Glaskopf,  61479 Glashütten
Connemaragestüt Thiergartenhof, Anita Hufnagel,     Schillingsfürst

 Champion mare: Kinzighausen Hazy Joyce        

Reserve:                    Crystal Jolina   

Best in show:             Castle Emperor         

Reserve:                     Kinzighausen Hazy Joyce         

Class 15: family groups (3)  (mare with progeny)

  1. Familie der Crystal Jessie , geb. 1999,

V: Bengt   M: Jessica   MV: Carrabaun Boy

Zü.: Connemara Gestüt Crystal, Grävenwiesbach

with daughters:
Crystal Jolina (Stute, geb. 2012) , V.: Marvellous Simon

Crystal Jenna (Stute, geb. 2019) , V: Hohnhorst Joel

Zü. + Bes.: Connemara Gestüt Crystal, Claudia u. Lutz Quasnitza,




  1. Familie der Norlunds Scarlet, geb. 2004

V: Coosheen Finnegan     M: Brunskear Smoottie    MV: Hazy Dawn

Zü.: Fam. Sorensen , Norlund


with daughters:
Silversea Silence Melody (Stute, geb. 2016); V: Marvellous Simon

Silversea Pepper’s Synphonie (Stute, geb. 2018), V: Marvellous Simon

Zü. + Bes.: Connemara Gestüt Silversea, Nancy Ulbrich, Bad Laasphe



Germany: Herbert Imping In Memoriam

Untitled 5Not only the German Connemara Pony breeder’s world lost one of its doyens, Herbert Imping passed away early on Saturday morning after suffering from severe illness for the last two years. He was 86.

We met Herbert first in 1976 when he was already an experienced Connemara pony breeder who had imported several ponies from the Netherlands and Ireland. I was six years old at that time and my family was invited to his house situated in the mildly mountainous region “Sauerland” in Westfalia. We got a warm hearted welcome from him and his wife Helga, who had loads of tea and food for us while Herbert provided us with pony stories and Irish stories and did so continuing for hours. To me visiting them has been like that ever since then. Last time we visited him about 4 weeks ago, now with my own two year son who was as impressed by his beard like I was more than thirty years before.

He was not only a pony man and a passionate whip, he loved his hunting and fishing, he kept bees and had great skills in all kind of crafts and built his own carriages. He loved travelling the world and it was only two years ago that he came home from a 12 weeks trip to Alaska. He was devoted to the breed and served both German Connemara Pony Societies for many years as president, working for their reuninification.

Herbert’s most renown mare was Ganty Mint (Carna Bobby-Clonkeehan Auratum) that he bought after long time negotiations from Joe MacNamara in Craughwell, Connemara. She was carrying a filly foal by Calla Boy which was called Bigge Calla Mint and left a legacy of daughters for Herbert’s Bigge Stud behind. Ganty Mint was also the dam of the stallion Power Boy who sired no less than 6 states premium mares and the licensed stallion Pollux S.

He will be dearly missed by those who loved him and those who respected him.

Sabine Dröge from Germany

Connemaras at Equitana, Germany 2009

Connemara Ponys at the Equitana 2009

Invited by the German Welsh Pony society the German Connemara Pony Vereinigung e.V. had taken the chance to participate for some days at the Equestrian Sports World Fair in March in Essen Germany. Only held every 2 years it is the main fair for many horse friends around the world. More than 200000 visitors came this year to this event from 14th to 22nd of March.

For 3 days the Welsh Pony society shared their exhibitor space with us and we had our own booth in hall 2 the Pony hall we promoted the Connemara Pony. Furthermore for the 3 days we had 1 stable where we put a pony to show to the visitors. Having a Pony directly beside our place attract many people. Particular the children enjoyed very much that the could easily go into the box of our stallion Groken Gun and had fun. He perfectly demonstrated the kindness of the Connemara Pony to the visitors.

On Friday 20th of March it was the day of the Pony. On that day we had the chance to participate in the show rings. We have been proud to present in the show rings 3 very well know stallions: Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel from the Kinzighausen stud, Glaskopf Golden Malcolm from the Kinzighausen stud and Marvellous Simon from the Crystal stud. What a picture 3 excellent stallions in great shape and perfect riders in the big main show ring and later in several smaller rings in various halls. What an advertisement for our breed. Many new contacts have been made during this days and we could introduce the Connemara Pony to many new people.

Children having fun with Groken Gun From left to right: Marvellous Simon with owner Claudia Quasnitza Glaskopf Golden Malcolm with rider Christina Eckert Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel with owner Sissi Wirth Timmy Kreuzer Connemara Pony Vereinigung e.V.

Photo 1: Children having fun with Groken Gun From left to right: Marvellous Simon with owner Claudia Quasnitza Glaskopf Golden Malcolm with rider Christina Eckert
Photo 2: Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel with owner Sissi Wirth
Photo 3: Timmy Kreuzer Connemara Pony Vereinigung e.V.

Germany: Connemara News 2008

Layer_4 As you might know, there are two societies in Germany, that support the Connemara Pony Breed, independent from the breeding societies. The German Connemara Pony Association (CPIG) as well as the German Connemara Pony Society (CPV), had some changes inside their structures and both have a new homepage since then. This is a common report and shall give an overview on all activities we had. We had an eventful year with several breeding shows and other events around the Connemara Pony Scene in Germany. 

The annual meeting of the CPV was supported by Tom Mac Lochlainn from Ireland. On two days he held an impressive lecture about the Connemara Pony, supported by nicely presented ponies of the Kinzighausen and the Marvellous and Crystal stud. The annual driver’s day of the CPV in May, organized by the Dröge family, attracted a lot of competitors and was an Layer_1enjoyable outing for everyone attending. In the morning Franz-Josef Dröge (you might remember seeing him in Clifden at the stallion parade) gave instructions about the course of the day. The afternoon was filled with a dressage competition and a pole competition on time. The Equitana Open Air 2008, 16th-18th of May, was the biggest local event in the middle of Germany. The Connemara Pony was well represented for several days. The CPV organized a small exhibition stand. The champion of the breeding competition was a grey mare called Joy of Life (Power Boy x Fort Curran), owner: Anne Langschwager, winner of the gelding class was a dun called Filou S (Flagrant x May Prince), owned by Manuela Rath. For sure the biggest event was the Allover German Connemara Pony Show Layer_3held in Schönbach in May, about which we already reported. Tom Mac Lochlainn luckily followed the invitation of the Connemara Pony IG to judge the ponies together with Klaus Biedenkopf, a member of the Hessian Breeding Society and a big fan of Connemara Ponies. Champion of this show was a wonderful mare named Crystal Jessie, a 9 year old mare by Bengt (Big Ben), out of Jessica (Caraway). Her breeder and owner, Claudia Quasnitza is also the owner of the best stallion of the show, Marvellous Simon by Grange Surf Sparrow, out of Josy Lady (Smokey Duncan). Reserve Champion was Glaskopf Grey Josephine, an 8 year old daughter of Grange Surf Sparrow out of Glaskopf Grey Joan (Glaskopf Golden Merlin), bred and owned by Dr. Sabine Bachmann. The next local event was a Hessian show in Usingen with almost 19 entries. Marvellous Joy (Groken Gun x Smokey Duncan) won the champion title, first reserve: Crystal Jessie, second reserve and last years champion: Glaskopf Gentle Jill (Glaskopf Golden Merlin x Carna Bobby). Best foal was Crystal Ann (by Marvellous Simon).

Layer_2A day on the Sunshine Connemara stud was an informative event about the ponies owned by Jan and Sonja Hendricks. It offered the visitors a lot of new perspectives about the wonderful sport and family ponies. We were delighted to be invited. The yearly regional shows and sport events took place and the German Connemara ponies were very well presented. Several very successful ponies appeared in the arenas and gave proof that Connemara Ponies can compete with the warmbloods as well as the German Riding Ponies. It was a very impressive promotion for the breed in Germany.

Layer_6The Hessian breed show for foals in Alsfeld, held in September, had 24 entries. Best foal was Kinzighausen Hazy Minou (Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel x Kinzighausen Golden Minta v. Glaskopf Golden Malcolm) followed by Kinzighausen Hazy Medley (Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel x Kinzighausen Golden Melody v. Glaskopf Golden Merlin), both bred an owned by the Kinzighausen stud, home of Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel. Beside these events we have had several other local shows in the north and south of Germany. Some new stallions were registered: Rhinstroem Mighty Man (Øxenholm Markbook x Maigaardens Killian) , Hohnhorst Jamiro(Hesselbjerggard Justice x Tootle U) , Springfield Fianaid (Canal Flynn x Layer_5Rosenaharley Lavelle) , Pattys Veuve Cosmic (Pattys Veuve Cliquot x Rolls Royce), Hohnhorst Jaro (Hesselbjerggard Justice x Tootle U). One stallion got a special prize from the breeding societies: Penancing-Brook Hazy Marschall (Fredriksminde Hazy Marvel x Golden Gori). You will find detailed information about everything that happened, all stallions and also international show events with a lot of pictures, even of the stallions progeny, etc… on the new CPIG homepage and it ́s English version: Please also notice, the new homepage of the CPV:


Annette Korbanka