Newsletter May 2008

An Rugha Is Fearr


You would all now have received a copy of the ICCPS Minutes from the Clifden meeting 27th March 2008. In the minutes you will have read that the meeting asked if I would accept the role of oo-ordinator for the promotion of the Connemara pony world wide. I resigned as chair as I was no longer able to stand the travel to and from Ireland, BUT, I can sit here at the computer, ask questions, badger people to send material, write to magazines and ask for their help etc. so I have accepted the role as asked.

Sorry about that! This then is the first of what I hope will be many newsletters, all heaped with material that will indicate just how wonderfully versatile our pony is! As stated above it is “SIMPLY THE BEST”!

This letter is an asking paper NOT really a newsletter – yet!!! What I will desperately need now is vast and regular items of interest regarding the Connemara pony from your neck of the woods.

Can your society please provide for me, as soon as possible, the name, e-mail address, postal address etc. of the person who acts as your publicity officer (or similar role)? I would like to have prepared for me, on a quarterly basis, a report on your society, performance activities, results of major shows in your country, items on specific stallions and mares that you feel have played an important role in the development of the Connemara in your area, notes of how you see younger stallions and mares in your society will affect your country’s development, and even articles on personnel who have and who are playing a developmental role for the pony at home. In particularly, those ponies – stallions and mares – that have and are indicating a definite performance propensity need to be recognised and reported upon! With the address as asked for I will be able to make regular contact with your representative!

I would also like someone in your areas to pen specific articles of approx 1000 – 1500 words with perhaps one photo, again of specific ponies, developments at home etc. The reason is that I already have one international pony magazine indicating that they will accept good articles for printing in their publications.

The other very important point is that I will act for Ruth Rogers in the development of articles for “An Capaillín”. This will save Ruth from continually having to badger groups for material for her publication. I have been badgering people within the Connemara world for many years now so it will be nothing new and your group will have to expect continuous e-mails if your “An Capaillín” -articles are not received by due dates! Advanced warning with come at regular intervals. I would expect that a number of articles that are penned for national magazines would also fit the bill for “An Capaillín”.

A final request is can you supply the names and addresses of magazines in your country that publishes horse and pony publications so that contact can be made with them to try to have a continual Connemara feature in them!

This then is, for your society, the sorry story, as you will have again to put up with paper work from the nuisance down under, but all sent in the good spirit of promoting our wonderful pony!

I would like to have the first real newsletter with heaps of articles from around the societies available for mailing by the end of July. So please pressure someone to get cracking!

I would like to have contacts with all publicity/promotions officers from each group by the end of May, please! Contact can them be made, articles firmed and regular contacts established. I need names, addresses soon!!!

All big asks, but I know that you all love your ponies, want to see them accepted world wide as the wonderful pony that they are so I am sure that we can all work for the ponies and find the time to put thoughts together and from this give members world wide a broader knowledge of what is happening on the giant screen.

Oh yes! Could all pieces of news be in “Word” so that, with my poor computer skills, I can transfer them to a newsletter or send them off to a magazine!

Good to be able to make contact with you all again! John Tennant, ICCPS