International Committee of Connemara Pony Societies Constitution (adopted 18 August, 1999)

Article 1
The Name of the Organization shall be:

1.1  The International Committee of Connemara Pony Societies (ICCPS)

1.2  The ICCPS is registered in Ireland

1.3  The ICCPS is a voluntary organization comprising of Connemara Pony Societies worldwide.

1.4  The CPBS is the Parent Society maintaining the Studbook of origin of the breed.

Article 2
Mission Statement:

2.1  To develop, promote and preserve the Connemara pony as a distinctive breed, internationally

2.2  To develop and maintain the Connemara Pony as a distinct breed in accordance with the aims and objectives of the CPBS by promoting and fostering high standards of breeding.

2.3  To foster co-operation between member societies.

2.4  (a) To support and co-ordinate the implementation worldwide of the Principles laid down in the Rules of Registration of the CPBS (Ireland)
(b) On behalf of the CPBS (Ireland), to monitor the implementation worldwide of the Principles laid down in the Rules of Registration of the CPBS (Ireland)

2.5  To provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge and information between member societies and breeders.

2.6  To represent the policies and the educational, research, and service activities of the ICCPS to other forums concerned with equine breeding.

2.7  To co-ordinate an international breeding improvement program for Connemara Ponies.

Article 3
Implementation of the Mission Statement through:

3.1  Harmonization of judging and selection standards.

3.2  Education of and implementation of best principles for breeding Connemara ponies.

3.3  Exchange of information on methods of breeding.

3.4  The establishment of an international database for the maintenance of ancestry, performance and other relevant data on the breed.

3.5  The provision of the required data by each member for the database

3.6  The implementation of an international breeding research program for Connemara ponies.

3.7  The identification and conservation of rare breeding lines.

3.8  International promotion of the breed.

3.9  The organization of international working meetings.

Article 4
Membership and Representation

4.1  It is the objective of the ICCPS to include all Connemara Pony Societies and/or Stud Book Societies caring for Connemara Ponies which subscribe to its Mission Statement, have adopted or are adopting a Constitution which meets the objectives of the Stud Book of origin (CPBS) Parent Society, and are Societies which are “recognized” or accepted as “affiliate” members by the Stud Book of origin (CPBS) and the ICCPS or are approved for Connemara Ponies by the Competent Authority of their country where one exists (EU countries).

4.2  The CPS and/or Stud Book Societies will be represented on ICCPS by one voting delegate who shall be the official representative of that country.

4.3  In the situation where the Competent Authority of a country approves more than one CPS, membership of such societies in the ICCPS will be represented by one voting delegate agreed and nominated by the societies concerned.

4.4  There shall be two (2) additional voting delegates from the CPBS.

4.5  Each CPS must submit an annual report to the ICCPS consisting of the number of foals, mares and stallions entered into the Stud book, a list of prefixes registered and a listing of names used. The ICCPS will collate and circulate such information to all Societies.

4.6  Membership of CPS will be open to breeders and owners of Connemara Ponies who are interested in the development of the breed and who reside within the jurisdiction of the Society. A Society may at its discretion accept for membership, in an honorary capacity, a resident from outside the jurisdiction. The rules of the Society must be such as to allow each member a democratic voice in the affairs of the organisation.

4.7  Termination of membership for failure to comply with the articles of the constitution and rules shall require a two thirds vote by the ICCPS or resignation of the national organisation concerned.

Article 5
The Committee

5.1  The governance of the ICCPS shall rest with the general assembly of the committee.

5.2  The committee may, from time to time, promulgate bylaws regulating the affairs of the ICCPSprovided no by-law conflicts with any article in this constitution.

5.3  The committee shall meet at least once per year on the occasion of the annual general meeting.

Article 6
The Executive Board

6.1  The business of the ICCPS will be conducted by the Executive Board (EB) which shall consist of 6 members comprising of a  Chairperson, vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and two ordinary members. The Executive Board may, for reasons of practicality and better management, determine that the roles of Secretary and Treasurer be outsourced according to Article 7. The Chairperson for the EB will also serve as the Chairperson of the ICCPS. All Officers of the EB will act in an honorary capacity.

6.2  The EB shall be elected at the AGM by a simple majority of all members of ICCPS voting in accordance with the following:
(a) There must be at least one (1) but not more than two (2) delegates from the CPBS on the EB.
(b) The Chairperson is elected annually by the committee
(c) Other Members of the EB shall be elected for 2 years and retire on rotation in the following order:
End Year 1: Two members selected by lot, retire and are eligible for re-election,
End Year 2: Three members who have completed two (2) years in office, retire and are eligible for re-election,
End Year 3: The members who have completed two (2) years in office, retire and the cycle continues.

6.3  The EB, at its discretion, may establish sub-committees or working groups comprising the necessary expertise drawn from  member societies or elsewhere to further the work of the ICCPS. Such sub-committees or working groups may also be disbanded at the discretion of the EB

Article 7
The Office/Secretariat

7.1  The EB will make all the necessary arrangements, including that of location, for the provision of adequate office and secretarial services to the ICCPS which may be contracted to an outside agency.

7.2  The Secretariat shall keep the official documents of the ICCPS and the EB.

7.3  The Secretariat shall circulate minutes, incoming mail and reports to the EB and ICCPS in a timely manner.

7.4  The Secretariat shall prepare agendas and send notices of all meetings.

Article 8 Meetings

8.1  A.G.M.: The Annual General Meeting shall be held once per year, ideally in Connemara, not later than 31st December of that year. The Annual Meeting shall receive a report from the EB on the activities for the previous year, a financial report from the Treasurer for the period since the previous AGM, elect a Chairperson and EB members as set out in Article 6.2, vote on the proposals of the EB, confirm the Minutes of the previous AGM, receive a report on the activities of the ICCPS, receive a report from the Chairperson and transact any other necessary business of the committee proposed by the EB or submitted 75 days prior to the AGM.

8.2  Technical Meeting: The EB will convene a technical meeting of the committee, at least once every two years, on a date and at a venue to be decided by the Committee or by the EB, which meeting shall include an educational forum with emphasis on the exchange of scientific information.

8.3  E.G.M.: An extraordinary general meeting will be convened by the EB to approve amendments to the constitution of the ICCPS. An extraordinary general meeting will also be convened on the demand of not less than 50% of the committee.

8.4  EB Meeting: The EB will convene an EB meeting as required at the behest of the Chairperson and at a location to be decided by the EB. A resolution adopted by means of postal, fax or electronic mail, in which all members have participated by voting and which is duly recorded in the minutes at the next AGM will be a valid resolution of the EB.

Article 9
Notice of meetings

9.1  Ordinary mail, Fax and Electronic mail constitute valid methods of transmitting notice of meetings. Date of transmission will be the date of the notice.

9.2  General meetings, Annual General meetings, and Extraordinary General meetings will require minimum notice of 60 days. The resolution(s) for an EGM will be sent with the notice of the meeting. The arrangements for the provision of notice of EB meetings will be agreed by the EB.

Article 10
Quorum and Voting

10.1  Delegates who are present and represent at least one third of members will constitute a quorum for a general meeting of the ICCPS.

10.2  Three members present will constitute a quorum for an EB meeting.

10.3  This constitution provides for an alternate voting delegate at a general meeting, an annual general meeting oran extraordinary general meeting of ICCPS provided that written confirmation of the voting delegate isprovided by the nominating society prior to the commencement of the meeting.

10.4  At general meeting or annual general meeting of ICCPS a resolution will be carried by a simple majority ofvoting members. At an EGM, a resolution, to be carried, will require at least a 75% majority of the votingmembers who are present.

10.5  A resolution at a meeting of the EB will be valid if approved by 4 members voting at the meeting or by written communication within the period specified in the bylaws. The Chairperson has the casting vote. 10.6 If requested by any one member of the Committee or the EB present, a vote shall be conducted by secret ballot.

Article 11

11.1  The financial means of the ICCPS may consist of: membership fees, grants and subsidies, testamentary dispositions, legacies and gifts and other income from members or member organizations.

11.2  The ICCPS financial year is the calendar year.
The ICCPS Hon. Treasurer shall keep account of the financial state of ICCPS in a manner approved by the EB so that at all times the assets and the liabilities of the organization are known.

11.3  The ICCPS shall appoint two (2) ICCPS members to audit the financial statement of the Hon. Treasurer. Membership fees will be paid annually by member organizations and will become due on the first day of the financial year. The amount and method of calculating the fees due by each member will be agreed by resolution at the AGM each year. Special assessments may be levied by an affirmative vote at the AGM.

11.4  A member organization that has not paid its total annual fees or assessments at the time of the AGM shall not be entitled to vote on the ICCPS or other committees.

Article 12

12.1 The ICCPS at its AGM and on the recommendation of the EB may approve bylaws to facilitate the efficient day to day operation of the organization. No such bylaw shall be in conflict with the constitution.

Article 13
Amendment of Constitution and Rules or Dissolution of ICCPS

13.1  An EGM must be convened to amend this constitution or to dissolve the ICCPS.

13.2  In the case of dissolution these articles remain in force during settlement.

13.3  A credit balance at liquidation will be assigned for a purpose in accordance with the aims of the ICCPS.

13.4  Any deficit, at the time of dissolution, shall be governed according to Irish Law.

Approved and Adopted on 18 August, 1999 by:

Ireland: John Luskin President CPBS, Eugenia Murray, Council Member, Tom MacLochlainn, Council Member

Australia: John Tennant, President
Austria: Dr. Manfred Maier
Belgium: Dr. Bruno Van Calster
Denmark: Birgit Jorgenson, President
England: Dorothy Anne Eustace, Chair
Finland: Tuula Pyoria, Secretary
France: Mrs. Christine Mares
Germany: Dr. Klaus Meisner
New Zealand: Anne Ryan
Norway: Vermund Lyngstad
Sweden: Ingrid Hallengard
USA: Susan Rinehart, President


Add Articles 4.5 and 4.6 by vote at AGM (14 August, 2002)
Articles 4.1, 4.2 and Article 6.1 were changed by vote at AGM (15 August 2006)