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News Around the World, Christmas 2011


As is usual, there has been very little, in fact no news, from Societies around the world.

Does this mean that there are no Connemara Ponies working and performing, or, just that no one has the time or interest to report on their ponies and their activities???

Given the above, readers will have to accept that which is readily available! There is a gorgeous article from an owner of the Pony that has won the “Jo Heard” trophy down under. I shall send the full article for presentation as it indicates several things, the ability of the Connemara, the joy of a child competing and then the absolute pleasure of the owner who took the pony under her wing and competed not just “in Hand” but at ODEs!

State Royal Shows have been well supported by the Connemara owners. Perth Royal led mare went to “Margylyn Lady Gwynne” owned by J Rockman. Stallion Class was awarded to “Clare Downs Outlaw” prepared by the Clare Downs Stud and this Stallion was also awarded Champion Connemara with “Glenormiston Dundrum” taking out the reserves ribbon.

In South Australia at the Kapunda Show Led Pure bred Colt /filly was awarded to “Gracefield Park Dr. Doolittle”; led Mare was taken out by “Newlands Winsome with “Glenormiston Rosanna” accepting the 2nd place ribbon. “Newlands Winsome” was awarded Champion of the Show.

In Victoria the Geelong Royal Show saw a strong field of Connemaras competing.

Led mare was awarded to “Kahean Snow Blossom”. Led Stallion ribbon went to “Gracefield park Mr. Ed” and the led pure bred gelding ribbon was awarded to “Kahean Knight Storm”.

Champion Connemara at Geelong was awarded to “Gracefield Park Mr. Ed”.

Ballarat, Victoria ran a Mountain and Moorland pony show that included Fell, New Forest and Connemara ponies. M&M Male class saw “Kahean Knight Storm” taking home the First ribbon with Connemaras taking the first 4 placings in this class.

News from Britain also indicates a strong representation of the Connemara pony in competition. One most interesting note that I received was concerning the Eldwick Riding Club’s Quadrille team. This group competes on a team of Connemara ponies all of which have competed successfully at Dressage, Working Hunter, Show Jumping, Pony Club and general showing. After some trepidation in preparation the team was entered in the British Riding Clubs SEIB Quadrille Selection trials. With Connemara ponies as their mounts the team chose an Irish theme to the music of Lord of the Dance! The team was called back into the ring for the final placings to be announced. One can imagine the joy when “Eldwick Riding Club” was announced as the fourth team that would go to Olympia. What a great triumph for the Connemara pony and the riders who competed on them!

The British Connemara pony Super Sunday saw a Stallion Parade of 30 Connemara pony Stallions. These ponies ranged from mature aged Males down to recently inspected and graded Colts. Some were shown in hand and some were ridden. Also on Super Sunday was a 2 hour long “Showing Clinic” and this was followed by an “Open Jumping Clinic”. From the reports on “Super Sunday” it is obvious that many people gained considerably from all aspects of this wonderful day.


With winter now well settled in the Northern hemisphere very little news of the Connemara pony will be forthcoming for a while. Down under, The Connemara Part Bred has once again indicated its capabilities with a strong performance by yet another part bred Connemara in the prestigious Adelaide International Horse trials. Last year saw “Exmoor Truffles” competing in the CC1 2 event and whilst not finishing in the placings competed extremely well in all sections. In 2011 yet another part bred “Feedale Mouse” competed in CC1 2 produced yet another confident round. Placings in this class are hard to determine as yet but I shall follow this up and try to get a final result for those who are interested.

May I take this opportunity to wish all Connemara pony owners, enthusiasts and riders the very best for the Christmas period. May the year 2012 be a happy riding time for you all and may your ponies produce many wonderfully keen and talented off spring to take you further into Connemara performance areas as yet untouched by you!


John Tennant
ICCPS Publicity officer

Swedish News, October 2011

We are beginning to see the end of another year and we can tentatively begin to summarize the Connemara year 2011. The competition season still continues with indoor events so there may still be changes in the performance rankings before the year is over, but the in hand shows and the young pony events have all been completed.


In the dressage ranking Backens Lotus (by the Elite premium stallion Rolls Royce out of Princess Jasmin) has continued to do well throughout the season and he is the highest ranked Connemara in 17th place. In the Swedish dressage championships he could not quite manage to repeat last year’s silver medal but was still placed fifth among the 130 – 140 cm ponies. He has now been advertised for sale and will most likely bring on a new young dressage rider next year.

The second highest ranking dressage Connemara at the time of writing is the blue eyed cream Tic Tac (by Countach Campbell out of Ko ̈hls Rapsodi) who is presently in place 59, just a few points ahead of his cousin Ko ̈hls Evelina (by Shirley’s Thunderbell out of Hagens Ellina) in 60th place. Both Countach Campbell and Shirley’s Thunderbell are by snother Elite premium stallion, Brantshammar Bell Dara. Shirley’s Thunderbell has another daughter in the top 100, Evelina’s full sister Ko ̈hls Fidolina who is presently ranked number 88. A new name on the top 100 dressage ponies is Lofty Roseanne (by Ashfield Cathal Crobdhearg out of the Elite premium mare Rolo) who is ranked number 74 at the moment.

The partbreds Poetic Poetry (by the Elite premium stallion Poetic Justice) and Chopin AM (maternal grandsire Tootle U) have also continued to do well during the summer and autumn and are now in place 36 and 39 respectively. Poetic Poetry was placed 8th in the Swedish dressage championships and he also participated in the Nordic dressage championships where he was part of the bronze-winning Swedish team.

Figure 1: Lofty Roseanne (by Ashfield Cathal Crobdhearg out of Rolo), newcomer among the top 100 dressage ponies. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Figure 1: Lofty Roseanne (by Ashfield Cathal Crobdhearg out of Rolo), newcomer among the top 100 dressage ponies. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad


The interest in eventing has been fairly low in Sweden lately, but it now seems to be on the increase and with the eventing season over there are seven pure and partbred with eventing competition points. The highest ranking eventer for 2011 is the old partbred Connemara trouper Casper (by Cannon). The highest ranking purebred is another old veteran, the stallion Nice-n’-Curly (out of Corinne II), by the Elite stallion Nice-n’-Easy. Nice-n’-Curly participated in the Nordic eventing championships where he took a creditable individual bronze medal. Mosquito R (by Calvin Klein out of Marion Jones S) finished 25th and Glendun Lad (by Moyans Little Monkey out of Murphy Blue) finished 46th.

There are also some new names on the list of Connemaras with eventing points. Kasper Kavat (out of Carnaby Kajsa Kavat), another pony by the above-mentioned Countach Campbell, finished in 17th place, ahead of the partbred Lakeview Decs Joy (by Ballintub- ber Lad) in 19th place, Calabash (maternal grandsire Gloves Duke) in place 28 and Moon Struck (out of Moon Light) in 27th place. Moon Struck’s sire Uranus was himself a suc- cessful eventer in the 1990’s winning the individual Nordic championship gold in 1998 and a team gold in 1999 as well as individual gold and silver at the Swedish eventing championships in 1996 and 1999 respectively.

This year, for the first time, Connemara ponies have been able to compete for the title Swedish Connemara champion in eventing. The title was awarded together with a compe- tition open for all breeds and the title went to Halle Salix (by Ashfield Cathal Crobdhearg out of Saga).

Figure 2: Kasper Kavat (by Countach Campbell out of Carnaby Kajsa Kavat), best Connemara newcomer in eventing . Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Figure 2: Kasper Kavat (by Countach Campbell out of Carnaby Kajsa Kavat), best Connemara newcomer in eventing . Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Figure 3: Sa’feds Frosty (maternal grandsire Roundstone Chief), still going strong at the age of 22. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Figure 3: Sa’feds Frosty (maternal grandsire Roundstone Chief), still going strong at the age of 22. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Show Jumping

Among the show jumping top 100 ponies there are no less than 17 pure and partbred Connemaras. Three of the purebreds are Swedish-born: Desdemona (by Brolo ̈tens Joop out of Ti-Ti-Oo) in 12th place in the ranking and taking 10th place at the Swedish championships;Phalcon(bytheElitepremiumstallionO ̈xenholmMarbleJroutofGra ̈ns Lady Stella) in 38th place and Poetic Annie (out of Myrens Anitra) presently placed 53 and one of Poetic Justice’s many successful show jumping offspring.

Poetic Justice also has an Irish born daughter, Poetic Moonlight (out of Lehid Vida) in 23rd place and other Connemaras bred in Ireland among the top 100 are Sceilig Siofra (by Deise Sam Maguire out of Gentle Jessie) ranked in 7th place after among other things a bronze medal at the Swedish championships, Dunbelievable (by Kylemore Rocky out of Primula Pearls Blazer) in place 34, Drumcong Finn (by Seafield Fionn out of Westside Lady) currently ranking 42 and Lexus Justice (by Westside Fred out of Dunamoney Lass) in 62nd place. Other imports are Little Finnigan de la Praz (by Leam Finnigan out of Little Witch) from Switzerland who presently holds the third place in the ranking; the French-born Ix de l’Aulne (by Dexter Leam Pondi out of Castille de l’Aulne) who was 6th at the Swedish championships and is placed 15 in the ranking and the Danish Nygaards Fo ̈lfod (by Baunely’s Dipper out of Skovbo’s Dorthealilje) rounding off the top 100.

The partbred Connemaras are also continuing to jump well. There’s a new Irish name, Wutang who is yet another of Westside Fred’s successfully jumping offspring, and the Swedish Hilma (another one by Poetic Justice) and Hip Hop (by Pommac) all making the top 100. A special mention, however, must be made of Sa’feds Frosty (maternal grandsire Roundstone Chief) who at the age of 22 still is competing very successfully and presently is the highest ranking partbred in 47th place. He gained his first competition points in 1994 and has been active in the show jumping circuit ever since, most years ranking top 100 with a succession of riders. What a pony.


Since the unusually early national show in June a local show has been held at Bjo ̈rba ̈ck in Southern Sweden in collaboration with the New Forest society. Some 35 ponies were entered and participated both in hand and under saddle. In the in hand classes the yearling filly Big’s Cha Cha Cha (by Clifden de l’Aulne out of Lofty Abigail) took the youngstock champion title with the three-year-old filly Aramos Lucy (by Aladdine out of Rodbella) standing reserve. Lucy’s half sister O ̈nnarps Melizza (out of O ̈nnarps Graze) too the supreme championship title with Big’s Cha Cha Cha as reserve.

The ridden classes were held in mixed classes together with the foresters. The Open ridden class, however, had only Connemara participants and was won by the stallion Coosheen Finbarr (by Glencarrig Prince out of Scarteen Mistral). The Open Working Hunter Pony class was won by a New Forest, but with a Connemara, Lofty Rowena (out of Lofty Romilly, half sister of the above mentioned Lofty Roseanne), a daughter of Coosheen Finbarr’s in second place.

Young pony activities

At this year’s young pony finals the Connemaras truly proved their worth as talented jumpers. The youngest ponies, the three-year-olds already set the stage for a memorable Connemara weekend. Among the ponies in height category D (140 – 148 cm) the first and fourth placed were all Connemara ponies with the second and third placed riding ponies both were partbred Connemaras. It was also a triumph for the Irish-born stallion Castleside JJ who had his first Swedish-born crop on site. JJ is the sire both of the winning Lofty Fionnuala (out of Lofty Fiona) and Hagalyckans Justin (out of Idholmens Zibylla) placed fourth. The riding pony Fix William (maternal grandsire Juno Rory) took second place and Poetic Starfighter (by Poetic Justice) took third.

Figure 4: Coosheen Finbarr (by Glencarrig Prince out of Scarteen Mistral), winner of the Open Ridden Class at the Bjo ̈rba ̈ck show. Photo: Yvonne Karlsson

Figure 4: Coosheen Finbarr (by Glencarrig Prince out of Scarteen Mistral), winner of the Open Ridden Class at the Bjo ̈rba ̈ck show. Photo: Yvonne Karlsson

Figure 5: Lofty Fionnuala (by Castleside JJ out of Lofty Fiona), winner of the national three-year-olds finals in jumping. Photo: Yvonne Karlsson

Figure 5: Lofty Fionnuala (by Castleside JJ out of Lofty Fiona), winner of the national three-year-olds finals in jumping. Photo: Yvonne Karlsson

Among the three-year-olds competing in the ”movements” category Holmtebo Yale (by Hagens D’Arcy out of Hagens Yanine) was fourth in height category D. Yeats full brother Holmtebo Yeats then stepped forward among the four-year-olds and took second place in the jumping for category D. The five-year-olds finally also saw some strong jumping performances among the Connemaras. The stallion Poetic Kelly (by Poetic Justice out of Lofty Dusty Rambler) followed up on the talent he has already shown at three and four years of age and he won category D. Third placed to him was the riding pony Amoro (by Kamillo av Haga) with another Connemara in fourth place, Holmtebo Crested Ten (by Hagens D’Arcy out of Hagens Ultra) who won the class for four-year-olds last year.

And finally…

A pony that haven’t fitted under any of the headlines above but that definitely deserves a mention is Brol ̈otens Kenzo (by Finney Master out of Rambling Rosie) who recently took a silver at the Swedish championships in Western riding. Nice also to see that Edens Jaspis (by Janus out of Edens Honeybee) have given long distance riding a try.

/Jenny Hagenblad

News Around the World, October 2011

It is amazing how quickly the time passes us by. With local AGM and Committee meetings, members away in Ireland for the Festival and so on and before one knows, it is out with Summer and in with winter and vice versa – depending where one resides.

News is quite sparse from the Northern hemisphere as ponies are looking to be out doors, or stabled for the winter and the show season is finished. Down under it is about to start, hence the lack of news.

In England, the sun shone brightly on yearling gelding Innellan Rambler (by Anbally Cloud out of Glencarrig Wild Rose) and indicates that he is one of the best yearlings in England at the moment. He was shown at seven county and two breed shows and was awarded seven first placings, four championships and three reserve championships. He was not finished with that as he was taken to the Equifest where he was awarded a first place in the young stock class; Champion Connemara and then the best M&M pony at the show. We all look forward to the return of summer in 2012 to see what he next achieves.

Connemara events in East Anglia saw some great ponies being shown. Natchaniel Nutmeg and Moatwood Constance Spray both left the arena with top ribbons around their necks. Sue Allen and her mount Hobart Alchemy took out the Ridden Championship.

The Northern Breed show also produced quality Connemara ponies. Both the adult and pure bred in hand championships were taken by Drumcare Prince Albert. The young stock in hand Championship was awarded to Senruf Primula. The pure bred ridden championship went to Skellorn Harrison and this stallion went on to take out the Supreme champion of the show.

“Down Under” there is little activity to report on. However, the AGM and Committee meeting of the CPBSA saw yet further changes that are being introduced to lift the Performance value of the Australian Connemara. At the completion of the first year of its introduction 76 ponies have been nominated to be considered for awards in this ongoing award scheme. At the AGM, Annual winners were announced and Green and Gold Saddle cloths and Horse rugs were presented to each of the State winners.

To comply with the Standardisation of Inspectors qualifications etc., as announced at Clifden this year, all CPBSA inspectors will have to virtually be reassessed and all new applicants for inspector role will have a set criteria to comply with, work and through for appointment as inspector. One of the major difficulties down under is the vast difference between states, studs and personnel wishing to be appointed as inspectors. It is hoped that this new criteria will help to resolve this situation.

With the Mother Society about to recognise Michael O”Malley’s 100th anniversary of great service to the Connemara Pony in Ireland in 2012, the CPBSA has also agreed to make a similar recognition at the “2012 Connemara Showcase” event at Werribee, Victoria in June 2012. The full program of this Centenary program will be announced later as it becomes firm.

Summer is on the horizon. Connemara pony owners are checking stables, paddocks etc. for creepy crawlies. Dressage arenas, show jump areas, hacking tracks are being surveyed and ponies are being worked. The early shows will quickly occur. At my age, one does have the feel that one should be “doing” something. Not having one’s ponies around and instead, looking at a suburban back yard it is quite disheartening. One can still dream!!!

world_news_oct_2011_img_0John Tennant, Publicity Officer ICCPS

Photo source: 

ICCPS Minutes August 2011

Held on Tuesday, 18th August, 2011

The Station House Hotel, Clifden at 1:00 PM.

Attendees/Delegates: Tuula Pyoria(FIN) Chair, Padraic Heanue(IRE) Treasurer, Sarah Hodgkins(BCPS), Henrietta Knight (BCPS), Andy O’Donoghue(CPBS), Dermot Power(CPBS), Henry O’Toole(CPBS), Jimmy Canavan(CPBS), Joop deJong(NE), Anne Storme(BE), Shirley Sauve(CAN), Niamh Philbin(CPBS), Olivier Verove(FR), Helena de Belloy(FR), Vermund Lyngstad(NO), Karen Holloway(AU), Madeleine Beckman(SWE), Maiken Holm(DE), and Susan McConnell(USA) (Secretariat).

Tuula Pyoria, the Chairperson for the ICCPS opened the meeting and welcomed everyone to the annual ICCPS AGM. As there were several new Delegates, everyone briefly presented himself/herself. Since this AGM was preceded by a very productive morning meeting discussing Classification and Inspection Rules (organized by the CPBS and chaired by Andy O’Donoghue), Tuula hoped that we could proceed through the Agenda, as quickly as possible.

  1. Apologies for absence: Austria, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland, South Africa.
  2. Minutes from the last ICCPS AGM, 17 August 2010
    Tuula wondered if the CPBS had written a letter to the South African Society accepting them into

the ICCPS. Dermot Power said he had been in contact with people in the Society but had not finalized details. Tuula asked about a letter from the CPBS to the Australian Society. Dermot said that a letter had

been sent supporting the Australian Society. The CPBS will not recognize the Australasian registry. Sarah Hodgkins asked for a Database update. There was general disappointment about the

information as organized and presented by Alex O’Connor. Dermot said that the CPBS was hoping to have all ponies with a unique identifying number and 3 generations. He admitted that there was not much progress. Andy said there was a question about ‘who owned the Database’. Because the CPBS was not getting a response from Alex, a competitive bid was offered to create a new Database and Search Engine. John Riordan said Eamonn MacLochlainn has created new ancestry fields (where bred/born) in a new configuration. Alex is not offering to cooperate to share the data. Susan suggested that the countries could resend their pedigree information to Eamonn if Alex is not forthcoming, soon.

Tuula said 1000 Euros had been paid by the ICCPS to Timmy Kreuzer and the German society for the participation to Equitana in Germany, as discussed at the 2010 meeting and confirmed after the society’s application to the ex board. She said that this is money was well spent to promote the Connemara Pony.

Minutes adopted by Motion from Madeleine Beckman and seconded by Padraic Heanue

3. Presentation of President’s Annual Report
Tuula Pyoria read the President’s written report to the Delegates; promised to send it via email

to all the Societies, and post it on the ICCPS website.
ICCPS Publicity Report 2010-2011: Tuula read John Tennant’s report. She thanked John for

his PR help from “down under”. She hopes the Societies will follow Jenny Hagenblad’s example and send regular, short reports for the web. Hopefully, Societies will have something new to tell.

CPBS: Tuula thanked Andy for the morning meeting hoping that there will be positive results. In the past, Tuula felt that the CPBS was not fully aware of the ICCPS. Now, she hopes there will be better understanding and lines of communication so we can solve problems in the future.



Tuula thanked Susan McConnell for her help during the year.

Prefix List: Tuula has been compiling prefixes. She hopes that there will be complete, worldwide list so people can see what names are not available – to avoid duplicates. She would be very happy to get the French suffixes.

Showcases: WEG and Equitana (Germany) are examples of events that showcase the Connemara Pony. Tuula suggests that the ICCPS tries to support the breed around the world.

Permanent Agenda Item: the International Rules have been discussed every year; however, everyone wants/needs one, simple set of Rules that is compatible on the same principles. Tuula feels that this morning’s meeting should be helpful – positive. There might still be problems but as much to solve.

Communication: Tuula would like to see the Societies be more active throughout the year.

Tuula wishes every success to the CPBS for show week. Hopefully, there will be sunshine so we can enjoy the beautiful ponies.

4. Presentation of Treasurer’s Report Annual Accounts for 2010 and Budget for 2011 Padraic Heanue presented the Treasurer’s Report with a Balance of 5,660.46 euros as of

Anne Storme presented a Budget for 2011-2012

Income: Membership Fees
130 Euros = FR, BR, IRE and USA
65 Euros = AUS, AST, BE, CAN, DE, FN, GR, ND, NZ, NO, SW, SZ, SA

Website (Satu Pitkanen) 250 Hosting Website (ActiveMedia) 165 AGM Room Rental 195 Bank Fees (approx.) 15

Website Hosting: Tuula would like to investigate a more economical web host. International Showcases (possible applications for funds):

  1. 1.)  France ~ European Pony Championships (Fontainebleu) end of July 2012
  2. 2.)  Horse of the Year (Olympia, UK) Dermot wants 1,000 euros for a stand with staffing. Motion by Andy and seconded by Pat Mullin Tuula looks forward to plans and proposals

5. ICCPS Annual Reports
Susan McConnell thanked all the Societies for completing and circulating their information in a

timely manner. Reports were previously circulated via email. Ireland promises to circulate their information.

Dermot said that after reading the reports he feels that some Societies could be very fragile. The key is greater cooperation and better communication. All Societies exist on a limited budget; limited number of foals (4, 20, 65); across the whole spectrum. Dermot feels that there should be funding available to the overseas Societies that exist on limited budgets.

Andy noted that there are 2 fully formed, licensed Societies operating in Belgium. He will contact the other Society and bring them to the table.

6. Update ICCPS Annual Report Form
Dermot noted that the ICCPS Mission Statement requires the exchange of information. He would like information every 3 months about major events. He would like up to date information about ponies that are performing for promotion.
Madeleine would like the form to meet the new Classes (1, 2, and 3) as well as How many shows? How many ponies are inspected and where they end up? Mares inspected? Sport Section?


Tuula, Madeleine and Dermot plan to work on the report form so it is easy to complete with


relevant information.


  1. Office Bearers:
    Norway, Belgium and Great Britain could step down. They announced that they were available for nomination.
    Andy said that he would like Dermot to serve on the ICCPS Executive Board in his place.Because there are 4 countries (NO, GB, AUST and BE) for 3 positions, there was a secret ballot. The voting result was: Norway, Great Britain and Australia for the Executive Board. Tuula Pyoria was elected Chair for the next 12 months along with the following Officers.2011-2012 ICCPS Officers:
    Chair: Tuula Pyoria, Finland

    Vice Chair: Dermot Power, Ireland
    Honorary Treasurer: Vermund Lyngstad, Norway Treasurer: Padraic Heanue, Ireland
    Honorary Secretary: Sarah Hodgkins, British CPS Secretariat: Susan McConnell, USA
    At Large: Madeleine Beckman, Sweden

    Karen Holloway, Australia

  2. Vet Inspection ~ both colt and filly ~ clear instructions from CPBS what are the conditions that

cause a pony to fail the vet. What if something is marked by the vet?

After a thorough discussion it was decided that the CPBS will contact the vet college for a list of conditions that could cause a pony to fail inspection. Henrietta Knight requested that all countries submit information, in case there are differences.

Andy talked about sweet itch. It has not been decided that it is hereditary. Although the CPBS is slow to put a pony into Class 1 with sweet itch, there is no “test”. Karen said it was a “skin condition”. Madeleine said that there were too few Connemara Pony samples sent from Ireland within the Swedish project of finding a possible gene detector for sweet itch, but the work has continued within the Icelandic Horse population and she will forward any available information to the CPBS.

John Riordan said the pony is presented and inspected on the day. The inspectors look on the day for the placing in the classes.

Tuula felt that if there is a list of conditions, then, it should be easier to handle a problem.

  1. Promotion of the Connemara pony ~ worldwide in the coming year
    France = European Championships
    UK = Horse of the Year ~ Andy said that 2012 is the 100th Anniversary of Michael O’Malley’s ride and promotion of the Connemara Pony. Madeleine agreed that something “special” should happen (possibly ponies from Europe coming to Olympia for demonstrations).
    TV Program Promotion = 1⁄2 hour on Horse and Country and its sister channels in USA and Sweden.
  2. Meeting closure at 2:50PM.
    Due to the Olympics in London in 2012, RDS has been moved to the 3rd week in August 2012. The Clifden Pony Show Week will remain as the third Thursday, 16th August 2011. No ICCPS Annual Meeting date was decided.

Motion by Dermot and seconded by Padraic Heanue for Australia to serve on the executive board.

Andy promised that he would discuss a vet evaluation form and list with the CPBS Council and/or vet/vet college and be back in touch within 2 months.


News Down Under, July 2011

Connemara People in Victoria had a real treat served to them recently when the extremely well know and highly talented Horseman Manola Mandez presented a demonstration of Classical training using Connemara Ponies. Manola’s training is extremely interesting as he combines work in-hand, with his deep understanding of Equine Chiropractic methods, to help the rider better communicate with the Horse/pony once under saddle.

ICCPS_down_under_july_2011_img_0Manola Mandez’s background is unique. He was one of six founders of the Royal School of Equestrian Art in Jerez, Spain. In 1978 Manola was invited to come to Australia by Ray Williams of R.M. Williams, Stockmen and Horse outfitters, to be a Director and Head Riderat the El Caballo Blanco Equestrianne school in Perth, WA. He was later director of El Caballo Sydney.

Those in Australia who can remember will know of his star performer at these establishments was non other than a Connemara Stallion Kemill GHill Spinnaker, bred by the late Alan Longman of Western Australia. I had the pleasure of seeing Spinnaker and Manola perform once when in Adelaide and the manner in which this man was able to establish his routine with Spinnaker has never left my memory.

Manola now lives in Sunbury, Melbourne, Victoria as teaches overseas and throughout Australia. Breed and so the ability of our Connemara ponies to excel in all formats of Equestrian sport and in particular Dressage is something that Connemara owners and Riders all over the world should recognize and ensure that the Connemara is given a broad opportunity to show its latent talents.

The continuing development of the Performance Connemara and the results of the varied performances in a broad spectrum of events, including Dressage is there for the Doubting Thomases to see! And repeat!!!

ICCPS_down_under_july_2011_img_1Another item from the scrap book centres on the legendary part bred Connemara “Grasshopper” He started life as “Copper Coin” and competed for Ireland in the 1956 Olympic Games in Stockholm. He had a clear show jumping round but was eliminated for missing a flag. He was sold to Californian interests where his name was changed to “Grasshopper”. Ridden by Michael Page he had an excellent career with individual gold in both the 1959 Pan American games in Chicago, and the 1963 Pan American Games in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The career continued to the Rome games in 1960 and the 1964 games in Tokyo where “Grasshopper” was on the silver medal team. This Part Bred Connemara is known as only one of five horses in the sport to have competed in six or more CCIOs.

In glancing through CPBSA action Groups newsletter it is very pleasing to see so many younger riders preparing their ponies and part breds for all aspects of performance competition down under. Dressage, Eventing, Trail, Harness. The Performance Register and its rewards is beginning to be seen with the numbers of new and younger riders preparing their ponies for all facets of Equine participation. Another interesting aspect is the number of Connemara owners and enthusiasts that are now travelling to Clifden to the Show and to tour Connemara. It appears that the Connemara Pony is travelling well “Down Under”.

John Tennant, ICCPS Publicity Officer.

Many thanks to Jean Dart, Victoria for information sent!

Swedish news, July 2011

We are now halfway through the year and the summer season is full of championships both in hand and under saddle. Connemaras and their owners and riders have been out and about participating in all sorts of events.


In the dressage arena several Connemaras successfully take on the riding ponies. Two partbreds are on the ranking of the 100 ponies gaining the most dressage points. The Danish bred Chopin AM has a Connemara grandsire in Tootle U and is presently in place 26. Another successful partbred is Poetic Poetry. With Poetic Justice as his sire he is of jumping breeding, but still has a most respectable dressage career, and he was part of the Swedish team taking a bronze medal at the Nordic dressage Championships.

Among the purebreds Rolls Royce has two gelding sons among the top 100. Backens Lotus (out of Princess Jasmin) continues to do well and recently won the dressage derby while Ragnarps Little Royce (out of Bolle Lusona) is in place 96. Another family connection is though Rolls Royce’s half brother Janus who is the sire of O ̈strahults Benz (out of O ̈strahults Sonette) in place 79. Benz has also done well in the show ring in previous years and twice been reserve champion gelding at the breed show. The remaining two Connemaras in the dressage top 100 are closely related too. The blue eyed cream Tic Tac (by Countach Campbell out of Ko ̈hls Rapsodi) is just a few points ahead of K ̈ohls Evelina (out of Hagens Ellina) by Countach Campbell’s half brother Shirley’s Thunderbell.

Figure 1: Azalea (by Frederiksminde Hazy Chance out of Liljeg ̊ardens Graze), Swedish Connemara champion 2011. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Figure 1: Azalea (by Frederiksminde Hazy Chance out of Liljeg ̊ardens Graze), Swedish Connemara champion 2011. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

In June Connemara ponies and riders met in Norrk ̈oping where the Swedish Connemara society held the national show and, together with a local riding club, Swedish Connemara championships in dressage and show jumping. The dressage championship saw 21 partic- ipants divided into three categories. Among the smaller ponies the winner was Molliere (out of Brolo ̈tens Samba). He has a true performance breeding with the Elite stallion Finney Master as his grandsire. His sire is Juno Rory, the full brother to Rolls Royce, who himself had a long dressage career at the highest national level.

Molliere started his career by being placed fourth in the national dressage championships for five-year-olds. Another pony to do well in the young pony championships has been Azalea (by Frederiksminde Hazy Chance out of Liljeg ̊ardens Graze) who last year won the dressage championships for six-year-olds. This year she participated in the Connemara championships and won among the larger ponies with a beautiful performance, but only a few points ahead of her half brother the stallion Golden Garlic (out of Ambrosia) competing with a new rider this year. Golden Garlic also participated in the class for overheight ponies and riders over the age of 18, this time with his former rider, and was again narrowly beaten. In this class the champion was Lidens Mr Li (by Janus out of May Li) who took his second Swedish Connemara champion title, the first one being won in 2008.


Pony eventing in Sweden is still at a low with no Swedish ponies participating in the European eventing championships this year. At home there are ponies eventing, though not at a level that make them qualified for the courses at the European championships.

Figure 2: Mosquito R (by Calvin Klein out of Marion Jones S), one of the eventing Connemaras in Sweden. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Figure 2: Mosquito R (by Calvin Klein out of Marion Jones S), one of the eventing Connemaras in Sweden. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Ranking second at present is the partbred old trouper Casper (by Cannon). Another one in the top ten is the stallion Nice-n’-Curly (by by Nice-n’-Easy out of Corinne II). He took part in the Nordic eventing championships where he took the bronze medal. Other ponies to also take eventing points are Mosquito R (by Calvin Klein out of Marion Jones S) and the Irish-bred Glendun Lad (by Moyans Little Monkey out of Murphy Blue).

Show Jumping

The list of the 100 ponies with most show jumping points so far this year makes nice read- ing for the Connemara friend, or how about ten purebred Connemaras and six partbreds among the top 100 ponies of all breeds. Most show jumping points, and in number two so far, is the Swiss-born Little Finnigan de la Praz (by Leam Finnigan our of Little Witch) competing under the name of Little Finnigan. He has been out and about competing abroad at the Baltic Cup competitions in Norway and Denmark where he has won and been placed.

OfthepurebredsfourarebredinSweden:Phalcon(byO ̈xenholmMarbleJroutofGr ̈ans Lady Stella) in place 4, Desdemona (by Brol ̈otens Joop out of Ti-Ti-Oo) in place 7 and Poetic Annie (by Poetic Justice out of Myrens Anitra) are all familiar names for those following pony show jumping at this level, while Brol ̈otens Cloetta (out of Molly) in 86th place is an interesting new name. With Juno Rory as her father you would expect a dressage pony but together with her grandsire Ballydonagh Cassanova he has provided a healthy dose of jumping genes allowing Cloetta to compete and win in show jumping classes with fences up to 120 cm.

Also on the top 100 is the French Ix de l’Aulne (by Dexter Leam Pondi out of Castille de l’Aulne). He came home from the Nordic Championships with both an individual and a team gold among the larger ponies. He also represented Sweden at the European show jumping championships in July. Ix’s team colleague at the both the Nordic and European Championships, Some Man for One Man (by Ashfield Bobby Sparrow out of Misty Maiden), is just outside the top 100. He has competed sparingly but was placed when competing in the Netherlands and took a third in the consolation class at the European championships. Other purebreds on the top 100 are Drumcong Finn (by Seafield Fionn out of Westside Lady), Sceilig Siofra (by Deise Sam Maguire out of Gentle Jessie), Lexus Justice (by Westside Fred out of Dunamoney Lass) and a new name from Ireland, Dunbelievable (by Kylemore Rocky out of Primula Pearls Blazer).

At the breed show three Swedish Connemara show jumping championship titles were competed for by thirteen ponies under difficult weather conditions. Winner among the smaller ponies was Idylle (by Kamik Breeze out of Gina 2nd) a pony of strong show jumping breeding who’s sire had his own successful show jumping career. Among the larger ponies the winner was the eight-year-old Holmtebo Our Winnie (by Hagens Zephyr out of Hagens Ultra). This young mare has had a solid career competing in the young pony finals as a four-, five- and six-year-old and now carrying on her career successfully among the adult ponies. The class for overheight ponies and / or riders over 18 had only two contestants with last year’s winner Nice-n’-Cherry (by Carnaby Patrick Hooligan out of Dory-Nice) coming out on top once again.

Figure 3: Holmtebo Our Winnie (by Hagens Zephyr out of Hagens Ultra), winner of the Swedish show jumping Connemara championships. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Figure 3: Holmtebo Our Winnie (by Hagens Zephyr out of Hagens Ultra), winner of the Swedish show jumping Connemara championships. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Young pony activities

Some of the three-year-old tests have been held during the spring while the rest will be held after the summer. Among the Connemaras shown so far Hagens D’Arcy’s offspring and the Holmtebo stud have been very successful. Out of four Holmtebo ponies by Hagens D’Arcy, three (Holmtebo Swift out of Hagens Star, Holmtebo Archie out of Hagens Annie and Holmtebo Yale out of Hagens Yanine) were given double awards, both for gaits and for jumping, at their three-year-old test. In his first three foal cohorts D’Arcy have eleven offspring that have participated in three-year-old tests and seven of these have double awards and one has a jumping award. A very promising beginning for a young stallion.

Another stallion who’s offspring have distinguished themselves in the young pony activities is the Elite stallion Rolls Royce. This spring his daughter Hold Roxy Bellaria (out of Hold Bellarina Skylark) have added to his list of offspring with a gait award from a three-year- old test. The young L ̊angarno ̈ Cedrick has his first foal cohort turning three this year and his daughter Carnaby Lor Sparrow (out of Ashfield Flash Sparrow) was given a jumping award at her test.

National show

The national show saw a good turnout in spite of being held much earlier than usual. There were no yearling colts forward, but the yearling fillies had five contestants. Win- ner was Bjennesby Janis Joplin (out of Hagens Yulie) by the Finnish stallion Rockfield Scarface. Among the two-year-old colts the winner was the Irish import Castle Verdi (by Janus out of Orph ́ee Schueracher). Verdi has an international pedigree with a Swedish born sire and a French born dam breeding him in Ireland. The winning two-year-old filly Holmtebo Walzing Mathilda (by Hagens D’Arcy out of Holmtebo Wait for Me) on the other hand has several generations of Swedish-bred ponies in her pedigree. Castle Verdi was awarded the youngstock championship with Bjennesby Janis Joplin as reserve.

Figure 4: Castle Verdi (by Janus out of Orph ́ee Schueracher), Best in Show at the Swedish national show. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Figure 4: Castle Verdi (by Janus out of Orph ́ee Schueracher), Best in Show at the Swedish national show. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

The older gelding class saw some very strong contestants with Lidens Mr Li, the winner of one of the dressage championship titles, winning and also taking the gelding championship to Hagens Zinzano (by Spinway Corona out of Abbeyleix Flora) who was second and reserve gelding champion. The two lads also each one a ridden class.

Among the mares Hagens Hella (by Hagens Ryan out of Hagens Umbra) won the class for four- to six-year-old mares and Lofty Romilly (by Poetic Justice out of Rolo) the one for mares seven to ten years old. In the oldest mare class Hagens Rosmara (by Va ̈rnbergs Orion out of Hagens Andora) added another victory to her list. Her daughter, Hagens Umbra (by Hagens O’Chief) was third in the same class. Being the dam of Hagens Hella it made for quite a family reunion in the Best in Show ring later on. The class for mares not entered in the stud book was won by Markatta (out of Milldred), one of Gunne Anton’s few offspring. Secont to Markatta was Stockmossens Tindra (by Kamillo av Haga out of Stockmossens Timandra) who also too the allround pony title for the most successful pony participating in all the different events throughout the weekend.

The class for three-year-old fillies was won by R ̊a ̊as Emerald (by Kulan Kavat out of Little Sweet Lollipop) who was much liked by the judges and was the eventual second runner up for the Best in Show title. Only two licensed stallions came forward, but two very good ones: Backuddens Rebell (by Janus out of Tyfon) in the older stallion class and his half uncle Erinmore Golden Marble (by O ̈xenholm Marble Jr out of Glaskopf Grey Joanna) in the younger stallion class. At the end of the day Golden Marble took the reserve Best in Show title with Rebells half brother, the two-year-old colt Castle Verdi, being chosen Best in Show.

/Jenny Hagenblad