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Autumn report from Swedish Connemara Society


While the days are getting shorter and shorter and the nights longer and longer the competition season is drawing to an end. A look at the present top 100 for dressage ponies in Sweden shows Backens Lotus (by Rolls Royce out of Princess Jasmin) in 10th place. This pony has had a very successful season among the ponies 130 – 140 cm high, crowning it with a silver medal at the Swedish Championships.

In place 16th is Lotus’ half brother Ragnarps Little Royce (out of Bolle Lusona). He’s another of the many talented dressage ponies sired by the Elite stallion Rolls Royce. Rolls Royce’s full brother Juno Rory sadly had to be put down this autumn. In the 90ies Juno Rory had a most successful dressage career being among the very best dressage ponies in Sweden for a decade, and that with a succession of riders. His legacy is now carried on by his son, the approved stallion Golden Garlic (out of Ambrosia) who is presently ranked in place 93 on the dressage ranking. Another family connection comes through Rolls Royce’s and Juno Rory’s half brother Janus. His son Pyramus (out of Olympia II) is presently ranked in 28th place.

Other closely related dressage ponies on the top 100 are the descendants of another Elite stallion, Brantshammar Bell Dara. Bell Dara himself was a successfully show jumper in his heydays and has sired many jumping ponies, but he is also the grand father of two dressage ponies in the top 100: Tic Tac (by Countach Campbell out of Ko ̈hls Rapsodi) in place 58 and the mare Ko ̈hls Fidolina (by Shirley’s Thunderbell out of Hagens Ellina) in place 84.

Figure 1: Pyramus (by Janus out of Olympia II), presently ranked 28 of the dressage ponies in Sweden. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Figure 1: Pyramus (by Janus out of Olympia II), presently ranked 28 of the dressage ponies in Sweden. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

There are also three Connemara partbreds among the top 100. Highest ranking is Chopin AM who’s maternal grandsire is the Danish Connemara stallion Tootle U. Another pony with a Connemara maternal grandsire is the riding pony stallion Verdi (grandsire Lofty Roderic). This pony has had a very successful dressage career, but it was sadly announced this autumn that he now has to retire from competing due to an old injury from an accident. The third partbred is Poetic Poetry. His sire is Poetic Justice, perhaps best known for his show jumping offspring but apparently also capable of siring good dressage ponies.

This year’s Connemara championships in dressage and show jumping where held in Au- gust. The stallion Frederiksminde Hazy Chance had a successful championship with his son Hagens Cheese (out of Hagens Smile) winning the class for adult riders and overheight ponies and his daughter Bellina (out of Belle II) winning the class for ponies ridden by riders under 18. Second to Bellina was Hagens Sheila (by Tulira Highball out of Ha- gens Nelina) with Elphins Darwin (out of Bolle Dafti), another of Rolls Royce’s dressage progeny, in third place.


Pony eventing has had a slow year in Sweden this year, but for the Connemara enthusi- ast the Swedish championships could not have ended better as the grand old pony and approved stallion Nice-n-Curly (out of Corinne II) was the one to win the gold. Nice-n- Curly’s sire is another Elite stallion, Nice-n’-Easy, known for his performance offspring. Nice-n-Curly has evented successfully with several riders from the same family of siblings and has previously competed in the European eventing Championships.

Show Jumping

One of the most popular show jumping competitions for ponies in Sweden is the Ridsport Pony Cup. After qualifiers across the country the most successful ponies meet in the final. This year the 130 – 140 cm height category was won by Desdemona (by Brolo ̈tens Joop out of Ti-Ti-Oo) who has repeatedly been in the ribbons throughout the season and is presently in second place in the Swedish show jumping ranking. Fourth behind Desdemona in the Ridsport Pony Cup finals was another Swedish-bred Connemara, Poetic Annie (by Poetic Justice out of Myrens Anitra). Annie was reserve for the Swedish team at the Nordic-Baltic championships and also came fourth at the Swedish show jumping championships. Annie is presently ranked 24.

At the European show jumping championships half the Swedish team was mounted on Connemara ponies: the French-bred Idefix du Villon (by Quignon du Parc out of Hilda des Ludes) who is presently in third place in the top 100 pony showjumpers and the Irish- born Some Man for One Man (by Ashfield Bobby Sparrow out of Misty Maiden) who is presently ranked number 50. Other Irish and French Connemaras are also doing well at the Swedish show jumping scene. From France we have Ice and Fire d’Albran (by Dexter Leam Pondi out of Underline of Laps) in place 13, Lover de Vauper (by Thunder du Blin out of Daphne de la Dive) in 44th place and Ix de l’Aulne (by Dexter Leam Pondi out of Castille de l’Aulne) ranked 51. From Ireland comes Lexus Justice (by Westside Fred out of Dunamoney Lass) now in 19th place, Sceilig Siofra (by Deise Sam Maguire out of Gentle Jessie) in number 25, Hesperus Eagle (by Ashfield Jovial Joker out of Ashfield Spinks) in number 47, the partbred Tullineaskey Fear Ideas (by Templebready Fear Bui) in 53rd place and the up and coming Drumcong Finn (by Seafield Fionn out of Westside Lady) who has done very well during the autumn and is now in 62nd place, definitely one to look out for next season. Among the imported Connemaras is also the Swiss-born Little Finnigan de la Praz (by Leam Finnigan out of Little Witch) who in 6th place is the third highest ranked Connemara after a very strong season where he most recently won the Swedish Indoor championships in show jumping for ponies. At the same championships Lexus Justice was fourth and Ix de l’Aulne was sixth among ponies 140 – 148 cm while among the ponies 130 – 140 cm (where Little Finnigan won) Tullineaskey Fear Ideas was fifth and Desdemona was ninth.

Figure 2: Nice-n’-Cherry (by Carnaby Patrick Hooligan out of Dory-Nice), winner of the Swedish Connemara championships for overheight ponies and adult riders Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Figure 2: Nice-n’-Cherry (by Carnaby Patrick Hooligan out of Dory-Nice), winner of the Swedish Connemara championships for overheight ponies and adult riders Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

But there are not only imported Connemaras doing well in show jumping in Sweden. In addition to the already mentioned Desdemona and Poetic Annie the latter has no less than four half-siblings among the 100 most successful show jumpers: the pure bred Poetic Moonlight (by Poetic Justice out of Lehid Vida) in place 28 and Highlander (out of Gryt ̊asa Kryddan) in place 32, and the partbreds Little Wonder (who was placed sixth at the indoor championships) in place 36 and Poetic Shano in number 90. Also the last two Swedish-bred Connemaras on top 100 are closely related to each other. Both the partbred Hip Hop in place 31 and the pure bred Scarlett Pimpernell S (out of Yankie Girl) in place 66 are by the same stallion, Pommac.

Connemara riders have also battled it out for the Connemara championship title in show jumping. Among the overheight ponies and adult riders the title was won by Nice-n’- Cherry (by Carnaby Patrick Hooligan out of Dory-Nice). The class for ponies with riders under 18 saw O ̈nnarps Juvel (by Aladdin out of Celisia) winning the title to the Dutch import Junes Jewel van de Zonnehoeve (by Hercules van de Zonnehoeve out of June) and Juventus (by Dale Haze out of Jocelinn).

Figure 3: Holmtebo Crested Ten (by Hagens D’Arcy out Hagens Ultra) at the age of two. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Figure 3: Holmtebo Crested Ten (by Hagens D’Arcy out Hagens Ultra) at the age of two.
Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Young ponies

The young pony activities has also continued during the autumn. Two stallions have two progeny each who have gained awards at the three-year-old tests: Coosheen Finbarr (two for gaits) and Hagens D’Arcy (two double awards, gaits and jumping). Finbarr and Hagens D’Arcy also have progeny who have gained awards at the quality tests for four- year-olds. Other stallions who’s progeny have gained awards in both three-year-old and quality tests this year are Ashfield Cathal Crobhdearg and Hagens O’Chief.

At the young pony finals several Connemaras showed their knack for jumping. Among the three-year-olds Holmtebo Yeats (by Hagens D’Arcy out of Hagens Yanine) took the third place in the jumping finals. The Connemaras in the jumping finals for four-year-olds did better still when Yeats’s half-brother Holmtebo Crested Ten (out of Hagens Ultra) won the class to the stallion Poetic Kelly (by Poetic Justice out of Lofty Dusty Rambler). The young pony championships in jumping for five-year-olds saw a Connemara in third place, Pole Position (out of Moy Shauna Pride) who is by the above-mentioned dressage stallion Golden Garlic, but is not lacking in jumping skills.

Three five-year-olds and two six-year-olds had qualified to the dressage finals, a strong achievement in itself. Although the five-year-olds were unplaced the six-year-olds defended the Connemara honour. Azalea (by Frederiksminde Hazy Chance out of Liljeg ̊ardens Graze) won the finals with another Connemara in third place, Gra ̈ns Tabasco (by Grange Flynn Sparrow out of Gra ̈ns Tussilago). For Tabasco it’s the third year running of qual- ifying to the young pony finals. It will be interesting to see him and the other ponies in the dressage and show jumping arenas in the future.

/Jenny Hagenblad

“Snippets”, Nov. 2010

With winter drawing closer in the Northern Hemisphere, Connemara news is pretty hard to find. Below are a few items that may be of interest.

The national Pony Show, Scotland was held in late August in Perthshire. The Olympia Qualifier saw Sandra Burton’s Irish bred Connemara’Coulillaun Cushlawn’ take out reserve award. The ridden Novice final also saw a Connemara, Alison Granger’s “Crannard Special” being awarded the reserve award. There must be heaps more but nothing has come my way to report for you.

In America, the 44th Annual ACPS Region 1 Breed show has been held. The weekend turned out to be a real winner for the Connemara’Bantry Bay’s Kenny’ and his owner- rider Lauren Ochs. The pair won the Lambray Seamus Award for working Hunter, the George A. Taylor memorial Trophy for Hunter under saddle, R.H.F. O’Harazan Perpetual Trophy for grand Champion Connemara, and the Sue Dexter Memorial Versatility Award.

All versatility competitors compete in 5 of 6 catagories including Trail, Hunter, Jumper, Dressage, Driving and Pleasure. Trail is mandatory and includes travel through water, opening gates, checking mail boxes, crossing bridge etc. Not the usual areas for Connemaras to excel but Kenny excelled in all and took out the trophy. Who says Connemaras don’t like gates, water etc!

From the USA also comes the sad news of the death of”Grange Finn Sparrow”. This lovely Connemara was foaled a the grange Stud in Ireland. Joe Day, Wexford, purchased him as a weanling and later showed him in Clifden. He was then sold him to Willy Leahy. He was the 1978 Clifden Champion in hand.

Finn Sparrow was named Ireland’s top scoring Grade A pony twice and took 2nd place at his only Eventing outing at preliminary level whilst standing at Stud in Austria. He was imported into America in the 198’s and shown successfully throughout his years in the USA. He will be missed, I am sure, both in the USA and in all Connemara localities around the world.

ICCPS newsletter Nov 2010

August News Around the World


Susan McConnell’s Oakfields Farm had a day out on June 12 when the Region III show was held at Pine Top Farm. The show was reported as the biggest and best yet. This could also be said for Susan’s ribbon tally at the end of the show. Oakfields Hazel Sparrow (Hearnsbrook Dunoon – Oakfields Maria Sparrow) was awarded the Grand Champion Connemara trophy and was also awarded Best in Show. The ribbons continued! In the pure bred Connemara Mare class – 7 yrs and over- 1st Oakfields Amazing Sparrow, 2nd Oakfileds Diamond Jamie Gibson and 6th Oakfields Fuchsia.

Pure bred Connemara Mare 3 – 6 yrs – 1st Oakfields Hazel Sparrow, 2nd Oakfields Linianne, 5th Oakfields Sapphire, 6th Oakfields Crimson. The Pure Bred Champion went Oakfields Hazel Sparrow with reserve Oakfields Amazing Sparrow.

In the Open Hunter Crossrails – 1st Oakfields Jade, 4th Oakfields Lilianne, 5th Oakfields Crimson. Open Ponies 14.2 and under saw Oakfields Fuchsia taking the 2nd ribbon with 5th going to Oaklands Fuchsia.

Owner Susan McConnell, handler/rider In the open Horse over 14.2 – 1st Oakfields Amber Emma Kennedy, and Oakfields Hazel Sparrow Sparrow. The Open Hunter saw Oakfields Jade, at Upperville Show. Photo by Lisa Etzel Oakfields Lillianne and Oakfields Amber Sparrow

collect ribbons. Other Ridden classes saw a repeat ribbon flow for Oakfields Farm with an additional 15 ribbons being awarded.

Reading a little further into the “American Connemara” magazine, Oakfields Farm had further a outstanding show at Upper Ville Horse Show with an additional 7 ribbons being won by Oakfields farm Ponies.

From the USA Eventing world comes news that the imported Stallion Ard Celtic Art, ACPS Connemara of the year for 2009 continued his winning ways with rider Donna Miller, by taking 2nd place at the CCI One Star event at Chattahoochee Hills, GA. The combination was 3rd at the Ocala Fl. One star event in May.

Will’Ya Love Me (Grange Finn Sparrow) and rider Courtney Sendak took 1st place at the Virginia Horse trials and moved up the Eventing ladder with further successful outings at Intermediate Level.


The 5yr old Connemara, “Drummore Castle” ridden by Kirsteen Douglas was reserve Champion at the NPS Scotland Spring Show and also won the Picton Qualifier.

The Scottish Connemara Group show in July was a most successful show. “Eastlands Wild Orchid” was awarded Pure Bred Young stock Champion and the Pure Bred Champion for the show went to “Bellindene Franklin”.

Novice Ridden Champion went to “Sydserff Misty Morning” and the pure bred Ridden champion was awarded to “Lockinge Flossy. Supreme Champion for the show was awarded to “Eastlands Dunielle” and reserve went to “Lockinge Flossy”

Sarah Hodgkins mare, “Callowfeenish Mary” took the M7M Pony of the year at the Lincoln Show and Breed Champion. “Village Laura” was also successful with Vanessa Compton winning the in hand and reserve Champion.

News to hand also indicates that three Connemara ponies and their riders have been selected for the English team at the WHP International Team Event that is to be held at Cavan Equestrian Centre in Ireland. “Smokin Gun” Gunsmoke – Hazel Dew) will be ridden by Hetty Woyka, “Tully Oisin” (Earl of Castleffrench – Tullinadaly will be ridden by Alice McCullagh and Elinor Strapp will guide “Dancing Hero” (Shannon Prince – Campbell Star). This event should see a number of Connemara Ponies competing.august_naw_img_1


Early news from Ireland is that the Connemara festival in Clifden was a great event this year. Work had been done on the Arena and the surface was level, well drained and hardly a foot hole to be seen after over 500 ponies had competed. This was in sharp contrast with other years when ponies were hock deep as they moved, particularly on the upper or office side of the arena.

The Friday events were fabulous! The Puissance was an exciting event with the rail rising to 155 cms and still 6 ponies left in the competition. The rules stipulate that the event must stop at that height and one has to wonder to what height these wonderful Connemara ponies would the rail would have risen to find an absolute winner.

Much more news from the Clifden Connemara pony festival will be available shortly I am sure. Many of the overseas visitors will take home their own thoughts and these will appear in local newsletters etc.

august_naw_img_2John Tennant,
Public relations Officer ICCPS

ICCPS Minutes August 2010


Held on Tuesday, 17th August, 2010
The Station House Hotel, Clifden at 1:00 PM

AGENDA for ICCPS Annual Meeting – beginning at 1PM

Attendees/Delegates: Tuula Pyoria(FIN) (Chair), Padraic Heanue(IRE), Sarah Hodgkins(BCPS) and Henrietta Knight, Andy O’Donoghue(IRE), Dermot Power(IRE), Paddy McDonagh(IRE), John Varley(IRE), Joop deJong(NE), Anne Storme(BE), Niamh Philbin(IRE), Olivier Verove(FR), Vermund Lyngstad(NO), Karen Holloway(AU), Marynell Eyles(USA), Madeleine Beckman(SWE), Jytte Bank-Mikkelson(DE), Gabi Kappeler(SWI) and Susan McConnell(USA) (Secretariat)

Tuula Pyoria, the Chairperson for the ICCPS opened the meeting and welcomed everyone to the annual ICCPS AGM and Technical Meeting. As there were several new Delegates, everyone briefly presented himself/herself.

1. Apologies for absence

Absent without representation: Austria, Canada, Germany and New Zealand

2. Minutes from the last ICCPS Technical Meeting on 18th August 2009

Sarah Hodgkins name was inadvertently omitted from the 2009 Minutes. Minutes adopted by Motion from Marynell Eyles and seconded by Gabi Kappeler

3. Presentation of President’s Annual Report

Tuula Pyoria read the President’s written report to the Delegates and promised to send it via email to all the Societies and post it on the ICCPS website.

4. Presentation of Treasurer’s Report Annual Accounts for 2009

Padraic Heanue reported on the ICCPS bank account. Unpaid membership fees were collected from Australia, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and USA during the meeting. Austria remains unpaid. Treasurer’s Report was adopted by a Motion from Paddy McDonagh and seconded by Madeline Beckman with a balance of Euros 6731.94

5. Collection of each ICCPS Society Annual Report (Secretary)

Susan McConnell, ICCPS Secretariat thanked all the countries who responded to the emailed request for Annual Reports. These were previously circulated. Information will be compiled in a spreadsheet and circulated. The Society Annual Report form may be reviewed and changed for 2011.

6. Declaration of Elections for Office Bearers (Finland and Sweden may step down and may be eligible for re-election)
Finland and Sweden announced that they were available for nomination.
Paddy McDonagh nominated Finland and Sweden. They were seconded by John Varley and elected to the Executive Board. Tuula Pyoria was elected Chair for the next 12 months along with the following Officers.

2010-2011 ICCPS Officers

Chair: Tuula Pyoria
Vice Chair: Andy O’Donoghue Honorary Treasurer: Anne Storme Treasurer: Padraic Heanue
Honorary Secretary: Vermund Lyngstad Secretariart: Susan McConnell
At Large: Sarah Hodgkins

Madeleine Beckman


Topics for discussion as suggested by Societies:

1. South African Connemara Pony Society – request for acceptance in ICCPS

Dermot Power has been in touch with the SACPS since 2009 and, this weekend, talked with Brenda Van Schie and Sally Young. He proposes that SACPS be accepted.
Motion: Dermot Power and second by Paddy McDonagh to accept the SACPS. This is good news for the South African Connemara Pony Society which has competitions and shows.

2. Australasian Connemara Pony Society – request membership to ICCPS

After lengthy discussion, it was agreed that the CPBS is the ultimate authority. Australia asked for a letter to be written from the CPBS (Ire) to inform the CPBSA (Aus) of the ACPR application to the ICCPS. This letter to the CPBSA (Aus) will acknowledge the lack of support for the application from the ACPR.

Motion: John Varley proposed and Gabi Kappeler seconded the recommendation that this request be referred to the CPBS.

3. “To Develop and Promote” and Public Relations Report 2009-2010 ~ John Tennant, ICCPS Publicity Officer
Karen Holloway read John’s reports to the meeting. John hopes to add articles to the ICCPS web site as well international magazines. This will be possible if:

  • –  EachSocietywillgiveapprovalforreprintingarticlesfromtheirinternalnewslettersand magazines
  • –  EachSocietywilltaketimetoresearchtheConnemaraPonyinshows,localandnational events; and, pass them on.

–  ThereisabighorsefairplannedinShanghai,China,September24-25,2010.JohnVarley, Niamh Philbin and Anne Storme knew about this upcoming event and should research it further.

4. ICCPS Rules for Registration

Tuula Pyoria introduced this topic by saying that this group has discussed the Rules for Registration for ages. She has high hopes for positive progress with discussion on the main concerns that remain.
Dermot Power acknowledged that a lot of work had gone into the Rules. The old document was comprehensive and we should work towards answering questions from the countries. He wants to know if each country is under a Horse Board and do they have Performance Testing.

Finland: Tuula Pyoria said there is a ridden test for mares and stallions at the inspection at the moment. It is not as thorough performance test as in Sweden or Denmark. In Finland authorized person (not a vet) takes blood samples; does ID control, and inserts microchips. Also, an authorized person measures ponies at the inspection (not a vet). The inspectors have the possibility of sending a mare to the vet for inspection if they think something needs further checking. Stallions are vetted at the inspection. This is a national system with all breeds and also financially practical. Finland is not sure how the stallions who do not pass the visual inspection benefit the breed when allowed to Class 2 and their progeny is eligible to Class 1 according the rule draft. It is felt the rules should be there for the betterment of the breed.

Sweden: Madeleine Beckman said Sweden is aware of the “Panama Flag” effect of stallions who can travel around from country to country for inspection. Currently, the Swedish Society has to go through the Horse Board to get Inspection Rules changed to become compatible with the “Principles” (which are assessed by the Swedish Board of Agriculture and according to the CPBS Principles). Madeleine reported that the Swedish Society would like 1.) “other authorized person” to do the chip marking, ID control and DNA sampling and 2.) to make it optional for Mare Inspections to include a vet examination only when requested by the Inspectors (according to the National Swedish Inspection system for all breeds)Dermot Power pointed out that countries within the EU have to follow the Mother Society’s system; therefore a performance test could/should not be compulsory for an EU Class 1 CP Stallion.He also suggested that a Class 1 Stallion from Ireland going to Sweden should be accepted as Class 1 and then given a *star* for merit for passing the Performance Test. Madeleine answered that this was already working due to the Swedish Principles. She hoped the ICCPS Rules will be set as soon as possible to make the work with the Rules easier for the Daughter Societies. She asked Dermot if the CPBS is working on a Stallion Performance Test. He said: “no”.

Norway: Vermund Lyngstad said all stallions have chips and DNA analyzed. For Mares: a vet form is sent to the owner to be completed by their vet before inspection. Stallions have a vet inspection and Performance Test to be licensed in the Studbook under Class 1 – A, B, C (Premium or Star). Norway is not a member of the EU, but very close to it.
Switzerland: Gabi Kappeler said Switzerland is non-EU and her society is under the umbrella of Pony Societies approved by the Government with rules that apply to all pony breeds. There are very few Connemara Ponies in Switzerland. They do inspect all stallions that come from outside Switzerland. There is a “handling” test. All stallions are tested on the same date at the same site with a vet on site. Mares are tested at different times at different sites with no vets on site. The owner of the mares hands in a certificate signed by a vet. Gabi questioned the numbering in the 2nd Draft of the rules. Switzerland uses official UELN numbering for all the breeds with no stallion/mare abbreviations. The classification is stated on Passports. The way of numbering can’t be a matter of rules just the information contained in passport as such. Tuula Pyoria said that the classification should be somewhere on the passport, not necessarily in the numbering. Niamh Philbin said that it was difficult to know the Class of a pony. For example, she said that you have to write the French Stud Book but the information is “confidential”.
Denmark: Jyette Bank-Mikkelson said all foals in Denmark are registered by the Danish Office for Agriculture with a UELN number. An approved stallion/mare from an EU/ICCPS approved country enters the Danish studbook international register B – CI. 2 and 3 years old stallions can only get a one year covering license if they pass the visual inspection and veterinary test. 4 years or older stallions are supposed to pass the visually inspection, the veterinary test and the compulsory performance test before they will get their final life time licence. The owner can choose either a 1 day test or a 30 days test. If a stallion fails the visual inspection and/or the performance test, he is not allowed to breed. Rejected stallions will enter the CA register = rejected register in the studbook. Their progeny are placed in the X-register and can neither be inspected nor approved. Progeny after stallions with one year covering license are equal to progeny after approved stallions that year.

Niamh Philbin said that Denmark is stricter on the ponies born inside Denmark. Jytte Bank- Mikkelsen said there is discussion about following the rules strictly or not. Dermot Power wants to meet with the licensing authority in Denmark.

Vermund Lyngstad said that he would like a clear answer to the question of Registration vs Studbook for breeding material, It appears that some are divided on this in Denmark. Netherlands: Joop de Jong said the Netherlands is similar to Finland and Denmark. There are DNA records for stallions and all foals have microchips since 1992. Progeny are chosen at random for testing. Stallions are tested under saddle. They are “happy or not” to be classified when going into Class1. Netherlands is willing to follow regulations that are democratically made at a table between the ICCPS and CPBS.

Belgium: Anne Storme said the Belgium Warmblood Society keeps the Connemara studbook in her country. There are different classes, voluntary performance testing and loose jumping. All mares and stallions have DNA on file and foals are tested at random. Belgium supports rules that improve the breed. All breed stock is inspected.

France: Olivier Verove said that in France the classifications are organized and judged by judges from the Association de Poney Connemara (AFPC). The rules for classification are identical to the Irish rules with the exception that it is not obligatory for both or either of the parents to have been classified for their progeny to be presented for classification. The Connemara population in France is too small to make this restriction; however, all mares that had already been bred prior to 2006 were systematically put into Class 1. Since 2007, all the ponies classified have had their Passports stamped. The AFPC has recently asked the information service of the National Stud (HN) to allow this information to go public. In following the Irish judging system for mares, France finds the system too “lax” allowing 97% of the mares to go into Class 1. This situation is not viable in the long term and is not a positive measure for improving the Connemara breed. The AFPC has a group working on a breeding program that will allow each pony to have a “label” indicating its specific, such as: bone, movement, grading type, jumping abilities, character. Once drafted, a copy will be sent to the ICCPS. France would like to see the minimum age for classification for fillies and colts to be raised to 3 years old.

Gabi Kappeler wondered if it would be possible to get the Stud Book information through the President’s office? Gabi is welcome to have Stud Book information directly from the AFPC President’s office.
Australia: Karen Holloway reported that there is no governing Horse Board; there is a 3 tier classification system; no Performance Test; compulsory vet; chip or freeze brand (choice); raised (increased) the pass mark for Mares to 70% passing for Mares and 75% passing for Stallions; overseas stallions go straight in with their Inspection class. Australians would like to highlight the correctness of the term “dun” when actually “buckskin” is the correct term. There was consensus within the ICCPS to use the term “buckskin. Karen would like the CPBS to be informed of this issue and give direction to all. John Varley said that he would like to see it put “correctly”.

ACPS (American): Marynell Eyles reported that every foal has DNA information on file; inspection is voluntary for mares, stallions and geldings; non-EU; cannot use 15 digit number; do not require microchip or brand; vet forms for mares and stallions are completed prior to inspection. She noted that the ACPS rules allow for only 1 (one) embryo transfer per year instead of the new rules of 3 (three) per year.

Gabi Kappeler noted Inspection rule 2.4 (foals at foot).
Great Britain: Sarah Hodgkins reported that her Society keeps its own studbook; no horse board; no performance test; mare owners are required to have a vet complete a form prior to inspection or the mare is not registered until done; objects to vet for official markings – only vet used for DNA/blood (page 4 art 2.64)
Andy O’Donoghue said there were things that have to change (1.5 EU) by EU legislation, the CPBS will have to with the Competent Authority, Horse Board, Breed Society or Studbook (FR). In Ireland, the CPBS has a 5 year license and EU countries are therefore obliged to follow our Principles. It appears that some things are not working well – some like it, some not (more not like it). He made a Proposal: in conjunction with Ireland’s own Competent Authority; talk to the EU Commission and each countries Competent Authority so that all will be working together and approved under the EU authority. He said that this would be a “guinea pig”, but there would be no more questions. He wants to move “as a group so there are no more questions and differences” He saw no point in making things more complicated.

Tuula Pyoria stated that the Societies have gone through their problems with the Draft Rules. She suggests we give these suggestions to the CPBS Council and its International Committee for review to come back to the ICCPS, soon.

Dermot Power agreed to take the suggestions to the CPBS Council and produce a 3rd Draft by the 1st of November, 2010

5. Database Update from CPBS

Alex O’Connor reported that he has received pedigree information but has had language problems and the pedigrees on the web are neither complete nor linked. He promised the pedigrees should be linked in 5-6 weeks; each Society will be able to upload their own updates; there will be a “feedback form” on the website for questions, suggestions or problems. Currently, the pedigrees from some countries show only one generation although more information has been provided by Societies and as such the Database is of no use to the breeders.

As it has been taking a very long time to put up the Database, Tuula urged Alex to contact the Societies that need to provide further information so the web site can be completed by the end of the year.

6. Other Matters Arising

Prefix ~

Marynell Eyles (USA) requested guidance from the CPBS on the use of ‘words’ as prefixes and in the name of a pony. Andy O’Donoghue shared a prepared paper about the use of Prefixes and Suffixes and ‘words’ in pony’s names. Dermot promises to take this information to the CPBS Council for review and have a decision by the end of November, 2010.

Timmy Kreuzer from Connemara Pony Vereinigung e.V. of Germany had written to Tuula about ICCPS help and mabe also some financial support at Equitana (9 days, every other year event). The Delegates felt positive about this support. Dermot Power asked for Timmy Kreuzer’s email address so the CPBS can help, too. No amount was requested and there needs to be further communication.

Webmaster replacement ~ Tuula Pyoria had received, last week, an email from the current webmaster stating she is willing to give up if someone else capable and willing can be found to be the ICCPS webmaster for 200 euros per year. A new webmaster will be nominated when found.

Treasurer’s Report ~ Joop de Jong (NE) suggested that the Treasurer’s Report should in the future include a budget
Judging Connemara Ponies ~ Paddy McDonagh and Dermot Power asked that Societies go thru the CPBS Council and office when they need Irish judges for shows in their countries. Dermot would like all Societies to supply a list of their best judges.

Susan McConnell gave a brief overview of the upcoming World Equestrian Games in Lexington, KY 25th September thru 10th October, 2010. The American Connemara Pony Society will have 14 ponies over the 2 weeks featured in ridden and driven demonstrations. There will be approximately 50 volunteers helping in the ACPS booth in the “Irish Village” with Irish Draughts and Gypsy Colored Horses.

Olivier Verove announced that the French National Connemara Pony Show was moving from Poitiers to Pompadour, this year.

7. Adjournment 5:30PM

Next AGM for the ICCPS will be Tuesday, 16th August, 2011 in Clifden, Co. Galway, Ireland

27 October 2010

President’s Report August 2010

Today the ICCPS AGM and Technical Meeting are scheduled only to these few afternoon hours. Some of you may wonder why. Over the years there have been complaints; the meetings last too long, always same items on the agenda, not much progress to be seen etc. When there was plenty of time available people did not concentrate on the essential but rather went on with explanations over the same things we had already heard previous year. As time is valuable to all of us, I hope this years limited hours force us to concentrate more to those items that really should be finalized soon.

One of these items is the International Rules. Last year we were unable to make any decisions over the rules as we had very few comments from the societies and the Parent Society did not present a draft to work from. As agreed in last year’s meeting, we got the draft from the CPBS. This first draft from Parent Society came out to sister societies just before last Christmas. Several of the societies send their comments and suggestions in the beginning of 2010 and these were forwarded to the Parent Society as well as circulated to all societies. Draft number 2, where some of these suggestions were taken into account came from the CBPS two months ago. Now, we should be able to go through the draft, see and hopefully also agree what needs to be changed and get results, so that we do not have to go home with empty hands. We also have to remember Connemara ponies are bred not only in Europe. Breeders in countries outside EU must be able to live with the rules, too. And last but by no means least, the rules should be there also for the betterment of the breed – as someone said years ago in the Brussels meeting “we are breeders, not multipliers”.

Some of you might remember General Communication was on the Agenda last year. It was agreed good dialogue between CPBS Council and ICCPS executive board is necessary and there was – and still is – plenty of room for improvement. It was also felt a better dialogue between sister societies is important. Although in some ways the communication might have improved, I doubt there really has been enough progress. As far as I understand the international matters are not discussed in the CPBS council and the ICCPS ex board certainly does not receive any information from the CPBS council or from its International Committee. There are also societies we never hear from during the year. It seems very quiet in many ways for 11 months after the AGM and then suddenly just before the next meeting everyone wakes up. I do admit I’m guilty to this, too. But just before the meeting it is often too late, as no decisions can be made if the societies have not had a fair chance to discuss things and proposals in their own councils. If only we could agree to answer to the inquiries promptly it would help a lot. Could we possibly agree some kind of code of practice in all communication? Societies as well as executive board and CPBS President and his International Committee are certainly welcome to share their thoughts and ideas anytime, not just before the meeting.

International Committee of Connemara Pony Societies, President’s Report 17.8.2010

In his report, John Tennant suggests the societies appoint persons who would forward the news and information to the ICCPS. Please, take his suggestion seriously! There has been lot more visitors on the ICCPS website when we got the new section “Pony Information” and all the links there. News are always interesting. We are grateful to our PR Officer John Tennant as his efforts enable us to add the news on the website.

There is a link “Registered Prefixes” and a promise – coming soon. I’m afraid has taken lot more time than I thought to compile this list and I’m still working on it. Unfortunately, we never got the program that could have been used in this so each and every prefix or suffix with its holder and country must be added separately to the alphabetical list. So far the list has 29 pages. Almost every country are listed now but two big breeders, Ireland and France, are still missing from the list as I haven’t received the information from them, yet. The plan is to get the list out of my hands and on the website as soon as I get the information from those countries.

According the ICCPS Constitution promoting the Connemara breed is high on the agenda.

The World Equestrian Games takes place in Lexington Kentucky from September 25th to October 10th, 2010. Connemara ponies will be seen there – not competing, but the American Connemara Pony Society will have a booth in the Equine Village. Two weeks of breed demonstrations with Connemara pony ambassadors and dozens of volunteers will certainly be noticed among the visitors. The efforts and hard work of the ACPS are much appreciated and on behalf of the ICCPS and Connemara community I’d like to say thank you to everyone involved. We are waiting for a report!

Performance classes are now welcomed addition to the Clifden Show week. Last year’s puissance was a huge success despite of the demanding circumstances and Friday is now firmly fixed as an annual performance event. CPBS is to be congratulated for taking this step, as by performing the ponies promote themselves best.

I’d like to use this opportunity and thank all who have actively taken part to the ICCPS discussions during the past year. Special thanks go to our hard working Secretary Susan McConnell. While the rest of us will go home and relax a bit after what hopefully will be a fruitful meeting, her work will continue with the minutes. In order to make her job easier I hope we’ll have a good meeting today.

Tuula Pyöriä ICCPS, Chair

International Committee of Connemara Pony Societies, President’s Report 17.8.2010

Report and results from Swedish Connemara Show 2010

swedish_riks_2010_img_0National Connemara Show in Alingsås

On July 24th the national show for the Connemara ponies took place. Judging exhibition classes was invited from France Yvonne Held, who raises both Connemara and Shetland po- nies in the stud Schuracher, together with Christina Sjölander-Johansson from Bolle stud in Bollebygd. Working Hunter class was judged by Mary Holdhaus and ridden classes by Anna Iletorp.

The weather was with us and assessment of the young horses in the morning started with one year old fillies. Beautiful Bride Broderick was winning out of this class that included three participants. Gelding 3 & 1 year old had only one participant each and they were awar- ded a bronze medal. The full range was used by our judging couple. Two-year colt / gelding was also alone, but won a silver plaque. The notified five two years would be four mares with a streak and won did Fredericksminde Lofty Made with a silver. From Bjennesby and Ker- stin Johansson was the victor in the three-year class for fillies and Hagen Cup, Bjennesby Fergi. Fergi a powerful individual by Poetic Justice, was reserve champion young horses bea- ten by the one-year old filly Bride Broderick.

Bride Broderick s. Coosheen Finbarr RC 99 Junior Champion

Bride Broderick
s. Coosheen Finbarr RC 99 Junior Champion

After lunch was mare classes and Maggie May RC 1405 was the first to win a gold plaque. The next mare class received three gold plaques and winners were Dangan Memory RC GB M 1787. Lovön Destiny RC 1117 winner of next class and a gold. The class of mares not yet in the studbook held high class and the first two received the gold, won the class did Gentle Farm’s Breeze.

Dangan Memory RC GB M 1787 s Castlestrange Fionn S 1046 reserve Supreme Champion

Dangan Memory RC GB M 1787
s Castlestrange Fionn S 1046 reserve Supreme Champion

Foal class was fine five participants and winners would be a daughter of last year’s stallion leased to Sweden, Clifden de l’Aulne. Mother is Yasmin Broderick and class of a high stan- dard in all but one foal received a gold rank on the plaque.
Stallion classes are of course one of the highlights of the exhibitions and not many guys were notified but those who came received gold plaques. Winner here were Coosheen Fin- barr RC 99 before Starrhults Bossanova RC 106.

Coosheen Finbarr RC 99 s Glencarrig Prince S 1073 Supreme Champion

Finbarr RC 99
s Glencarrig Prince S 1073
Supreme Champion

The old Connemaras, 18 year-old Kazmir got a nice gold plaque.

Last out of the day of the exhibition was the gelding class where Carl Bosson and his pony Elphin Darwin not only did they win the class but is also a fine display price which also Isa- belle Svensk received showing the one year old Bride Broderick.

That would be a very long days coming to an end and finals. Champion young horse had already been appointed in this morning’s assessment of Bride Broderick as the winner. Color Cup, where black, brown or chestnut coloured ponies may be shown to have participated in the day. Winner would be mare Maggie May RC 1405 (bay) with reserve Shade’s Dark Rosa- lee RC 1368 (black).

Best gelding was Elphin Darwin and it was time for Best In Show. In all that has been awarded gold or class winner with no less than silver. After few turns in the ring was stallion Coosheen Finbarr RC 99 to be today’s most beautiful pony with the mare Dangan Memory RC GB M in 1787 as a reserve.

Swedish News, June 2010


We’re half-way through the year and it’s time to take a peak at the rankings for the competing ponies. In dressage there are seven purebred Connemaras and two partbreds among the top 100 ponies. Compared to last years final ranking there are both some familiar old faces and some new names.

Of the ones figuring in last years final ranking the partbred riding pony stallion Verdi (maternal grandsire Lofty Roderic) is presently highest placed in 5th place. He has been out competing internationally with two fifths from a dressage competition in Moorsele. Another partbred from last year’s top 100 is Poetic Poetry. Her sire Poetic Justice is known for siring excellent show jumper and his offspring has not been seen so much in the dressage arena, but Poetic Poetry shows that they can also do dressage with the very best and he has several wins on the national level so far this year.

Among the purebreds Backens Lotus (by Rolls Royce out of Princess Jasmin) is presently in 25th place after some strong national competing. He represented Sweden at the Nordic – Baltic Championships in Drammen in Norway the first weekend of July and was there part of the silver-winning team of ponies 130 – 140 cm. Lotus’ cousin Golden Garlic (by Rolls Royce’s full brother Juno Rory out of Ambrosia) also continues to do well, competing mostly at the regional level so far this year. A third pony who has stayed in the top 100 since last year is the reliable Hagens Qumulus (by V ̈arnbergs Orion out of Hagens Fondora). He has participated both in the European and the Nordic Championships several times and has hardly been out of the top 10 dressage Connemaras since 1996. This year he turns 20, but is still going strong.

Figure 1: Tic Tac (by Countach Campbell out of K ̈ohls Rapsodi), taking the second place at last year’s Swedish Connemara dressage Championships. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Figure 1: Tic Tac (by Countach Campbell out of K ̈ohls Rapsodi), taking the second place at last year’s Swedish Connemara dressage Championships. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Among the newcomers we find another of Rolls Royce’s offspring, Ragnarps Little Royce (out of Bolle Lusona), who with his present 7th place is the highest placed Connemara. He has had a successful career as a young pony competing, and doing well, in the different young pony finals. Now he’s proving to be just as strong among adult ponies, being just shy of scoring 70 % in one of his competitions lately. A bit further down we find some more new names. Pyramus (by Janus out of Olympia II) is presently in 38 place. Last year he was third at the Connemara dressage championships and he continues in strength. Pyramus has V ̈arnbergs Orion as his maternal grandsire and is thus closely related to Hagens Qumulus and other successful dressage Connemaras.

Another familiar face from the Swedish Connemara dressage championships to appear in the top 100 so far this year is Tic Tac (by Countach Campbell out of K ̈ohls Rapsodi). Last year he was second in the Connemara dressage championships for the smaller ponies. This year he has won on his only national competition so far. The final Connemara to be found on the present top 100 is K ̈ohls Evelina (by Shirley’s Thunderbell out of Hagens Ellina). She is a full sister of K ̈ohls Fidolina who was on last year’s ranking and she is also related to Tic Tac as they share the Elite stallion Brantshammar Bell Dara as their paternal grandsire.


Sadly there have been very few Connemaras (or even ponies in general) eventing so far this year. The stallion Nice-n-Curly (by Nice-n’-Easy out of Corinne II ) has been by far the most successful Connemara, but was unable to clear the vetting at his last competition. Fingers crossed it is nothing serious and that we will soon see this grand old gentleman out and about again.

Show Jumping

The list of the 100 most successful show jumping ponies so far this year has some lovely reading for the Connemara friend. No less than 14 purebred and four partbred Con- nemaras rank among the top 100. The most successful sire, as usual one might almost add, is Poetic Justice (by Ballydonagh Cassanova out of Gloves Misty) with two pure (Poetic Annie out of Myrens Anitra and Highlander out of Gryt ̊asa Kryddan) and two partbreds (Little Wonder and Poetic Shano) on the list. Poetic Annie did well at the Elite competitions at Norrk ̈oping Horse and Pony Show in May where she was 3rd in a 1m20 class. She was also 4th at the Swedish show jumping championships for ponies 130 – 140 cm. Little Wonder is presently fifth in the show jumping Ridsport Pony Cup among the ponies 130 – 140 cm.

Other Swedish-born Connemaras to do well so far are Tammy Lane (by V ̈arnbergs Orion out of My Lane), the partbred Hip Hop (by Pommac) and presently ranking number six Desdemona (By Brol ̈otens Joop out of Ti-Ti-Oo). This fantastic mare is presently the most successful Swedish-bred show jumper of all breeds. She competed internationally at the Baltic Cup in Vilhelmsborg, Denmark, where she was second in the 1m20 Grand Prix class as well as winning two other classes. She is presently third in the Ridsport Pony Cup for 130 – 140 cm ponies, just behind Hip Hop.

Figure 2: Tullineaskey Fear Ideas (partbred by Templebready Fear Bui) Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Figure 2: Tullineaskey Fear Ideas (partbred by Templebready Fear Bui) Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

But performance Connemaras are also very popular to import and imported Connemaras have done very well too this year. In particular the French ”I crop”, that is foals born in 1996, has done very well in Sweden. Presently both the leader of the show jumping ranking and the runner up (Ice and Fire d’Albran (by Dexter Leam Pondi out of Underline of Laps) and Idefix du Villon (by Quignon du Parc out of Hilda des Ludes) respectively) are French bred Connemaras born in 1996 as is the present number 13, Ix de l’Aulne (by Dexter Leam Pondi out of Castille de l’Aulne). All three boys have been successful both in Sweden and internationally with Ice and Fire d’Albran winning at both Middelfart and Vilhelmsborg in Denmark and Ix de l’Aulne winning in Vestfold in Norway. Ix was furthermore fourth at the Swedish championships for ponies 140 – 148 cm while Idefix was part of the gold winning team at the Nordic-Baltic championships for ponies 140 – 148 cm and he has been selected to represent Sweden at this year’s European championships.

Another French bred Connemara to jump well this year, both nationally and interna- tionally is Lover de Vauper (by Thunder du Blin out of Daphne de la Dive), while the Swiss-born Little Finnigan de la Praz (by Leam Finnigan out of Little Witch, competing as Little Finnigan) has been one of the more successful ponies in the category 130 – 140 cm. He took a bronze at the Swedish show jumping championships as well as an individual and a team gold at the Nordic-Baltic championships.

Of course a large number of performance Connemaras come here from Ireland too and presently there are no less than five Irish bred Connemaras among the top 100 show jumpers. Of these Some Man for One Man (by Ashfield Bobby Sparrow out of Misty Maiden), Sceilig Siofra (by Deise Sam Maguire out of Gentle Jessie) and Lexus Justice (by Westside Fred out of Dunamoney Lass) have featured before in my Swedish news. Hesperus Eagle (by Ashfield Jovial Joker out of Ashfield Spinks), Harnells Tricky Dicky (by Rynn Richard out of Fermoyle Heather) and the partbred Tullineaskey Fear Ideas (by Templebready Fear Bui) are interesting new names regularly seen at the top of result lists.

Some Man for One Man continues to do very well and was second at the 1m30 Grand Prix class at Moorsele, Belgium in April. He is also one of the ponies that will represent Sweden at the European show jumping championships in Bishop Burton at the end of this month. The partbred Tullineaskey Fear Ideas has been very successful in the pony category 130 – 140 cm. He has been winning both at Drammen in Norway and at Vilhelmsborg in Denmark, and he is presently sixth after three Ridsport Pony Cup qualifiers. Among the ponies 140 – 148 cm Westside Padraigh (by Westside Fred out of Aran Suzy) is in fourth place after winning the first of the qualifiers. The leading lady of Ridsport Pony Cup is however Sceilic Siofra among the 130 – 140 cm ponies who is well ahead of her competitors after winning two out of three qualifiers. Rumour has it that she after many successful seasons among in the show jumping circuit may retire soon to breeding. Let’s hope all goes well and so that she can pass on her exceptional performance genes.


A couple of local shows have been held. In mid-June Norrk ̈opings Ridklubb, the venue for last year’s breed show, gathered a nice crowd of ponies to be shown both in hand and under saddle. Twelve of the ponies shown were awarded golds and Hagens D’Arcy (by Hagens O’Chief out of Hagens Morning) was given a gold for his progeny group and won the class. In the championship ring, however, it was his sire Hagens O’Chief who could see his daughter Hagens Bella (out of Hagens Xquisite) take home the Champion title with D’Arcy’s two-year-old daughter Holmtebo Winding Rose (out of Holmtebo Wait For Me) as the reserve. The two ridden classes were won by Hagens Bonnie (by Carnaby Patrick Hooligan out of Winnie Love) and Holmtebo April Lily (by Hagens O’Chief out of Hagens Ayla) respectively with Blackbird (by Golden Rover out of Lady Chief) winning the Working Hunter Pony class.

Figure 3: Hagens Bella (by Hagens O’Chief out of Hagens Xquisite) at the 2009 breed show where she also was gold awarded and won her class. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Figure 3: Hagens Bella (by Hagens O’Chief out of Hagens Xquisite) at the 2009 breed show where she also was gold awarded and won her class. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

There has also been some local pony shows where Best of Breed titles have gone to Lowis Calla May (by Juno Rory out of Merrielegs), Hagens Bonnie and Hagens Yoleen (by Frederiksminde Hazy Chance out of Hagens Surf) and Lidens Mr Li (by Janus out of May-Li) was the highest scoring Connemara at a drop-in show where no Best of Breed title was awarded.

Young ponies

A few of this year’s three-year-old tests has been held during the spring with others due to be held during August and September. At the test in O ̈rebro Arda’s Sprinter (by Hagens O’Chief out of Backuddens Greenwood Haze) showed his talent over fences and was given a jumping award. Sprinter is thereby qualified for the finals this autumn, and hopefully he will be joined by other Connemaras after the summer.

/Jenny Hagenblad

Finnish News, spring 2010

news_finland_5-2010_img_0Inspection of pony stallions in Finland was arranged by Finlands Hippos on April 17th & 18th at Ypäjä Equestrian Centre. Almost 50 stallions, mostly Shetlands, were inspected during the weekend. From five presented Connemara stallions one was approved as class 1 stallion. He was a three year old Halle Lafferty bred by Ingrid Hallengård in Sweden and owned by Susanna Rahikainen.

Lafferty is by young very successful sire Coosheen Finbarr, who got his Premium A for the quality of his offspring this spring, only 9 years of age! Lafferty’s dam is Lofty Hazy Rambler by Frederiksminde Hazy Chance.

news_finland_5-2010_img_1Another stallion, this time bred by Susanna Rahikainen, has been successful in Austria. 14-year old Symphatil Hazy Bucks was sold as a young pony to Susanna’s friend, who moved to Switzerland and took the pony with her. Hazy Bucks was inspected and approved for breeding there few years ago. Now the pony is sold to Sabrina-Michaela Honeder in Austria where he was also

approved for breeding with good marks. Hazy Bucks is by Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel and out of Downhill Shawndelle by Kåsta Scaramouche. He has a half brother Symphatil Hazy Becks in Finland.

news_finland_5-2010_img_2Two year old Caragh Gaoithe was exported to Canada in the spring. Gaoithe is by Innellan Kestrel who was leasad to Finland by Tuula Pyöriä. His dam is Innellan Gem (by Glencarrig Lexus) and the breeder is Tuula Pyöriä. Gaoithe was Junior Champion as well as Reserve Supreme Champion as a yearling at the Breed Show in 2009, judged by Tom MacLochlainn. Gaoithe’s new owner is Heather Sherratt of Elphin Mountain Connemaras, Ontario.