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ICCPS Minutes August 2009

Minutes from THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING & TECHNICAL MEETING Held on Tuesday, 18th August, 2009

The Station House Hotel, Clifden at 9:00 AM.

AGENDA for ICCPS Annual Meeting – beginning at 9AM-10:30AM

Attendees/Delegates: Tuula Pyoria(FIN), Padraic Heanue(IRE), Tom Maclochlain(IRE), Anne Harries(BCPS and NZ), Andy O’Donohue(IRE), Dermot Power(IRE), Joop deJong(NE), Teresa Dohms(GER), Anne Storme(BE), Mary Flynn(CAN), Niamh Philbin(IRE), John Riordan(IRE), Gabriel Murphy(IRE), Alain Debilly(FR), Laurence DuJardin(FR), Vermund Lyngstad(NO), John Dawkins(AU), Karen Holloway(AU), Sally Oxnard(USA), Madeleine Beckman(SWE), Lene Nielsen(DE), and Susan McConnell(USA)

1. Apologies for absence
Absent without representation: Austria and Switzerland

2. Minutes from the last ICCPS Technical Meeting on 20th August 2008
Minutes adopted by Motion from Tom MacLochlainn and seconded by Padraic Heanue

3. Presentation of President’s Annual Report

Tuula Pyoria, ICCPS President welcomed everyone to the Annual ICCPS Meeting & Technical Meeting. She read her written report to the Delegates.

4. Presentation of Treasurer’s Report Annual Accounts for 2008

Padraic Heanue reported on the ICCPS bank account. Treasurer’s Report was adopted by a Motion from Lene Nielson and seconded by Andrew O’Donohue with a balance of Euros 5,760.39

5. Collection of each ICCPS Society Annual Report (Secretary)

Susan McConnell, ICCPS Secretariat thanked all the countries who responded to the emailed request for Annual Reports. These were previously circulated. Information was compiled for an new table (excel spreadsheet) of information (see attached)

6. Declaration of Elections for Office Bearers (USA, UK & Denmark step down and may be eligible for re-election)

Anne Harries noted that the correct name should be Great Britain, not UK. Great Britain will continue. Sarah Hodgkins will replace Anne Harries.

Lene Nielsen said Denmark had served for 6 years. She recommended that Denmark step down and nominated Belgium who will be represented by Anne Storme. Padraic Heanue seconded this nomination.

Sally Oxnard said the USA would step down. Madeleine Beckman suggested that a “non-EU country” should replace the USA. Norway was nominated by Sarah Hodgkins and seconded by Lene Nielsen. Vermund Lyngstad will represent Norway.

Tom MacLochlainn wished to step down from the Executive Board and was replaced by Andy O’Donohue.

Lene Nielsen nominated Tuula Pyoria as Chair. Sara Hodgkins seconded this. Tuula thanked everyone for their continuing trust.

2009-2010 ICCPS Officers
Chair: Tuula Pyoria

Vice Chair: Andy O’Donohue
Honorary Treasurer: Anne Storme Treasurer: Padraic Heanue
Honorary Secretary: Vermund Lyngstad Secretariart: Susan McConnell
At Large: Sarah Hodgkins

Madeleine Beckman

7. Meeting closure – Morning Tea Break – 10:00AM


The ICCPS welcomed Pat Lyne who is celebrating her 80th Birthday and the 10th Anniversary of the Station House Museum. On behalf of the ICCPS, Tom MacLochlainn presented Pat with a photo of Thunder. We serenaded her with “Happy Birthday to You”. The Hon. Susan Denham will host a reception to unveil the plaque celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Station House Museum.

Topics for discussion as suggested by Societies:

1. Database Update from CPBS

Alex O’Connor reported that he has received pedigree information from 8 countries. He will supply a special email address for all information. The total annual cost to maintain the web site will be Euros 1,400 plus VAT (approx. Euros 1,700) which is higher than was originally quoted. This annual cost will be shared by all Societies through the ICCPS account.

2. New rules for ICCPS groups – status of development – CPBS/Dermot to respond

Dermot explained that the CPBS has legislation drawn up, incorporated into law, so that it applies for a 5 year license within Ireland. He wants the countries inside the EU and outside the EU to work towards EU compliance. Ireland is not the only EU country that complies with EU rules. All EU countries work with EU rules. The CPBS interpretation of the rules makes things difficult for some countries. Many countries want to know exactly which Rules are being used. Dermot promised better communications with a 1 year notice to all breeders of any changes. There will be changes in 2011. One years notice is a very short time for those countries where the breed societies are not as independent as in Ireland. By the time some societies rules are changed/updated, the CPBS has already changed theirs.

Dermot agreed to read through the ICCPS Rules that are posted on the ICCPS website and delete the irrelevant parts. By November 1st, he promised to circulate a proposal.

3. Stallion/Colt Inspection Vet Assessment Form

It was agreed, last year, that there should be a standard vet form so that the attending vet in each country is looking at the same details; however, it was noted that the CPBS did not use the form when conducting Spring Stallion/Colt Inspection. After very lively discussion, it was decided that the CPBS uses the vet form as was agreed in 2008, but the membership does not see the results. Dermot said that the CPBS office can make the information (vet assessment results) available.

Madeleine explained that it is not necessary to do the flexion tests but it should be noted in the form what was done and what was not done.

4. General Communications between CPBS ~ ICCPS ~ Sister Societies

Tuula urged better communications since there were several complaints reported over the year. It was decided that each country should have one person who responds, quickly, to emails when they are received. Everyone agrees to have better communications, at least reply as soon as possible.

5. Naming of Ponies – registered prefixes and suffixes

Susan McConnell reported that she had attempted to communicate with Alex O’Connor in the suggested “ticketed” email following last year’s AGM, but she never got a response. Alex had promised an easy computer program for the registration of prefixes and suffixes. Dermot promised that if Susan sends an email about this, he will be in touch with Alex.

Last year, the CPBS suggested and it was agreed that when one breeder has registered a prefix or a suffix another breeder can not use that same word as a prefix or suffix. It was also noted that the CPBS will not let their breeders use that word as any part of the name, but it was agreed at the meeting this can not be the case in other countries or we will soon run out of names, so that rule applies to the CPBS only.

This year, the Irish prefix, “Village”, is being used in France as a suffix, which can not be approved.

Everyone requests Dermot and the CPBS to develop a policy from the CPBS in its September Council meeting as to the legal definition of a “name”. Can a word be used in a name, not used in any part of a name?

6. Promotion – worldwide

Sally Oxnard reported that the WEG (World Equestrian Games) will be celebrated in Lexington, KY in September – October, 2010. Dermot said he would email the Irish Horse Board to see if it plans to attend.

Lene said John Tennant wants everyone to send performance articles and photos of Connemara Ponies in their country. Tuula agreed that there should be a special section on the ICCPS website with photos, pedigrees and articles. A calendar of events on the web that includes all shows, inspections and events would be useful.

Niamh suggested that a general brochure should be created to be given to every Daughter Society with multi disciplines and languages (English, German, French)

Tuula suggested that her friend, Satu Pitkanen, be appointed as the ICCPS webmaster. She is in charge of the technical side of the website. It was decided to pay her 200 euros/year for monthly updates.

Motion by Dermot Power and seconded by Tom MacLochlainn ~ Approved

7. South African Connemara Pony Society

Many years ago, there had been rumors that there were Connemara Ponies in South Africa. In the past several weeks, there have been email communications with a Society. The South African society has applied for ICCPS membership but as their documents were not available at the time of the meeting their membership is pending.

8. Hunter Doughty – Course Coordinator Equine Science, Lecturer Equine Science, School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, Charles Sturt University, Australia,

Hunter gave a PowerPoint presentation on recent University research on Laminitis, Theriogenology and Color Genetics.

9. Other Matters Arising

Dermot said that there would be a Showdown in the Station House Hotel, following the Thursday show. He wondered if the foreign societies wanted a special room like the one over the Pub. After discussion, it was not necessary.

Lene missed the program catalogue at the March, Spring Festival. She urged the CPBS to rethink this. Dermot said that he would see about producing the pedigrees.

10. Adjournment 4:00PM

25 September 2009

President’s Report August 2009

“To develop, promote and preserve the Connemara pony as a distinctive breed, internationally”. The mission statement of the International Committee of Connemara Pony Societies defines our goal. During the past ten years we have achieved something but we can’t rest on our laurels. There is lot to do and each and every ICCPS Society should do it’s share. All the societies work hard in their own countries but often it seems there is very little interest in the international matters.

One of the highlights of the year is the fact that the International Database took a step forward. So far only Irish Connemara ponies can be found in the database but hopefully it soon can be called an International Database. I suppose some countries / societies would still like to know a bit more about the project before forwarding the data from their country. For some reason it seemed impossible to get any facts put on to paper so that everyone could see the same information. Personally, I felt rather embarrassed when the societies turned to me asking more information and I did not have any details and could just advise them to turn to the CPBS. Anyway, lets hope for the best and maybe we will get the facts here later today.

The ICCPS website update was a big task. The website has been there for years but very little has happened to it. The layout is still the same but under the subtitle “Pony Information” there are many new links added, packed with information of the pony, societies etc. In the modern world the web with its vast possibilities is a very good tool to provide information and to promote the pony. We could use it more efficiently if all the ICCPS societies would join community effort and provide information and results from their country. John Tennant has been wonderful help with the website, collecting information, news and bits and pieces from around the world. Without his devoted work we had never been able to add so many new links on the website. I suggest all societies would support the ICCPS by sending any interesting news to him, also photographs are much appreciated. I also want to thank Satu Pitkänen who has done the actual work with the website. I’d like to see her to continue as a webmaster but maybe we should consider some kind of compensation for her work in regularly updating if we want the website continue to promote and provide information.

Performance ponies have been flying the Connemara pony flag high this year. Individual Gold and Silver Medals in show jumping at Scandinavian / Baltic Championships as well as individual Gold and Silver Medals at the European Championships not to mention many more successes throughout the year – not a mean achievement for the breed. We can be proud of these achievements as the breed is not vast in numbers. Good performers are best promoters of Connemara pony and we should be able to use them more in PR-work. So whenever you come across a spectacular performer please send us a photo and the results as well as information of the pony to be added on the website.

Exciting news was the fact that there is also a Connemara Pony Society in South Africa. This is something John Tennant found out, as a good copper should! There has been some change of e- mails and hopefully we will hear more details from the South African society in the near future as they are interested in joining the International Committee.

Review of the Rules for registration was the job the executive board was to do during the winter months. Some of you might remember I send an email to Societies asking comments and ideas. It was just very unfortunate that so few reacted at all – even the comments from Ireland come only few weeks ago. Now we are in a situation where we were not able to produce a clear and simple.page1image33520

International Committee of Connemara Pony Societies, President’s Report 18.8.2009

proposal for approval at this meeting as originally planned. We probably all agree the old Sport sections should be deleted but the actual wording and many details are still open. This is a situation I wanted to avoid last year as over the years too many hours have been spend debating over the rules at the meetings. This can’t be helped now and we just have to face the fact that the rules are going to take a lot of time, again.

One of the Agenda items this year is the General Communication between CPBS, ICCPS and Sister Societies. There clearly are information gaps and they are a serious problem. Lack of communication has caused dissatisfaction and complaints here and there and sometimes it seems that even the simplest of questions remains unanswered. This must change soon if we want to achieve anything. A good dialogue is vitally important, as is feedback and communication. It saves us from a lot of problems and wasted hours and maintains healthy relationship between CPBS and Sister Societies. This also means closer co-operation between CPBS Council and ICCPS executive board is necessary. I wonder if the CPBS Council members understand the role of the ICCPS or if the ICCPS agenda and minutes ever reach them? Do they know why ICCPS exists or what we are trying to do internationally? Theses question are asked because the ICCPS has consistently asked for a copy of the CPBS minutes to be send to the ICCPS Executive so that it can be kept up to date with matters that could affect the work of the ICCPS through its role in the Mission Statement. This request has so far not been adhered to. It would be much easier to work for the Connemara Pony if the right hand knows what the left hand is doing… I hope this agenda item will be thoroughly discussed and we could find a solution how to improve the communication between us.

I’ve heard several times we should use less time on rules and more on the pony and I totally agree. Just remember why we are spending time here at the meetings. We all share the same interest, the Connemara pony. Should we not see much more interest centered on the ponies, development of the breed and the promotion of the ponies instead of “pony politics”?. We are all working for the good of the Connemara pony in our own countries. We should do it also here at the meeting as we all are – or at least we should be – on the same side. As my predecessor wrote in his last report “we should work harmoniously and strongly to achieve the implementation of the Mission Statement as laid down in the ICCPS Constitution”.

When you leave this room today you hopefully do not forget the ICCPS for coming year but take an active role in the international affairs.

Tuula Pyöriä ICCPS, Chair

International Committee of Connemara Pony Societies, President’s Report 18.8.2009

Midlands Connemara Show Results 2009

Midlands Connemara Pony Show Results

Yearling colt-1, Val Noone’s Beech King, by Monaghanstown Boy-Beech Girl; 2, Kieran McGrath’s Hazlerock Horizon, by Bunowen Bobby- Smokey Jimmy; 3, Laura McWeeney’s Stanley Lad, by Oisin-Ballybaun Blossom.

Yearling filly-1, Laura McWeeney’s Addrigoole Annabel, by Castleside Carrig- Addrigoole Heather; 2,Mairtin Nee’s Doonreghan Chris, by Cloon – Eile Cashel- Doonreghan Star; 3,Tom Clancy’s Ohill Silver Molly, by I Love You Melody- Beaghbeg Silver.

Two to three-year- old colt-1, Ciaran Curran’s Glencarrig Patrick, by Glencarrig Prince-Festy Lady; 2, Anne Conroy Conneely’s Errismore Rocky, by Currachmore Cashel-Gold Label; 3,James Naan’s Galloon Ceol, by Murphy’s Oscar-Newtown Golden Rose.

Two year old filly-1, Damien Gorham’s Doonhill Queen, by Currachmore Cashel- Connemara Lady; 2, Henry O’Toole’s Castle Jessie, by Janus-Village Girl; 3, F. & D. O’Reilly’s Glenmore Kelly’s Commotion, by True Commotion-Glenmore Kelly’s Owen.

Two year-old filly-Ballinasloe Qualifier-Eddie Duffy’s Beech Cailin, by Monaghanstown Boy-Beech Girl.

Three year old filly-1, Kevin Jacob’s Ardnore Silver Lady, by Glencarrig Lexus- Ardnore Seabird; 2,Mairtin Nee’s Doonreghan Rose, by Currachmore Cashel- Doonreghan Star; 3,Mick McMenamon’s Newgrange Beauty, by Wings of Justice- Tara.

Junior champion: Glencarrig Patrick; Reserve: Ardnor Silver Lady.

Open Stallions-1, Padraic & Nicola Heanue’s Village Fionn, by Boden Park Finnard- Village Grey; 2,Joanne Grogan’s Mountain Cascade, by Laerkens Cascade Dawn- Mountain Lady; 3, Seamus Keady’s Skousboe Morning Rock, by Hazy Dawn- Frederiksminde Mellow.

Midlands All Ireland Broodmare Championship-1, Sinead McGrath’s Lucky Hazel, by Mac Owen-Lucky Anna; 2,Roger & Laura Brady’s Vinnura Lola, by Drymills Bridgeboy-Clonboy Lady; 3,James Leahy’s Moorland Lady Jane, by Boden Park Finnard-Star Bright.

Four to six year old mare with /without foal at foot-1, Roger & Laura Brady’s Vinnura Lola, by Drymills Bridgeboy-Clonboy Lady; 2,Rosscon Cover Girl, by Laerkens Cascade Dawn-Rosscon Sun Mist; 3,P.J.Burke’s Glencarrig Maud, by Castlestrange Fionn-Coosheen Breeze.

Seven to ten year-old mare-1, Joan Dolan’s Kilpatrick Maple, by Monaghanstown Fred-Moorland Juliet; 2,Michael Holmes Robe Moonlight, by Thunderball-Gleann Rua Lady; 3,Martin Feeney’s Danesfield Heather, by Moy Hazy Cove-Danesfield Rose.

Eleven year-old and over Mare with/without foal-1, James Leahy’s Moorland Lady Jane, by Boden Park Finnard-Star Bright; 2,Grace Maxwell Murphy’s Lakeside Lady, by Abbeyleix Dolphin-Kits Bay; 3,Breda Horan’s Kilmeen Jane, by Cloonisle Cashel- Rhylin Saorise.

Thirteen two hands and under mare-1, Briget Snow’s Whitegate Joy, by Windy Day-Sheen Lass; 2,Nuala Prendergast’s Woodland Pebbles, by Rosenaharley Rowley- Maumore Abbey; 3,Eugene Doyle’s Misty Lady, by Little Rascal-Lady Charlotte.

Filly foal-1, Sean Cooney’s Loughmore Molly, by Kingstown Boy-Corrib Misty; 2,Pat & Mary Rabbitt’s by Linsfort Barney-Monaghanstown Sheeba; 3,Barry & Fiona Leek’s Sraghmore May Blossom, by Grange Kings Surf-Kennylodge Pride.

Colt foal-1, James Leahy’s by Moonlight Silver Shadow-Moorland Lady Jane; 2,Paddy McCormack’s by Monaghanstown Boy-Beech Girl; 3,Dermot Farrell’s by Monaghanstown Prince-Ervelough Ciara.

Champion foal: Loughmore Molly

Best Dun pony-1, Lady Maria Levinge’s Grange Aine Sparrow, by Monaghanstown Fionn-Grange Agnes Sparrow; 2,Eugene Doyle’s Finlea Lass, by Maam Hill- Sellernane Queen; 3,Rachel Farrell’s Clonkeen Bock, by Celtic Bobby Sparrow-Elton Cove.

Best Bay or Black pony-1, Patrick Conneely’s Moyvoon Breeze, by Streamstown Larry-Moyvoon Lady; 2,Alice Norton’s Robe Knight, by Robe Earl-Rose Donn Aluinn; 3,Mike Glynn’s Misty Star, by Coral Star-Waterfall Mist.

Best Handled pony-1, Maria Doonican’s My Cashel Eile, by Currachmore Cashel- Doe Primrose; 2, P.J.Burke’s Glencarrig Maud, by Castlestrange Fionn-Coosheen Breeze; 3, Kieran Guinness Dunlewey Snipe, by Ashfield Plover-Dunlewey Sinead.

Supreme Champion: Moorland Lady Jane Reserve: Village Fionn.

Ridden Classes.
Champion ridden pony: sponsored by Jim Derwin Bloodstock –1,Blackwood Fernando;(Alicia Devlin Byrne) Reserve: Cock Robin (Michelle Mallon)

Sarah Miller Future Performance Pony sponsored by the Miller family -1, Lucy Tottenham’s Cloragh April Jewel, byAshfield Hunters Jewel-Milford Ladybird (Joanna Tottenham) 2,Peadar Murphy’s Springfield Shadow, by Innellan Kestral- Meavis (Jack Bolger) 3,Amy Whittle’s Ashfield Jack Sparrow, by Wings of Victory- Dooneen May Lady (Hannah Whittle)

Four year and over Performance class-1, Lady Hemphill’s Tulira Katie Daly, by New Beginnings Tulira Mary Claire;(Elaine Creaven) 2,
Claire Devlin’s Blackwood Fernando, by Ferdia-Dancing Queen; Alicia Devlin Byrne) 3,Louise Andrew’s Carnalecka Earl, by Earl of Newbridge-Moygara Ashfield. (Jonathan Andrew)

Working Hunter four years and over (U.16) -1, Claire Devlin’s Blackwood Fernando (Alicia Devlin Byrne) 2, Louise Andrew’s Carnlecka Earl Jonathan Andrew) 3, Lady Hemphill’s Tulira Katie Daly (Elaine Creaven)

Working Hunter four years and over (O.16) 1-Pamela Lydon’s Acton Rolo, byHazy Lee-Field of Dreams (Orlath Lydon) 2,Olive Lynch’s Charleville Playboy, by Ashfield Festy-Garryhinch Queen (Kate Ryan) 3,Laura Corrigan’s Horse Haven Merrylegs, by Thunder Bay-Carravilla Star (Laura Corrigan)

Ruth Rogers P.R.O.

Sweden: Performance News July 2009

Swedish news, July 2009

We’re half-way through the year and the competing Connemaras in Sweden have been busy promoting their breed. Several major national competitions have been held in- cluding the Swedish dressage championships for ponies, some riders have already been abroad competing their ponies and the best riders are now preparing for the European championships in dressage, show jumping and eventing.


The dressage ranking after the first half of the year has seven Connemaras and four part breds among the top 100 dressage ponies. The highest placed connemara is Backens Lotus (by Rolls Royce out of Princess Jasmin) who has had a good year so far with many wins and placings at competitions up to national level. At the Swedish dressage championships he made it to the final where he was seventh though not placed. Several other Connemaras, such as Hagens Qumulus (by V ̈arnbergs Orion out of Hagens Fondora), K ̈ohls Fidolina (by Shirley’s Thunderbell out of Hagens Ellina), Golden Garlic (by Juno Rory out of Ambrosia) and Lotus II (by Rolls Royce out of Lorette V) also did credit to the breed by qualifying to the Swedish championships. It is interesting to note that the stallion Rolls Royce (by Rory Ruadh out of Brantshammar Julie) had two sons qualifying for the Swedish championships and his full brother Juno Rory also had a son qualifying making the competition a small family get-together.

Another pony to compete in the Swedish dressage championships was the partbred Verdi. Verdi, who is a licenced riding pony stallion, has the Connemara stallion Lofty Roderic as his maternal grandsire. This pony has been one of the most successful dressage ponies so far this year. At the Swedish championships he won his category by a large margin. He has also been to the Netherlands where he took a creditable 8th place and he is now part of the Swedish dressage team to the European championships. He will also compete at the pony classes at Falsterbo International Horse show next week. At Falsterbo Verdi will be competing against another Connemara pony, Hagens Rosmara (by V ̈arnbergs Orion out of Hagens Andora) another pony with a successful career this year, who won a wildcard for the Falsterbo show.

Figure 1: Hagens Rosmara (by V ̈arnbergs Orion out of Hagens Andora) ridden by Anna Andersson. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Figure 1: Hagens Rosmara (by V ̈arnbergs Orion out of Hagens Andora) ridden by Anna Andersson. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Figure 2: Lillefot (by Frederiksminde Hazy Chance) ridden by Moa Kulle. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Figure 2: Lillefot (by Frederiksminde Hazy Chance) ridden by Moa Kulle. Photo: Jenny Hagenblad


Two Connemaras are on the rankings for eventing ponies, and both are approved stallions. Grange Flynn Sparrow (by Ashfield Festy out of Grange Agnes Sparrow) and Nice-n’- Curly (by Nice-n’-Easy out of Corinne II) have both continued to event successfully this year. Another pony to continue on a successful eventing career is the partbred Lillefot (by Frederiksminde Hazy Chance) who presently holds number three on the ranking. Lillefot was third in the eventing cup ”Bamse Cup” and he is one of three ponies to represent Sweden at the European eventing championships this year.

Show Jumping

Eight Connemaras can be found among the present top 100 show jumping ponies, with an additional five partbreds. The highest ranking of them all is Sceilig Siofra (by Deise Sam Maguire out of Gentle Jessie) at number six. This little mare has been a reliable show jumper for many years now and competed at the Nordic/Baltic championships several times. This year she was part of the Swedish team winning a silver among the smaller ponies (130 – 140 cm).

Figure 3: Some Man For One Man (by Ashfield Bobby Sparrow out of Misty Maiden) ridden by Alma Bj ̈orklund Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Figure 3: Some Man For One Man (by Ashfield Bobby Sparrow out of Misty Maiden) ridden by Alma Bj ̈orklund Photo: Jenny Hagenblad

Another silver winning Connemara at the Nordic/Baltic championships was Some Man For One Man (by Ashfield Bobby Sparrow out of Misty Maiden), presently ranking 47 on the top 100. He not only won a team silver among the larger ponies (140 – 148 cm) but could also go home with an individual silver medal. Some Man For One Man is also reserve to the Swedish team going to the European show jumping championships later this summer.

This show jumping team will have a healthy presence of Connemara blood with one pure- bred and one partbred Connemara. Lexus Justice (by Westside Fred out of Dunamoney Lass) has had a very successful season so far. He has already travelled as far as Germany to compete and won a class at the international competitions at Freudenberg. Another pony to already have competed internationally is the partbred Golden Star (by Poetic Justice). At Wierden in the Netherlands he was part of the Swedish team coming second in the nations cup. Lexus Justice and Golden Star are placed 17th and 16th so far in the top 100, and will both be on the Swedish team at the European championships. They have also qualified to compete at Falsterbo International Horse Show in July.

In Sweden a very popular show jumping cup is Ridsport Pony Cup. Qualifiers are held throughout the country, and the ponies gaining most point go on to the finals in Stockholm in August. The winner of each qualifier gets a much coveted red rug. Among ponies 130 – 140 cm the present leader is the Connemara Elektors Twist (by Lofty Roderic out of Glenayre Mystique). Twist’s rider Nicilee ̊Angman has been busy in the qualifier and is also on 13th place with her other Connemara Caperann Shamone (by Kylemore Rocky out of Turlough Beauty), tied with yet another Connemara, Phalcon (by O ̈xenholm Marble Jr out of Gr ̈ans Lady Stella). The larger ponies (140 – 148 cm) also has Connemaras well placed. On a tied 9th place is Poetic Joyce (by Poetic Justice out of Lolita). His rider Stephie Watson also rides the partbred Poetic Brummelisa (by Poetic Justice) who on 14th place is tied with Ix de l’Aulne (by Dexter Leam Pondi out of Castille de l’Aulne). With two more qualifiers the race is still on for the red rugs and the finals in Stockholm.

Figure 4: A future double three-year-old test awardee - Gr ̈ans Cesar (by Gr ̈ans Roeson out of Komtessa) in 2007 at 13 month of age. Photo: Gerd Eriksson

Figure 4: A future double three-year-old test awardee – Gr ̈ans Cesar (by Gr ̈ans Roeson out of Komtessa) in 2007 at 13 month of age. Photo: Gerd Eriksson

Young ponies

At three-year-old tests ponies are assessed to get an early indication of where their talents lay, but also to help identify stallions that sire talented performance ponies. The ponies are shown in hand and loose jumping and are scored for breed type, conformation, movements and jumping technique. Ponies that score well are given awards for gaits and/or jumping. The tests are held either during spring or during the early autumn, so some of the three- year-olds for this year have already been tested.

Several of the Connemaras that have participated so far have done so with great success. In fact during the spring, more Connemaras have left the tests with an award than without. Three ponies have achieved double awards, the half siblings Holmtebo Crested Ten (out of Hagens Ultra) and Holmtebo Sinead (out of Hagens Star), both by Hagens D’Arcy and Gr ̈ans Cesar (by Gr ̈ans Roeson out of Komtessa). Hagens D’Arcy has had a good season for his first group of three-year-olds with awards to all three tested progeny, as his daughter Holmtebo Bridie gained a jumping award. Another stallion who’s progeny have done well this year is Coosheen Finbarr with awards to two out of three tested offspring: a gaits award to Lofty Rowena (out of Lofty Romilly) and a jumping award to Lofty Finnegan (out of Beezies Bounty).

/Jenny Hagenblad

USA: Mountain Lad Line


In 1980 it was thought that the Mountain Lad stallion line, one of three major Connemara stallion lines, was in grave danger. The situation was thought to be so dire that some extraordinary measures to save the line were taken. In the US, May Medley in Georgia started to breed her son of Mon Tully Man (Tully Lad X Tooreen Pet [by Tooreen Laddie]), who she had been keeping with a gelding in her backyard for many years. Montully Son, the stallion, is a great grandson of Mountain Lad through his grandsire Tully Lad. May had been told by Caroline Nesbitt that he was the last of the Mountain Lad line. Montully Son was out of a daughter of Marconi, Marconi’s Stormy Rebel. May also bought a daughter of Jiminy Cricket, another son of Tully Lad, so she could line breed from the Mountain Lad line. This pony, Aillte Mhuire, had had one daughter by Custusha’s Cashel Rock, Courtney’s April Frolic, before coming to Georgia where she produced many offspring. Courtney’s April Frolic is the dam of the winner of the ACPS Clifden Trophy for the Purebred Connemara in the USEF Pony Hunter divisions who receives the most points in USEF sponsored competition, Balmullo’s Azalea who is shown as Ooh La La.

Aillte Muhire’s progeny by Montully Son were also highly successful. Tullymor’s April Fool was a beautiful and productive mare whose son, Balmullo’s Beacon (Tullymor’s April Fool X Aladdin), owned by Vanessa Morgan, was a successful eventer and prolific sire for Foothill’s Farm in Tennessee. May also bred Montully Son to many other what she called “old-fashioned” Connemaras, those that she could find with no Little Heaven blood in their pedigree. This program was in many ways extraordinarily successful with Tullymor ponies, including many stallions, now in every corner of the US, where they successfully compete in driving, eventing and dressage.

While all this was happening in the US, in England, a special consortium was formed to save the aged stallion Thunderbolt from the knackers. Thunderbolt was by Thunder, another son of Tully Lad and out of Irene Grey, who was a granddaughter of the Irish Draft, May Boy. This program has also produced ponies that are found far and wide. In Europe Chiltern Thunderburst (Thunderbolt x Chiltern Cameo) and his son, Rory Rasputin (Chiltern Thunderburst x Van de Aronbosch Donna) are very popular sires in Denmark and The Netherlands, respectively. In England there is Spinway Comet (Thunderbolt x Spinway Cailin) who is a many-times winner in hand. In the US, there is a son and a grandson of Thunderbolt in California. The son, Lasrachai, is out of Lovely Marcella (by Rebel Wind). The grandson is Sydserff Avalon (Cocum Camelot [by Thunderbolt] X Ballydonagh Misterina [by Kirtling Brigadoon]). There is another grandson in Indiana, Landsdown Willow’s Harbor Boy (*Chiltern Colm X Sillbridge Miranda [by Thunderbolt]). *Callowfeenish Thunder, Sam Davis’ famous gelding, Tor, was a Thunderbolt son imported to the US as a stallion and sired at least one pony in Virginia, Aluinn Torrence, before being gelded.

us_mountain_lad_lineIn 1983 in Ireland Tully Grey (Tully Lad X Cait Nu Dhuibhir) was bred to Abbeyleix Bluebird (Coosheen Finn X Blue Moon), starting a third major branch of the Mountain Lad line, the “Hazy” pony line, perhaps the most prolific of all the branches. The result of this cross, Dale Haze, has sons and grandsons throughout Europe and the US through the stallions Hazy Dawn, Moy Hazy Cove and later, Hazy Match. Fernville Matchmaker (Hazy Match X Ross Castle Moya [by Abbeyleix Owen]) was imported to the US two years ago and has gotten his first mare in foal.

Now the Mountain Lad genes are spread throughout the world and it is hard to find a Connemara pedigree without Mountain Lad in it somewhere. The importation of Frederiksminde Hazy Cavalier (Hazy Dawn X Frederiksminde Christina) to Australia assures that the line will continue to increase! Sue Clark of the Glenormiston stud in Australia says that Cavalier has filled out a lot since he arrived. Sue also said, “Unfortunately his dam Frederiksminde Christina died recently at the age of 25 so he is the last of this (Christina) line. His sire Hazy Dawn is also in his 20’s but will hopefully continue to breed for a few more years.

Connemara Success at European Championships 2009


The European Showjumping Championships at Moorsele, Belgium were conducted recently. Approx. 20 Connemara ponies from several countries competed making the Connemara the most conspicuous breed at the Championships. The CPBS sponsored the Connemara ponies Ballyowen Maybelle Molly and Sillogue Darkie. in this prestigious championship.

BALLYOWEN MAYBELLE MOLLY is by Monaghanstown Fred from the mare Ballyowen Bonny Bell. She was bred by John and Jenny Richardson, owned by Anthony McCormack and ridden by Kellie Allen. Molly was upgraded this year and won the 6-7 year old European Championship at Fontainebleu and has qualified for the 148A class at Dublin.

SILLOGUE DARKIE is by Ard Talisman from the mare Coillchru Esmerelda. Bred and owned by Eamonn Briscoe and ridden by Michael Duffy, Darkie has represented Ireland individually and in teams events in Belgium, Italy, France, England, Holland and Germany. Last year he won the premium pony league with rider Jessica Burke and this year is leading the league once again with rider Michael Duffy..He has qualified for the 148 Class at the RDS, the Star finder at Banteer.

Boston Burgler, another Connemara from Ireland also competed. Burgler is a member of the Irish Eventing team and had 189 SJAI points when he started eventing.

Ballyowen Maybelle Molly and Sillogue Darkie were jumping for Ireland in the team trials. The show jumpers were leading on a zero score at the halfway stage following clears from Kellie Allen (Ballyowen Maybelle Molly) and Michael Duffy (Sillogue Darkie). The team-mates all faulted second time out to leave the final Irish tally at 12 faults, which allowed the Danish team to claim gold when they completed with eight on the board while Germany took bronze when finishing with 16.

A few days later Ballyowen Maybelle Molly ended up seizing the gold medal in the individual trials Not only did a Connemara Pony attained such glory for her breed, but after Molly’s jump-off against Denmark’s Christiane Tetzlaff, second place went to Murphy’s Flight (sold out of Ireland to Denmark some two years ago) – another Connemara! Sillogue Darkie finished xxx in the individual competition.

We look forward to hearing more results by Connemara ponies in the European Championships.Connemara Success at European Championships