Denmark Report (DKCPS) – March 2014


50th Anniversary of the Danish Connemara Pony Breeders Society

In 2014 we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Danish Connemara Pony Breeders Society, founded in 1964. The society was founded by 7 breeders who owned 5 ponies, 1 stallion, and 4 mares. We will celebrate this anniversary on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd August 2014. More to come in 2014, please keep an eye on our website for updates on this event.

REPORT 2013 

The Annual Inspection and Show:

The big event of the year is our annual inspection and show. 20 ponies were entered for inspections and 35 ponies for show. The judges were Henry O’Toole, Ireland, Jørgen Finderup and Ann Dupont both from Denmark. It was held over 2 days, the first day on Bornholm, an island in the Baltic Sea near Sweden. The weather was good and it was the hottest day of the year with 33,3 °C, which made it a bit of a challenge for ponies, exhibitors and judges.

In Denmark Class 1 for mares is divided into I. class + Medal, I. class and II. class A.

Two mares were graded in I. class on Bornholm.:

HESTEKLEWA MARY (Hesteklewa Wild Donovan/Skousboe Marvie) and

AC-SA’LINAS AF ENGVANG (Glencarrig Fionn/AC-Sa’lin Øndi af Engvang).

On Zeeland two stallions were graded in Class 1.

One mare got I. class + Medal + Best pony of the inspection:

ALBERTSHØJ CORADINE (Coosheen Finnegan/Frederiksminde Camilla)

Albertshoj Coradine (Coosheen Finnegan/Frederiksminde Camilla)

Albertshoj Coradine (Coosheen Finnegan/Frederiksminde Camilla)                                             photo: Lene Nielsen

And 3 mares were graded in I. class:

MØRKHØJS MINNIE M (Lærkens Catch Me/AC-Bettie Woman af Engvang),

Morkhojs Minnie M (Laerkens Catch Me/AC-Bettie Woman of Engvang)

Morkhojs Minnie M (Laerkens Catch Me/AC-Bettie Woman of Engvang)                           photo: Lene Nielsen

DAMBÆKSGÅRDS SANTANA (Teglstrup Duke/AC-Star Queen af Engvang) and


Dambaeksgards Santana (Teglstrup Duke/AC-Star Queen of Engvang)

Dambaeksgards Santana (Teglstrup Duke/AC-Star Queen of Engvang)                              photo: Lene Nielsen

HEDEGAARDENS HELENE (Teglstrup Duke/Tobæks Camilla).

Hedegaardens Helene (Teglestrup Duke/Tobaeks Camilla)

Hedegaardens Helene (Teglestrup Duke/Tobaeks Camilla)                                                 photo: Lene Nielsen

7 times during the show classes the judges awarded a pony with the coveted 1 st. prize 23 points:

HESTEKLEWA MARY (Hesteklewa Wild Donovan/Skousboe Marvie)

HESSELBJERGGÅRDS CEYLON (Hohnhorst Jeremy/Hesselbjerggård Colleen)

ALBERTSHØJ CONRADINE (Coosheen Finnegan/Frederiksminde Camilla)

MØRKHØJS MINNIE M (Lærkens Catch Me/AC-Bettie Woman af Engvang)

BREDEMADGÅRDS CILLA (Lærkens Callaghan/Hyldens Primula)

Bredemadgards Cilla (Laerkens Callaghan/Hyldens Primula)

Bredemadgards Cilla (Laerkens Callaghan/Hyldens Primula) photo: Lene Nielsen

LOFTY CIARA (Lofty Roderic/Beezies Bounty) 

LOFTY CIARA (Lofty Roderic-Beezies Bounty) photo Lene Nielsen

LOFTY CIARA (Lofty Roderic-Beezies Bounty) photo Lene Nielsen

ENGHØJS LOVELY LAUREN (Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel/Enghøjs Queennie) and

ENGHØJS LOVELY LAUREN (Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel:Enghøjs Queennie) photo Lene Nielsen

ENGHØJS LOVELY LAUREN (Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel:Enghøjs Queennie) photo Lene Nielsen

HYLDENS PRIMULA (Pilgaards Sammy Jr./Øxenholm Bouchette) for a mare-family.

HYLDENS PRIMULA (Pilgaards Sammy Jr.:Øxenholm Bouchette) for a mare-family. photo Lene Nielsen

HYLDENS PRIMULA (Pilgaards Sammy Jr.:Øxenholm Bouchette) for a mare family.    photo Lene Nielsen

This year it was the same pony there took the title as Best pony of the inspection and Best in Show, both on Bornholm and Zeeland.

On Bornholm it was HESTEKLEWA MARY (Hesteklewa Wild Donovan/Skousboe Marvie) owned by the family Kaas and Hemmingsen.

And on Zeeland ALBERTSHØJ CONRADINE (Coosheen Finnegan/Frederiksminde Camilla) claimed both titles, owned by Merethe and Niels Dyrlund.

It is possible to find more photos from our inspection and show on our homepage

Choose the word “Resultater”, and You will find photos from several events.


ALBERTSHØJ CORADINE        Photo Lene Nielsen


Agriculture Shows:

The Connemara pony has been well represented at the large agriculture shows.

At The National show in Herning over 3 days, 8 Connemara ponies participated in the big horse show with other breeds. The National Show had just about 50.000 visitors this year.

Photo- Mette M. Sørensen

Photo: Mette M. Sørensen


Danish born Connemaraponies abroard:

We are delighted to see so many Danish Connemara ponies doing well, in and out side the Country.

We entered the year with the news from Olympia. Banks Vanilla owned by Noel Noonan and breed by Jytte and Peter Bank Mikkelsen had won Best of the breed at London International Horse Show – Olympia the 23. rd December 2012. Sadly, both grandsire, Øxenholm Marble Jr. and sire Teglstrup Duke of this succesfull pony was put to rest in the beginning of 2013. But it’s good to know that this line is continuing to do well, as Banks Timber, (Teglstrups Duke-Bank Squares Do-Do) full brother to Banks Vanilla, has been consistent in the showring in 2013. 6 times he has taken the title Supreme Champion.


BANKS TIMBER  photo: Lene Nielsen

In Holland Pilgaards Vogue (Maigaardens Killian/Kærvangs Candie) took a title as Supreme Champion and so did Maj (Nørlunds Cash and Go/Nørlunds Mia Maja) in Germany.

The stallion Frederiksminde Volcano (Lissroe Hurricane x  Frederiksminda Christel) passed the Irish inspection at the autumn 2013.

The stallion AC-Samson af Engvang (Skovsboe Morning Rock x AC-Soft Jewel af Engvang) – owned by Reimann Family in Germany -, has been standing in Ireland for 2013.

The stallion Rhinstroems Mighty Man (Øxenholm Markbook x Kirstinelunds Juicy), owned by Patty Schmidt, Germany, has been sold to South Africa.

Regarding ponies with Danish blood in their pedigree:

Especially in Ireland and Germany we can find a lot of good results.

At the Clifden show there were Danish blood  among the first 10 ponies in 11 showclasses (out of 17.)

The Junior Champion was by Laerkens Cascade Dawn – number 2 was out of a Danish mare Banks Vanilla.

SUNHILL ROBIN - Junior Champion

SUNHILL ROBIN – Junior Champion  photo:Lene Nielsen

In the stallion-class 4-6 y.o., there were 13 competitors – 7 among the first 10 had Danish blood – 2 of them were Danish born.

Also in the ridingclasses we had good representatives  – the ridden Champion Nire Valley Belle was by Danish Frederiksminde Hazy Match. In 6 ridingclasses there were Danish names among the first 6 placed ponies

At the show in Northern Germany, there were 11 classes, where 21 ponies was placed among the first three – all with Danish blood or Danish born.


This is the name of the Danish year-book and it is possible to see it on our Society’s homepage . On the frontpage You will find the title “Årbog 2013”. Hope You will enjoy – at least the photos – the text is not easy for other than danes.

Performance Ponies in Denmark 2013:


This title went to Mai Kaas on Hesteklewa Wendy ( Pilgaards Sammy Jr. x Hesteklewa Wild Woods) .

Mai also won The Nordea Cup for ponies with Wendy. The title goes to the rider, who has been best seen through all the military competitions on Bornholm – over the year. This was Mai Kaas’ last year as pony-rider.

Photo- Morten Fiil

Photo- Morten Fiil

In Denmark we have many good ridingponies – especially in Military (cross country + jumping + dressage) the ponies are doing very well.

Here are few names – other than Wendy – who has done well in 2013:

Hesselbjerggård Highlander (Pilgaards Sammy Junior x Mosens Salia)

Skousboe Candy Floss (Skousboe Morning Rock x Cheery af Ellebrud)

Siegaards Breezer (Innellan Kestrel x Siegård´s Britania)

Skolekrogens Similie (Ravnsholts Diablo x Nørlunds Sweet Souvenir)

Hedegårdens Junker (Rebel Justice x Cirkeline)

Magi af Myreby (Skousboe Morning Rock x Nørgårds Maynilla)

Magi af Myreby (Skousboe Morning Rock x Nørgårds Maynilla)


Hesteklewa Daydream (Ravnholts Garibaldi x Hesteklewa Delight) with rider Sarah Jørgensen in the sadle. Photo- Morten Fiil

Hesteklewa Daydream (Ravnholts Garibaldi x Hesteklewa Delight) with rider Sarah Jørgensen in the sadle. Photo- Morten Fiil

Others who have done well in dressage:

Wirtsmühle Delaney’s (Diamond Shamrock x Nørlunds Primrose)

Elmely’s Dun Jackoo (Mannin Bay Cuckoo x Elmely’s Jasmin)

Veddinge Fit for Fight (Lærkens Catch Me x Frederiksminde Hazy Star)

Skolekrogens Stasia (Ravnsholts Diablo x Nørlunds Sweet Souvenir)

Skolekrogens Stasia (Ravnsholts Diablo x Nørlunds Sweet Souvenir)

Jumping ponies who has also done well – here are a few names:

Foxcourt (Glenayre Silver Fox x Grey Mist)

Glencarrig Tully Finn (Coosheen Finnegan x Glencroft Amy)

Skousboe Mana (Frederiksminde Mandy Boy x Frederiksminde Mellow)

Skousboe Meadow (Frederiksminde Mandy Boy x Frederiksminde Mellow)

Ballycurraghan Coosheen Boy (Coosheen Thyme x Inishlacken Lass)

Quality Judgement 2013 in Jutland:

The pony is ridden by it’s own rider, and next a professional rider is riding the pony, who afterwards gives her/his opinion about the pony. The pony can achieve Gold, Silver or Bronze medal.

The results this year was:

Bredemadgårds Gilgalad, CV 43 (Innellan Kestrel S108 x Bakkedals Primadonna C844)

Dressage : GOLD

Degneloddens Donna, C842 (Frej CH 42 x Maigaardens Clover C365)

Dressage BRONZE   

Nyholts Laureen,  C 1036 (Lærkens Catch Me CH 51 x Enghøjs Lovely Lauren EC760)

Dressage GOLD

Bredemadgårds Aicha, RRC 15 (Mannin Bay Cuckoo CH 99 x Bakkedals Primadonna C 844)

Dressage SILVER

Ærenlund Dusty Diamond, CV 46 (Lærkens Callaghan CH 73 x Hedehusets Durrus C 938)

Dressage SILVER

Hohnhorst Jamiro, DE434340258105 (Hesselbjerggård Justice DE402020610200 x Nørlunds Madigan C 570)

Dressage GOLD     Jumping SILVER

Nørlunds Wizard,  (Woodstock CH 100 x Nørlunds Melanie C 889)

Dressage GOLD     

Report submitted by: Lene Gøgsig Nielsen (March 2014)

News from Denmark


AUTUMN 2012 – SPRING 2013

Welcome to the first newsletter from Denmark in 2013. I hope You will forgive, that we also have taken a bit of news from the autumn 2012.

 Banks Vanilla – 2012.

One Danish pony really placed Denmark on the map – Banks Vanilla by Tegstrups Duke x Banks Squares Do-Do bred by Jytte og Peter Bank-Mikkelsen and owned by Noel Noonan, Manor Connemara Ponies, Irland.

She wan NPS/Baileys Horse feeds M&M Ridden Pony section and became “the M&M Ridden Pony of the Year” in the class for New Forest / Connemara at The Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) 2012.

Banks Vanilla, ridden by Sam Roberts, was also rewarded with  “Tagg La Liga Award” in their class M&M Ridden New Forest / Connemara.

Banks Vanilla, was following selected to participate at Olympia. With the rider Hannah Horton, they became  6th in a strong M&M ridden class with 40 competitors and ended up with the title “Best of Breed ‘ in the Connemara section at Olympia 2012.

Banks VanillaBanks Vanilla                                           Photo:

 Danish born stallion inspected in Germany – 2012

The 2½ year old colt Hesselbjerggård Jaronimo by Hohnhorst Jaro x Pilgaards Maybie, bred by Karen Louise Jørgensen, Hesselbjerggård Stud farm, went in the summer to May og Holger Reimann, Hohnhorst Stud farm, Germany.

Jaronimo participated  in october in the stallioninspection in Verden and achieved Class 1.

hesselbjerggard JaronimoHesselbjerggaard Jaronimo               Photo: Holger Reimann

 Supreme Champion in Finland 2012

The Connemarapony show in Finland 2012 was wonn by the 22 y.o. Aramara Eliza. Eliza have realtionship to Denmark. Her father Ardnasillagh O’Flaherty was sold from Denmark to Finland and her mother is the Danish born mare Pilgårds Camilla (Padraigh of Rosenaharley x Kærvangs Candie).

Amarara Eliza got several titles that day; Best mare – Best pony born in Finland – Supreme Champion in hand and Reserve ridden Champion. Really great of a pony, who, the year before, was very ill and only acute operation saved her life.

Aramara ElizaAramara Eliza                                        Photo: Satu Pitkänen

Danish born stallion to Ireland 2013.

We are proud, that one more Danish stallion have taken the journey to Ireland; AC-Samson af Engvang by Skousboe Morning Rock x AC-Soft Jewel af Engvang (Øxenholm Godot x Øxenholm Sleepy Eyes). Samson is bred by Anette Schou-Lund, AC-Engvang Stud farm, Bornholm and owned by May and Holger Reimann, Hohnhorst stud farm, Germany. Now he is staying by the Bourke family, Abbeyside Stud farm, Claremorris.

The Reimann family bought Samson as a youngster. Later – at the inspection – he achieved Class 1  and has also passed his performancetest.

Samson has also been in France for a year.

AC-Samson af EngvangAC-Samson af Engvang

 Teglstrup Duke CH 50   (24. maj 1986 –  5. marts  2013)

Lene og Asger Larsen, Teglstrup stud farm, Vålse, had to put down their 27 year old stallion Teglstrup Duke.

Teglstrup Duke  (Øxenholm Marble Jr x Red Baroness (Island King)) won the foalclass in 1986.  In 1990 he achieved final inspection and the same year he got the title Reserve Best in Show on Bornholm.

Duke had 2 son’s who achieved final inspection Danmark;  Baunely Dipper og Skousboe Hero plus one in Ireland; Banks Timber. Baunely Dipper is now owned in Germany and Skousboe Hero passed away in 2012.

Lene G. Nielsen (Submitted 11 December 2013)

News Around the World, October 2011

It is amazing how quickly the time passes us by. With local AGM and Committee meetings, members away in Ireland for the Festival and so on and before one knows, it is out with Summer and in with winter and vice versa – depending where one resides.

News is quite sparse from the Northern hemisphere as ponies are looking to be out doors, or stabled for the winter and the show season is finished. Down under it is about to start, hence the lack of news.

In England, the sun shone brightly on yearling gelding Innellan Rambler (by Anbally Cloud out of Glencarrig Wild Rose) and indicates that he is one of the best yearlings in England at the moment. He was shown at seven county and two breed shows and was awarded seven first placings, four championships and three reserve championships. He was not finished with that as he was taken to the Equifest where he was awarded a first place in the young stock class; Champion Connemara and then the best M&M pony at the show. We all look forward to the return of summer in 2012 to see what he next achieves.

Connemara events in East Anglia saw some great ponies being shown. Natchaniel Nutmeg and Moatwood Constance Spray both left the arena with top ribbons around their necks. Sue Allen and her mount Hobart Alchemy took out the Ridden Championship.

The Northern Breed show also produced quality Connemara ponies. Both the adult and pure bred in hand championships were taken by Drumcare Prince Albert. The young stock in hand Championship was awarded to Senruf Primula. The pure bred ridden championship went to Skellorn Harrison and this stallion went on to take out the Supreme champion of the show.

“Down Under” there is little activity to report on. However, the AGM and Committee meeting of the CPBSA saw yet further changes that are being introduced to lift the Performance value of the Australian Connemara. At the completion of the first year of its introduction 76 ponies have been nominated to be considered for awards in this ongoing award scheme. At the AGM, Annual winners were announced and Green and Gold Saddle cloths and Horse rugs were presented to each of the State winners.

To comply with the Standardisation of Inspectors qualifications etc., as announced at Clifden this year, all CPBSA inspectors will have to virtually be reassessed and all new applicants for inspector role will have a set criteria to comply with, work and through for appointment as inspector. One of the major difficulties down under is the vast difference between states, studs and personnel wishing to be appointed as inspectors. It is hoped that this new criteria will help to resolve this situation.

With the Mother Society about to recognise Michael O”Malley’s 100th anniversary of great service to the Connemara Pony in Ireland in 2012, the CPBSA has also agreed to make a similar recognition at the “2012 Connemara Showcase” event at Werribee, Victoria in June 2012. The full program of this Centenary program will be announced later as it becomes firm.

Summer is on the horizon. Connemara pony owners are checking stables, paddocks etc. for creepy crawlies. Dressage arenas, show jump areas, hacking tracks are being surveyed and ponies are being worked. The early shows will quickly occur. At my age, one does have the feel that one should be “doing” something. Not having one’s ponies around and instead, looking at a suburban back yard it is quite disheartening. One can still dream!!!

world_news_oct_2011_img_0John Tennant, Publicity Officer ICCPS

Photo source: 

News Around the World, June 2011

There is not a lot of news from AROUND the world but then, if you do not send me material, or send it to Tuula, for attachment to the Website, one cannot complain that there is never anything from our Country on the web!

Sorry, but this is the truth. I plead for someone in any society to get cracking and let me or the web have Connemara material that will continue to promote our wonderful pony!

IRELAND: News from the Irish Horse and Pony is that as from May, the hard copy magazine will cease to be printed and the magazine will now appear on the Web. There will be no further printed magazines and so, for those who love to take it to the sitting room and read in font of the fire, all I can say is but a damned long extension cord and take the computer with you. Having provided such a lot of material for the Editor on the Connemara Pony around the world I was not amused. Never the less, one will now be able to get the material, free of cost, from the web at

That brings me to the fact that I will still want articles from any society to have available for the “English Native Pony” and other areas that ask for articles. Please Help!!!

BRITAIN: The POYS at Towerlands Park, Essex, saw Emily Ward and her Connemara pony and former Mountain and Moorland Working Hunter competitor, Prospect Eddie achieve a clear round in the jump off for the Deakin and Robinson JC Grand Prix – but just missed the first place ribbon.

Helen Baker and the Connemara Aughnakeeragh Melody was successful in claiming the RIHS Mountain and Moorlands sections and now stands reserve in the Olympic Semi Final. (Thanks to Horse and Pony for this information)

AUSTRALIA: The newly introduced CPBSA Performance register is being strongly supported by Connemara pony owners and breeders down under and the very special aspect of the results are the numbers of young riders participating. With the areas if performance that they are competing in, the future of the Connemara pony in Australia is fast becoming extremely strong.

There are currently nearly 70 ponies competing with reports being submitting. The strong inference is that the Society will be able to extend the register to incorporate both Sires and dams. This will also give a strong recommendation as to the Blood lines competing and performing strongly and be a considerable boost for breeders and studs throughout Australia.

The following ponies have thus far accrued in excess of 100 points in their performances that extend right across the Performance arena:- Celtic Fairytale, Glenormiston Ballymalloe, Glenormiston Killian, Springfield Kylemore, Wychwood Happy Songbird. State and national winners will be announced later in the season.

At the recent SCONE Horse trials Sam Randall (12 yrs) rode the Pony Glenormiston Killian to 1st Place in the junior newcomers Event and then the combination rode into 4th place in the Open Company division of the same class.
He finished the event on his dressage score with no penalties showjumping or Cross Country. Not to be outdone, sister Ashley (10 yrs) rode Killian’s full sister Glenormiston Ballymore in her first ever official EA event finishing 6th in the Junior division of the Newcomers event.


Lucinda Doodt, on Sommerville Park Pollyanna, a part bred by Glenormiston Freedom and Carissa Bailey riding Monahan Harrison, pure bred by Ben dhui Diccon, won the “C” grade Show Jumping team event At the Victorian State Pony Club Championships. A few weeks previously Lucinda and Pollyanna competed at the friends of Ballarat Pony Club Hick Stead, coming second and then took out the best performed for the second year in a row.

Celtic Fairytale, mentioned above, strongly portrays what the Connemara Pony is all about. This mare is approx. 12 years of age and has been with the Heymann family in the Eastern States since she was a weanling. She has been the family pony for 5 young members of this family over years and now with the youngest member Kayla she is competing in all aspects of pony Club events, Tent pegging, Barrel Racing, Flag and Barrel and other Novelty events and the more technical events of Show Jumping up to 90cms and Dressage. The Mare is also and effective mustering Pony with stock and cattle in particular.

Since the introduction of the Performance Register in Australia, this mare has already accrued over 600 points in less than 12 months of Competition. Although this mare has a strong, determined approach to her work, her young rider has formed an effective riding technique with her and the results now recorded in the Register makes a strong statement of Rider and pony understanding and ability. A lot more will be heard of this Mare and her Rider in the coming seasons.

CASTLE HILL NSW In hand show was well supported this year with many more entries than usual. Led mare or Filly was won by Brooke Allan with Asham Madonna. Led Gelding class went to Anne Yeaman with Kahean Royal Diamond. Champion Pure Bred was taken out by Asham Madonna. Champion Part Bred was awarded to Kaledon Bailey and handler Jess Galea. Ridden Connemara was awarded to Dromara Park Fergus and rider Chloe Smith.

John Tennant, Publicity officer, ICCPS

February News Around the World

Snow, Fires and floods have disturbed the Connemara pony activity around the world it would seem. There is some news from Australia already on the web if you have not as yet read it. Both Fire and flood have made great in roads on the Australian scene. However, just to hand are some results from the Melbourne Summer Royal show. “Newlands Ruby” (Rupari Ronan – Wychwood Fairy Wren), was placed first in the 2yr filly class. This was first time out for this youngster. In the same class “Greenlich Rebecca” (Rupari Ronan – Celtic Sweet Siobhan) took out third placing in the same event. This result is sweet for the writer and yet very sad. “Rupari Ronan was my home bred stallion and, like his daughter, performed extremely well in hand and also took out 1st place and Championship at the Adelaide Royal as a 2year old. Since the sale of “Rupari stud” 6 years ago, “Ronan” has been cock of the walk at Newlands and shortly after his daughters wins he had to be put to rest with severe arthritis badly restricting his movements. The final chapter for Rupari!

The Northern hemisphere has not provided much in the way of interest. I have recently received copies of the English “Horse and Hound” and the “American Connemara” so there is a little available for interest.

In England, Mathew Lawrence will approach 2011 with a daughter of “Castle Ri” and two sons of “Torrin” as ridden ponies. “Rosenaharley Laurinca” by Castle Ri obviously has her Sire’s show off attitude and is expected to perform well in the coming show season.

The 133 cm Connemara pony gelding “Silver Fox” by Ganty Blazer was awarded the British Connemara Pony Society’s performance award for 2010. This lovely grey gelding by Ganty Blazer scored wins at the Royal International Horse of the year show and the International competition held at the BSCP summer Championships. This snappy little Connemara pony really “has it” it seems – he is a brilliant show jumper, loves hunting and will do what ever is asked of him. Taking second place was “Delmrose Applejack” by Village Canal Beau who was also received the award as best British-bred Connemara.

In the NPS/Baileys Horse feeds supreme ridden final at Olympia, the Connemara Stallion “Lecarrow King” was awarded the reserve ribbon. This Stallion is owned by Lady Vestey and her sister Henrietta Knight.

John Tennant, Publicity Officer ICCPS

News, October 2009

news_october2009_img_0Not much material is available from the Connemara worldwide since the European Show Jumping Championships and the great results of the Irish team in Moorsele, Belgium. The CPBS certainly made the most of it with the appearance of individual Medallist Ballyowen Maybelle Molly and silver team member Sillogue Darkie being paraded at the historic Clifden showgrounds during the Connemara festival in late August. I have it on good authority that Molly has now been sold to a Belgian owner.

In trolling through overseas magazines it appears that the new Connemara Performance Hunter Classes have proved popular in England with Rachel Suffern topping the 5yr – 7 yr class with the Ashfield Festy bred ANNAGH STORM. Brenda Short also made a successful return to the ring to ride NEWTON BLOSSOM to first place in the National Ridden Connemara title.

news_october2009_img_1At the NPS Summer Championships, Malvern Worcs. Sarah Dowdell’s Connemara, JOHN’S CUCKOO, ridden by Mathew Lawrence claimed the Mountain and Moorland Silver medal. A further Mountain and Moorland Pony show at Castlewellan, Northern Ireland saw 5year old County Down based ABBEY STORM take out the ridden mountain and moorland Championship. Storm was ridden by Sylvia Henry. This win added to the Pony’s success at Cavan Equestrian centre where he won the Northern Ireland Dressage Preliminary Championship.

– John Tennant

Newsletter February 2009

An Rugha Is Fearr

DENMARK: The Danish Connemara pony Society will this year celebrate its 45th Anniversary. An inspection of ponies and a Connemara show will be held on 31/7/09 at Bornholm and on 1st and 2nd August an inspection and show will be held on Zealand.

Last year the Danish Stallion Ravnsholt Diablo (Laerkens Callaghan) was exported to Ireland. In return, Glencarrig Fionn (Castlestrange Fionn) and Lissroe Hurricane ( Gun Smoke) became residents in Denmark.

The Danish Society’s AGM will be held on 14th March on Zealand and in April and June Agricultural shows for young ponies of all breeds will be held throughout Denmark.

AUSTRALIA: A part bred Connemara mare Garnet Kailah (Glenormiston Thady – warm blood mare) has really let the cat amongst the pigeons in the harness world down here. Kailah began her career as a harness pony at Easter 2008. She has been performing extremely well. Her owner/driver David Rozynski recently took her to her first “real” harness show in Stanthorpe to see how she performed, both in serious competition and with the pressure of lots of vehicles, people everywhere, loudspeakers and so on.

feb2009David’s first impression was “what the hell am I doing here?” The first competitors he saw was the Australian champion harness driver and owner, Vince Corvi, along with his Australian winning Hackneys and the gleaming Viceroys that they squire around the arenas. Vince is, amongst other things, the EFA National Show driving coach. After the initial shock he reminded himself why he came and began the work of preparing Kailah.

The upshot was that David and Kailah took out the Champion harness horse/pony, beating Mr. Corvi and another top line combination. As David stated – “Go the Connies!” Kailah and David are now preparing for the 2009 Australian combined driving championships to be held at “Witwood” Canberra this Easter. The first day of the competition will be the anniversary of the mare being put to harness.

Connemaras can do anything – and better than most!

IRELAND: The MIDLAND CONNEMARA PONY BREEDERS GROUP AGM. recently saw the following officers elected for 2009:

  • Chairman – Eddie Fleming
  • Vice Chairman – John Moran
  • Secretary – Mary Rabbit
  • Treasurer – John Durkin
  • PR officer – Ruth Rogers.

Ruth will provide the ICCPS with information of show results, Connemara information and generally keep us informed of events and happening within the Midland group’s domain. Ruth is working on trying to obtain DVD or video access for the ICCPS on the video that I showed in Clifden many years ago entitled “The Irish Pony – Return of a Native” .

Ruth is also, as you know, Editor of “An Capaillin”. Incidentally, I have seen the copy of the new “An Capaillin”, It is a beauty, probably the best yet and something for everyone. Try to get your copy as soon as they are released, you will not be disappointed.

Well, first attempt at a new format. One photo per mail so should be easier to handle. Hope you enjoy. Say if you do not!

Regards to all John Tennant


Newsletter December 2008

An Rugha Is Fearr



A big thank you to John Tennant who has again done a great job in compiling the newsletter for us.

Time goes fast, it feels it was only a short while ago when we met in Clifden and now it is only a few weeks to Christmas! Hopefully you are all able to relax and enjoy the company of your families, friends and ponies. May you also have a moment to think about the ICCPS?

Now! I feel a bit like an old gramophone with a stuck needle. You may remember that I asked earlier for the societies to have a look at the ICCPS Rules for registration as these are in need of review. The Executive Board has a big task to go through the rules during winter and bring the revised version to the next AGM. Have a look at the rules please and let the Executive Board members know your thoughts and ideas – at least! I haven’t got any messages concerning the rules so far! Does this mean that there isn’t anything needing attention? I doubt that! DO IT NOW so the Executive Board has a chance to do its job on time. Only if we know what is needed can we propose the changes and bring the document to the AGM in August.

Another option is to spend endless and often fruitless hours at meetings going through the rules sentence by sentence – and then find the result is not what members wanted.

Soon it is time to begin to make plans for the trip to Ireland in March. Watch out for the schedule of the CPBS Spring festival, IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE AVAILABLE SOON!! I’m sure it is going to be a huge success again, despite the difficult financial situation around the world.

Whilst I am writing this there is a real blizzard outside. The ponies spent their day out as usual, but they were willing to come into stables a bit earlier in the evening than normal. The snow ploughs have been busy but the last kilometre to the stable was totally blocked – the wind had blown the snow to big dunes across the road. Right now it is not very tempting to go outside. But when the skies clear this will be a real winter wonderland! I like proper winter and snow and our seasonal changes. The ponies prefer the snow to the mud too!

On behalf of the Executive Board of the ICCPS I wish each and every member of the International groups of Connemara Pony lovers a peaceful and joyous Christmas and a prosperous year 2009 for you and your ponies.

Tuula Pyoria ICCPS Chair •••

Winter is now obviously firmly entrenched in the Northern hemisphere and ponies snug in their winter quarters, there appears to be little to report as to pony activities.

Down South, there are not many of us, (Australia and New Zealand) and very little is happening as the summer show season has barely begun with little or not material coming to hand as to show results etc. This is the reason that I asked for material to begin our Website promotion of the performance qualities of both Stallions and mares from each Society. I sincerely hope that you can get aboard with this request so that our concept of a web site register of a performance can get off the ground.


GERMANY (Perhaps a bit of Australia too!) This item was sent to me from Germany and so I absolve myself from any degree of favouritism!

A mail from Elke Bader has the headline “Australian Connemara pony wins performance contest 2008 in Germany” the note continues- “Glenormiston Annashee, a 3 year old Australian bred Connemara mare, now resident in Germany has stunned the German Equine Community with her brilliant performance in the 2 week performance contest for Pony mares in Baden-Wurttemburg. Scoring was done in accordance with the rules of the Official LPO competition regulations.

“Annashee” is bred in the purple. She is by Castle Baron, a full brother to Castle Comet, Castle Countess and Castle Urchin. She is from the mare Glenormiston Abbeylara (Domo Cavallo Praize – Washlands Rebecca). The competition is in dressage, loose jumping, rideability and Interieur. Annashee’s score in rideability was an incredible score of 9/10. Elke goes on to say that this performance confirms her conviction that there doesn’t necessarily exist a discrepancy between successful breeding show ponies and ponies doing sports as it is already proven by Annishee’s family – the Castle ponies.

“Annashee” is owned by Elke Bader from Black Forest Connemara Ponies, Germany and was bred by Sue Clarke, Glenormiston Connemara Ponies, Queensland, Australia

(One must also not forget that the Australian Stud “Glenormiston” has a deep background of performance orientated ponies and Domo Cavallo Praize is a legend in Australia).

It may not be fully known that there are two societies in Germany that support the Connemara pony Breed independent from the breeding societies. The German Connemara Pony Association (CPIG) as well as the German Connemara Pony Society (CPV) had some changes inside their structures and both have new home pages. It would be of value to all Connemara breeders and owners to check the web sites and www.connemara-pony-de for more detailed information.


CANADA This report from Canada is an extension of a brief report in the last newsletter, thanks to Bridget Wingate.

“Connemaras did well in the Extravaganza show in British Columbia” Connemara ponies competed against the much larger Irish Draughts in the final class, the Gamblers Choice Jumping event. This was a star event at the show with the jumps at 4 feet. Each jump had a point value with riders having to jump as many as could be against the clock, including the Jeopardy fence that consisted of two vertical rails with a point score of 200 points.

The ponies had an advantage as they could turn faster and two Connemaras made full use of this fact. Hillside Sassafrass and Bien Mallin’s Rory cleared all fences with Rory taking first place and Sassafrass second, leaving the Irish Draught contingent well behind.

“Rory” (Landgate’s Holy Smoke – Bar S Heather) is a 10 year old, 13.2hh Registered and Inspected Stallion. He has won countless Jumping Championships to 3ft 3 inches. He has performed well in Eventing and won his first training Division this fall in British Columbia. Rory was also trained to Harness especially to help the Team Connemara in the Battle of the Breeds.

He has anchored the “Canadian Team Connemara” group in all five divisions of Driving, Dressage, Barrel Racing, Jumping and Trail. In 2007 he won Canada’s first Cross Country driving trek race with his owner and driver Melanie White.

He happily combines a performance career with stud duties and is passing his exceptional temperament and work ethics onto his progeny. Truly a wonderful Pony showing the true Connemara Traits.


Another very successful Stallion in British Columbia is Elphin Cronan (Maplehurst Michael MacDaire – SP Mils Braeban). Whilst Cronan himself has not had a competitive career, his pure bred and part bred offspring are making their marks In the Eventing scene. Irish, a Th/Connemara cross began his eventing career at prelim. Level and has won twice and been placed twice, before moving to Intermediate level, where he was again placed second at the first event.

Two young purebreds KS Priceless and Coolmore. Priceless have been placed first and second at all his training level events and Coolmore with his 13 yr old rider won pony Club jumping and Hunting Champion at the same show and was placed second at his first Horse trials.

“Simply Irresistible”, a three quarter Connemara mare, has been placed consistently in junior levels and has gone on to be placed in a 24 mile endurance ride.


DENMARK TheDanishSocietyconducteditsinspectionandshowprogramsinAugust with Tom MacLochlainn from Ireland officiating. The best pony at Inspection was Bech’s Magic Breeze (Innellan Kestrel) belonging to Thomas Thomsen. Best in Show was Innellan Kestrel (Spinway Comet) owned by Reci Bech. Full results from the show can be found on

From the Danish Ponies that have competed internationally – the top award winner in Denmark is the BEC Gelding Enghojs Quincy Blue (Baunely’s Dipper). Quincy competes at International level and he was placed 4th in the CSIP in Norway in February 2008. Other successful showjumpers are the Irish bred mare Moneyveen Girl (Smokey Duncan) and French Licensed Stallion Ice and Fire D’albran (Dexter Leam Pondi). The 19 year old gelding Bogegaardens Calibra (Earl of Doon) participated in the European Championships in Eventing for Denmark. Calibra won the Danish Championship in cross-country jumping in 2001 and 2006.


GREAT BRITAIN The British Connemara pony Society performance award scheme results are to hand. All top ten award winners in the Pure bred have scores varying from 11380 to 2880 points. Wonderful results. One interesting fact arising from the score sheets (8 pages in all) is the fantastic performance of the stallion “Hayselden Bacchus”. Two of his progeny feature in the first ten on the score sheet and his progeny feature 10 times in the 48 placing listed. If one ventures further into the awards, Bacchus, through his progeny, Hayselden Xenia, Orion, Artemis, and Xanthe received varying trophies. Still further, Hayselden Stud, the home of Bacchus, owned by the Hon.


A. Harries and Mrs. P.S Harrison was awarded the SCARLETTS trophy as breeders of most ponies gaining points.

What a fantastic contribution to the Connemara pony world by the Stud and the Stallion Hayselden Bacchus. The proprietors of Hayselden Stud must be over the moon!

A wander through the full report brings to light many well known Stallions and Ponies, all of whom are showing the world just what the Connemara pony can do. Please ask Sarah Hodgkins if you would like a copy of the report.


FINLAND The Connemara pony gelding, “Park Benjamin”, has won the indoor showjumping championship for ponies held on 26 November. He was ridden by 14 year old Vera Elopuro. Benjamin was bred in Ireland in 1997 by Sandra Parkinsons and was imported into Finland in March 2006. He is by Ashfield Festy out of Spanish Dance (Meryn Pookhaun) Benjamin is owned in Finland by Emilie de la Chapelle. Benjamin has numerous wins and placings in national level from 110 – 125cms and he was part of the national pony Team competing in the European Championships last summer. “Park Benjamin” can be found from the CPBS Database – he was registered in Ireland with number G.2711.


GENERAL The time and effort in making contacts with Equine Magazines around the world has paid off with some excellent reports being printed in both the English “Native Pony” and the “Irish Horse and Pony”. The latter is exceptionally good and mails me before each printing date for information. We have had articles on the formation of the ICCPS and the Australian Society and its association with the Charles Sturt University. The December issue (received 3/12/08) has fully printed an article from Denmark (Lene will remember this article as it went missing both in my computer and from the Publication computer but it found its way eventually). A full report from Austria re the two stallions that won in the first Eventing/Military events and an excellent article from France.

As a result of a request for the next issue material, I have sent copy of what was still available but the cupboard is now absolutely bare. It is vital to the continuation of this promotional program that you, the Societies, continue to send material so that we retain this very important, free promotion of the Connemara pony. The other fact is that there are frequent references to the Connemara pony in Ireland in this publication. With our input the pony worldwide is being reported and recognised.

I have received a note from Ruth Rodgers, An Capaillin on two matters. First – A new Connemara pony Breeders group has been formed in Ireland. It is called the MIDLAND CONNEMARA PONY BREEDERS GROUP. The Chair is Eddie Fleming, Vice Chair, John Moran, Secretary Mary Rabbit, Treasurer John Durkin and P>R>O> is Ruth Rodgers.

I have asked Ruth to advise as to whom I can make contact with in relation to news items. It is nice to see yet another Connemara group formed to promote our wonderful pony. On your behalf, I wish the new group the best of luck in its work to promote our lovely pony.

Second point from Ruth is that An Capaillin has gone to press. The publication will contain 136 pages of beautiful material highlighting our great pony and there is a bit of something from everywhere! As members of the ICCPS we MUST always ensure that this wonderful publication remains a top item in the promotion of the Pony and that every effort is made to ensure that the annual publication is strongly maintained. The important factor with the publication is that it, despite some belief to the opposite, An Capaillin is a world class, worldwide read advertisement for the Connemara pony. It is not a publication now merely for the Irish internal network but it represents of the best Irish advertisements for both Ireland and its every growing most recognised exports – the Connemara pony. May those that have influence in Ireland recognise this fact and act accordingly. (This is my thoughts anyhow)

Time has come and with some considerable disappointment I find that a very few Societies have answered my call for material. To those who have sent articles – a very big thank you. The magazines that I have mentioned are all asking for articles on top performing stallions, Mares and the progeny of these top performers. It is this material that will build our Web site performance Board. PLEASE! Take time and put a few words together. I have nothing for future Magazines, and, if you want the role of Co-ordinator to continue and the promotion of our pony to be foremost, then I can do it only with your help.

SO! Please help and send articles!

From down under I send you greetings and wishes for a joyful Christmas with family and friends and may the year 2009 be one of happiness and success for you and your ponies. Attached hereto are also a number of cuddly pats for all ponies wherever they may be!

Happy Christmas! Lots of love and regards John TENNANT