ICCPS Minutes August 2009

Minutes from THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING & TECHNICAL MEETING Held on Tuesday, 18th August, 2009

The Station House Hotel, Clifden at 9:00 AM.

AGENDA for ICCPS Annual Meeting – beginning at 9AM-10:30AM

Attendees/Delegates: Tuula Pyoria(FIN), Padraic Heanue(IRE), Tom Maclochlain(IRE), Anne Harries(BCPS and NZ), Andy O’Donohue(IRE), Dermot Power(IRE), Joop deJong(NE), Teresa Dohms(GER), Anne Storme(BE), Mary Flynn(CAN), Niamh Philbin(IRE), John Riordan(IRE), Gabriel Murphy(IRE), Alain Debilly(FR), Laurence DuJardin(FR), Vermund Lyngstad(NO), John Dawkins(AU), Karen Holloway(AU), Sally Oxnard(USA), Madeleine Beckman(SWE), Lene Nielsen(DE), and Susan McConnell(USA)

1. Apologies for absence
Absent without representation: Austria and Switzerland

2. Minutes from the last ICCPS Technical Meeting on 20th August 2008
Minutes adopted by Motion from Tom MacLochlainn and seconded by Padraic Heanue

3. Presentation of President’s Annual Report

Tuula Pyoria, ICCPS President welcomed everyone to the Annual ICCPS Meeting & Technical Meeting. She read her written report to the Delegates.

4. Presentation of Treasurer’s Report Annual Accounts for 2008

Padraic Heanue reported on the ICCPS bank account. Treasurer’s Report was adopted by a Motion from Lene Nielson and seconded by Andrew O’Donohue with a balance of Euros 5,760.39

5. Collection of each ICCPS Society Annual Report (Secretary)

Susan McConnell, ICCPS Secretariat thanked all the countries who responded to the emailed request for Annual Reports. These were previously circulated. Information was compiled for an new table (excel spreadsheet) of information (see attached)

6. Declaration of Elections for Office Bearers (USA, UK & Denmark step down and may be eligible for re-election)

Anne Harries noted that the correct name should be Great Britain, not UK. Great Britain will continue. Sarah Hodgkins will replace Anne Harries.

Lene Nielsen said Denmark had served for 6 years. She recommended that Denmark step down and nominated Belgium who will be represented by Anne Storme. Padraic Heanue seconded this nomination.

Sally Oxnard said the USA would step down. Madeleine Beckman suggested that a “non-EU country” should replace the USA. Norway was nominated by Sarah Hodgkins and seconded by Lene Nielsen. Vermund Lyngstad will represent Norway.

Tom MacLochlainn wished to step down from the Executive Board and was replaced by Andy O’Donohue.

Lene Nielsen nominated Tuula Pyoria as Chair. Sara Hodgkins seconded this. Tuula thanked everyone for their continuing trust.

2009-2010 ICCPS Officers
Chair: Tuula Pyoria

Vice Chair: Andy O’Donohue
Honorary Treasurer: Anne Storme Treasurer: Padraic Heanue
Honorary Secretary: Vermund Lyngstad Secretariart: Susan McConnell
At Large: Sarah Hodgkins

Madeleine Beckman

7. Meeting closure – Morning Tea Break – 10:00AM


The ICCPS welcomed Pat Lyne who is celebrating her 80th Birthday and the 10th Anniversary of the Station House Museum. On behalf of the ICCPS, Tom MacLochlainn presented Pat with a photo of Thunder. We serenaded her with “Happy Birthday to You”. The Hon. Susan Denham will host a reception to unveil the plaque celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Station House Museum.

Topics for discussion as suggested by Societies:

1. Database Update from CPBS

Alex O’Connor reported that he has received pedigree information from 8 countries. He will supply a special email address for all information. The total annual cost to maintain the web site will be Euros 1,400 plus VAT (approx. Euros 1,700) which is higher than was originally quoted. This annual cost will be shared by all Societies through the ICCPS account.

2. New rules for ICCPS groups – status of development – CPBS/Dermot to respond

Dermot explained that the CPBS has legislation drawn up, incorporated into law, so that it applies for a 5 year license within Ireland. He wants the countries inside the EU and outside the EU to work towards EU compliance. Ireland is not the only EU country that complies with EU rules. All EU countries work with EU rules. The CPBS interpretation of the rules makes things difficult for some countries. Many countries want to know exactly which Rules are being used. Dermot promised better communications with a 1 year notice to all breeders of any changes. There will be changes in 2011. One years notice is a very short time for those countries where the breed societies are not as independent as in Ireland. By the time some societies rules are changed/updated, the CPBS has already changed theirs.

Dermot agreed to read through the ICCPS Rules that are posted on the ICCPS website and delete the irrelevant parts. By November 1st, he promised to circulate a proposal.

3. Stallion/Colt Inspection Vet Assessment Form

It was agreed, last year, that there should be a standard vet form so that the attending vet in each country is looking at the same details; however, it was noted that the CPBS did not use the form when conducting Spring Stallion/Colt Inspection. After very lively discussion, it was decided that the CPBS uses the vet form as was agreed in 2008, but the membership does not see the results. Dermot said that the CPBS office can make the information (vet assessment results) available.

Madeleine explained that it is not necessary to do the flexion tests but it should be noted in the form what was done and what was not done.

4. General Communications between CPBS ~ ICCPS ~ Sister Societies

Tuula urged better communications since there were several complaints reported over the year. It was decided that each country should have one person who responds, quickly, to emails when they are received. Everyone agrees to have better communications, at least reply as soon as possible.

5. Naming of Ponies – registered prefixes and suffixes

Susan McConnell reported that she had attempted to communicate with Alex O’Connor in the suggested “ticketed” email following last year’s AGM, but she never got a response. Alex had promised an easy computer program for the registration of prefixes and suffixes. Dermot promised that if Susan sends an email about this, he will be in touch with Alex.

Last year, the CPBS suggested and it was agreed that when one breeder has registered a prefix or a suffix another breeder can not use that same word as a prefix or suffix. It was also noted that the CPBS will not let their breeders use that word as any part of the name, but it was agreed at the meeting this can not be the case in other countries or we will soon run out of names, so that rule applies to the CPBS only.

This year, the Irish prefix, “Village”, is being used in France as a suffix, which can not be approved.

Everyone requests Dermot and the CPBS to develop a policy from the CPBS in its September Council meeting as to the legal definition of a “name”. Can a word be used in a name, not used in any part of a name?

6. Promotion – worldwide

Sally Oxnard reported that the WEG (World Equestrian Games) will be celebrated in Lexington, KY in September – October, 2010. Dermot said he would email the Irish Horse Board to see if it plans to attend.

Lene said John Tennant wants everyone to send performance articles and photos of Connemara Ponies in their country. Tuula agreed that there should be a special section on the ICCPS website with photos, pedigrees and articles. A calendar of events on the web that includes all shows, inspections and events would be useful.

Niamh suggested that a general brochure should be created to be given to every Daughter Society with multi disciplines and languages (English, German, French)

Tuula suggested that her friend, Satu Pitkanen, be appointed as the ICCPS webmaster. She is in charge of the technical side of the website. It was decided to pay her 200 euros/year for monthly updates.

Motion by Dermot Power and seconded by Tom MacLochlainn ~ Approved

7. South African Connemara Pony Society

Many years ago, there had been rumors that there were Connemara Ponies in South Africa. In the past several weeks, there have been email communications with a Society. The South African society has applied for ICCPS membership but as their documents were not available at the time of the meeting their membership is pending.

8. Hunter Doughty – Course Coordinator Equine Science, Lecturer Equine Science, School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, Charles Sturt University, Australia, http://www.csu.edu.au/faculty/science/savs/

Hunter gave a PowerPoint presentation on recent University research on Laminitis, Theriogenology and Color Genetics.

9. Other Matters Arising

Dermot said that there would be a Showdown in the Station House Hotel, following the Thursday show. He wondered if the foreign societies wanted a special room like the one over the Pub. After discussion, it was not necessary.

Lene missed the program catalogue at the March, Spring Festival. She urged the CPBS to rethink this. Dermot said that he would see about producing the pedigrees.

10. Adjournment 4:00PM

25 September 2009