ICCPS Minutes August 2011

Held on Tuesday, 18th August, 2011

The Station House Hotel, Clifden at 1:00 PM.

Attendees/Delegates: Tuula Pyoria(FIN) Chair, Padraic Heanue(IRE) Treasurer, Sarah Hodgkins(BCPS), Henrietta Knight (BCPS), Andy O’Donoghue(CPBS), Dermot Power(CPBS), Henry O’Toole(CPBS), Jimmy Canavan(CPBS), Joop deJong(NE), Anne Storme(BE), Shirley Sauve(CAN), Niamh Philbin(CPBS), Olivier Verove(FR), Helena de Belloy(FR), Vermund Lyngstad(NO), Karen Holloway(AU), Madeleine Beckman(SWE), Maiken Holm(DE), and Susan McConnell(USA) (Secretariat).

Tuula Pyoria, the Chairperson for the ICCPS opened the meeting and welcomed everyone to the annual ICCPS AGM. As there were several new Delegates, everyone briefly presented himself/herself. Since this AGM was preceded by a very productive morning meeting discussing Classification and Inspection Rules (organized by the CPBS and chaired by Andy O’Donoghue), Tuula hoped that we could proceed through the Agenda, as quickly as possible.

  1. Apologies for absence: Austria, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland, South Africa.
  2. Minutes from the last ICCPS AGM, 17 August 2010
    Tuula wondered if the CPBS had written a letter to the South African Society accepting them into

the ICCPS. Dermot Power said he had been in contact with people in the Society but had not finalized details. Tuula asked about a letter from the CPBS to the Australian Society. Dermot said that a letter had

been sent supporting the Australian Society. The CPBS will not recognize the Australasian registry. Sarah Hodgkins asked for a Database update. There was general disappointment about the

information as organized and presented by Alex O’Connor. Dermot said that the CPBS was hoping to have all ponies with a unique identifying number and 3 generations. He admitted that there was not much progress. Andy said there was a question about ‘who owned the Database’. Because the CPBS was not getting a response from Alex, a competitive bid was offered to create a new Database and Search Engine. John Riordan said Eamonn MacLochlainn has created new ancestry fields (where bred/born) in a new configuration. Alex is not offering to cooperate to share the data. Susan suggested that the countries could resend their pedigree information to Eamonn if Alex is not forthcoming, soon.

Tuula said 1000 Euros had been paid by the ICCPS to Timmy Kreuzer and the German society for the participation to Equitana in Germany, as discussed at the 2010 meeting and confirmed after the society’s application to the ex board. She said that this is money was well spent to promote the Connemara Pony.

Minutes adopted by Motion from Madeleine Beckman and seconded by Padraic Heanue

3. Presentation of President’s Annual Report
Tuula Pyoria read the President’s written report to the Delegates; promised to send it via email

to all the Societies, and post it on the ICCPS website.
ICCPS Publicity Report 2010-2011: Tuula read John Tennant’s report. She thanked John for

his PR help from “down under”. She hopes the Societies will follow Jenny Hagenblad’s example and send regular, short reports for the web. Hopefully, Societies will have something new to tell.

CPBS: Tuula thanked Andy for the morning meeting hoping that there will be positive results. In the past, Tuula felt that the CPBS was not fully aware of the ICCPS. Now, she hopes there will be better understanding and lines of communication so we can solve problems in the future.



Tuula thanked Susan McConnell for her help during the year.

Prefix List: Tuula has been compiling prefixes. She hopes that there will be complete, worldwide list so people can see what names are not available – to avoid duplicates. She would be very happy to get the French suffixes.

Showcases: WEG and Equitana (Germany) are examples of events that showcase the Connemara Pony. Tuula suggests that the ICCPS tries to support the breed around the world.

Permanent Agenda Item: the International Rules have been discussed every year; however, everyone wants/needs one, simple set of Rules that is compatible on the same principles. Tuula feels that this morning’s meeting should be helpful – positive. There might still be problems but as much to solve.

Communication: Tuula would like to see the Societies be more active throughout the year.

Tuula wishes every success to the CPBS for show week. Hopefully, there will be sunshine so we can enjoy the beautiful ponies.

4. Presentation of Treasurer’s Report Annual Accounts for 2010 and Budget for 2011 Padraic Heanue presented the Treasurer’s Report with a Balance of 5,660.46 euros as of

Anne Storme presented a Budget for 2011-2012

Income: Membership Fees
130 Euros = FR, BR, IRE and USA
65 Euros = AUS, AST, BE, CAN, DE, FN, GR, ND, NZ, NO, SW, SZ, SA

Website (Satu Pitkanen) 250 Hosting Website (ActiveMedia) 165 AGM Room Rental 195 Bank Fees (approx.) 15

Website Hosting: Tuula would like to investigate a more economical web host. International Showcases (possible applications for funds):

  1. 1.)  France ~ European Pony Championships (Fontainebleu) end of July 2012
  2. 2.)  Horse of the Year (Olympia, UK) Dermot wants 1,000 euros for a stand with staffing. Motion by Andy and seconded by Pat Mullin Tuula looks forward to plans and proposals

5. ICCPS Annual Reports
Susan McConnell thanked all the Societies for completing and circulating their information in a

timely manner. Reports were previously circulated via email. Ireland promises to circulate their information.

Dermot said that after reading the reports he feels that some Societies could be very fragile. The key is greater cooperation and better communication. All Societies exist on a limited budget; limited number of foals (4, 20, 65); across the whole spectrum. Dermot feels that there should be funding available to the overseas Societies that exist on limited budgets.

Andy noted that there are 2 fully formed, licensed Societies operating in Belgium. He will contact the other Society and bring them to the table.

6. Update ICCPS Annual Report Form
Dermot noted that the ICCPS Mission Statement requires the exchange of information. He would like information every 3 months about major events. He would like up to date information about ponies that are performing for promotion.
Madeleine would like the form to meet the new Classes (1, 2, and 3) as well as How many shows? How many ponies are inspected and where they end up? Mares inspected? Sport Section?


Tuula, Madeleine and Dermot plan to work on the report form so it is easy to complete with


relevant information.


  1. Office Bearers:
    Norway, Belgium and Great Britain could step down. They announced that they were available for nomination.
    Andy said that he would like Dermot to serve on the ICCPS Executive Board in his place.Because there are 4 countries (NO, GB, AUST and BE) for 3 positions, there was a secret ballot. The voting result was: Norway, Great Britain and Australia for the Executive Board. Tuula Pyoria was elected Chair for the next 12 months along with the following Officers.2011-2012 ICCPS Officers:
    Chair: Tuula Pyoria, Finland

    Vice Chair: Dermot Power, Ireland
    Honorary Treasurer: Vermund Lyngstad, Norway Treasurer: Padraic Heanue, Ireland
    Honorary Secretary: Sarah Hodgkins, British CPS Secretariat: Susan McConnell, USA
    At Large: Madeleine Beckman, Sweden

    Karen Holloway, Australia

  2. Vet Inspection ~ both colt and filly ~ clear instructions from CPBS what are the conditions that

cause a pony to fail the vet. What if something is marked by the vet?

After a thorough discussion it was decided that the CPBS will contact the vet college for a list of conditions that could cause a pony to fail inspection. Henrietta Knight requested that all countries submit information, in case there are differences.

Andy talked about sweet itch. It has not been decided that it is hereditary. Although the CPBS is slow to put a pony into Class 1 with sweet itch, there is no “test”. Karen said it was a “skin condition”. Madeleine said that there were too few Connemara Pony samples sent from Ireland within the Swedish project of finding a possible gene detector for sweet itch, but the work has continued within the Icelandic Horse population and she will forward any available information to the CPBS.

John Riordan said the pony is presented and inspected on the day. The inspectors look on the day for the placing in the classes.

Tuula felt that if there is a list of conditions, then, it should be easier to handle a problem.

  1. Promotion of the Connemara pony ~ worldwide in the coming year
    France = European Championships
    UK = Horse of the Year ~ Andy said that 2012 is the 100th Anniversary of Michael O’Malley’s ride and promotion of the Connemara Pony. Madeleine agreed that something “special” should happen (possibly ponies from Europe coming to Olympia for demonstrations).
    TV Program Promotion = 1⁄2 hour on Horse and Country and its sister channels in USA and Sweden.
  2. Meeting closure at 2:50PM.
    Due to the Olympics in London in 2012, RDS has been moved to the 3rd week in August 2012. The Clifden Pony Show Week will remain as the third Thursday, 16th August 2011. No ICCPS Annual Meeting date was decided.

Motion by Dermot and seconded by Padraic Heanue for Australia to serve on the executive board.

Andy promised that he would discuss a vet evaluation form and list with the CPBS Council and/or vet/vet college and be back in touch within 2 months.