President’s Report March 2008


The ICCPS organisation at its last meeting achieved what can be said as a “milestone” – finally after almost 8 years of discussion and variations of rules, a standard Stud Book Rules system was formulated and accepted. Apart from the Data Base project, which it is hoped will be firmed and accepted this coming meeting, the way is now open for all Societies, including the mother Society, to work harmoniously and strongly to achieve the implementation of the Mission Statement as laid down in the ICCPS Constitution.

In looking back over the past year, several areas of concern immediately come to mind and I feel that as the retiring Chair, I should indicate that these areas of concern should be recognised. It appears on the surface that with the acceptance of the new Stud book Rules, albeit with some variances in several Societies, all of which comply with the EU Council principles, there appears to be a decided slackening of interest from groups in the ICCPS activities, newsletters etc. I have found this quite disturbing as in the past, a number of EU Societies have made strong approaches to have greater activity in the transfer of thoughts, ideas, performance activities and Stud activities. Yet, there has been no response to requests for such material for newsletters this year.

Another area of concern to me has been the lack of response from the CPBS in relation to the requests for abridged CPBS Council Minutes of meetings; Ideas and concepts re the development of promotional material for the Connemara pony sent for comments and so on. This lack of response is not confined to this year only unfortunately and I have often wondered in past years, how much of the material discussed in ICCPS general meetings, and if the minutes of these meetings are in fact tabled in CPBS Council meetings.

There is also little doubt that the internal problems of some groups do have an effect on the actions and activities of some dissident groups across the ICCPS system. I make haste to add that internal incidents are the problem of the Society involved and are of no concern to other groups. However, where these internal events, especially those emanating from the Mother Society, are posted throughout the Connemara World on Websites, Emails etc they are being used by varying dissidents in some groups in their attempts to disrupt efficient and effective Stud Book controls that are recognised worldwide.

It is in this area that I believe we can all assist the other groups. A short preamble of the internal problem, reasons for the disruption and the actions being taken could assist sister Committees in their actions to be taken to negate dissident activities.

I think the Mother Society could well take note of these comments and recognise that sister Societies are dependant on the Mother Society having a stable and balanced system of activities and be more forward in ensuring that the specific articles of the ICCPS Mission statement in article 2.2; 2.3; 2.4, 2.5 are in fact able to be effectively promoted and worked upon.

I believe that the ICCPS Executive and Sister groups now have a golden opportunity to re- read the Mission Statement and ensure that article 2.1 of the Mission Statement becomes its major function for the future. The CPBS has, with its introduction of the Connemara festival, opened the doors to a new concept of promotion. It must not be allowed to fall away. Promotion must be carefully thought about; ICCPS funds must be effectively used to ensure the movement of article 2.1 of the Constitution; the ICCPS groups must take a greater responsibility in the provision of material for the production of “An Capaillin” and perhaps an increase in volumes per year!

Societies must also discuss with and give support to the Mother Society in the development of Judges clinics (and ensure that these are developed and promoted without internal upheavals as has occurred) and above all, each and every Connemara Pony organisation within the ICCPS should and must look to its own promotion – promotion with the assistance of near groups – and /or passing to other groups ideas, concepts and effective promotional activities that have and will ensure greater promotion of our Pony.

We all know that the Connemara Pony is unchallenged as a performance Pony, we, as owners and breeders must take the responsibility of ensuring that “OUR” pony is recognised, sought after and promoted as being the “BEST” that can be sought after and used.

In the matter of Promotion, could it be possible for each Society in its production of its Magazine, introduce an “International” section wherein sister groups could provide material on developments within their specific groups, Pony activities, Stud performances etc???? This could be an area where each Society could appoint a promotions/newsletter editor to liaise with sister groups and provide material??

There is always a silver lining and in the main, I believe that in the past 7 – 8 years we have achieved a lot and have, and are, provided that organisation that the late Donal Kenny sought to achieve in his article to the British Chronicle in 1990 wherein he foresaw an organisation that would represent the Connemara Pony World wide.

As your chair for the past 6 years I feel proud that this organisation can and does just that – “represent and promote the Connemara pony in its true value as a unique and valued performance pony equal to none”!!!

In my final report to the ICCPS I thank all groups for their support, especially in giving me the opportunity to act as your Chair person. I have enjoyed working with you all for the development of the Connemara pony worldwide and I would like to indicate that I would feel honoured if the organisation or the Executive felt that in some way I could continue to provide my personal support.

The friendships gained I shall treasure forever.

John Tennant Chair ICCPS