President’s Report August 2008


As it is only few months since our AGM in March this won’t be much of a report but more of some personal thoughts. It was a great honour and challenge to be elected as a new chair of ICCPS and I hope I can serve ICCPS and the Connemara pony as well and with as much enthusiasm as our former President John Tennant has done. We can consider ourselves very lucky that he willingly accepted his new role as our PR coordinator after retiring as a President. He has started with this job with great efficiency, bursting with ideas. His latest idea is an international performance register to promote the breed and help the breeders. Hopefully we will be able to build up this register in the near future. This, as well as any other promotion needs support from all the societies. I do sincerely hope that every society would contribute and share the information of show and competition results, successful breeding animals etc with the rest of us. Also do remember that we already do know the Connemara pony is “simply the best” – we just have to get the message through to those who do not know it, yet! In each and every country a lot of work is done to promote the Irish breed and hopefully the parent society recognises this work. Let us all know what you are doing. Share the information, do response the requests. It won’t take too much of anyone’s time but it can make the difference that distinguishes Connemara pony from other native breeds what comes to the visibility internationally. This should benefit the breed and the breeders everywhere.

Great news came from CPBS few weeks ago. The database with all the Connemara ponies registered in Ireland is up and running, available to everyone on the CPBS website. This has been a long project. Hopefully the information from sister societies can be included shortly. The cost shouldn’t be obstructive to any society as I was told in spring the CPBS is funding the putting up costs. The annual maintenance cost would be around 1000 euros, shared with all the societies – maybe funded by the ICCPS?

ICCPS rules are in need of a review. Right now they are out of date and also rather confusing. In my opinion the rules should be as simple and straightforward as possible so that every society can accept to follow them. My suggestion would be that the executive board will look at the rules during the coming winter period and bring forward the proposal for updated rules to the next AGM. Of course opinions from the societies would be welcome as always. I’m sure none of us wants to sit in these meetings for the next 5-6 years talking about rules. It might be easier more efficient and save time if the executive board does the hard work of redrafting the rules according to the suggestions from the societies and next AGM either approves or not the new set of rules.

Last but not least, the ICCPS website. I’d like it to be more alive! Maybe up to date information of in hand and performance show dates, competitions etc. Even an international pony sales list was suggested as not all the societies accept foreign ponies to their sales lists. Maybe ICCPS newsletter could be on line? The website should of course be matter-of-fact and objective but also it should attract visitors so that they come again to see what is happening in the Connemara pony world! This shouldn’t even be complicated so maybe this is also something to think about.

Tuula Pyöriä Chair, ICCPS