President’s Report August 2010

Today the ICCPS AGM and Technical Meeting are scheduled only to these few afternoon hours. Some of you may wonder why. Over the years there have been complaints; the meetings last too long, always same items on the agenda, not much progress to be seen etc. When there was plenty of time available people did not concentrate on the essential but rather went on with explanations over the same things we had already heard previous year. As time is valuable to all of us, I hope this years limited hours force us to concentrate more to those items that really should be finalized soon.

One of these items is the International Rules. Last year we were unable to make any decisions over the rules as we had very few comments from the societies and the Parent Society did not present a draft to work from. As agreed in last year’s meeting, we got the draft from the CPBS. This first draft from Parent Society came out to sister societies just before last Christmas. Several of the societies send their comments and suggestions in the beginning of 2010 and these were forwarded to the Parent Society as well as circulated to all societies. Draft number 2, where some of these suggestions were taken into account came from the CBPS two months ago. Now, we should be able to go through the draft, see and hopefully also agree what needs to be changed and get results, so that we do not have to go home with empty hands. We also have to remember Connemara ponies are bred not only in Europe. Breeders in countries outside EU must be able to live with the rules, too. And last but by no means least, the rules should be there also for the betterment of the breed – as someone said years ago in the Brussels meeting “we are breeders, not multipliers”.

Some of you might remember General Communication was on the Agenda last year. It was agreed good dialogue between CPBS Council and ICCPS executive board is necessary and there was – and still is – plenty of room for improvement. It was also felt a better dialogue between sister societies is important. Although in some ways the communication might have improved, I doubt there really has been enough progress. As far as I understand the international matters are not discussed in the CPBS council and the ICCPS ex board certainly does not receive any information from the CPBS council or from its International Committee. There are also societies we never hear from during the year. It seems very quiet in many ways for 11 months after the AGM and then suddenly just before the next meeting everyone wakes up. I do admit I’m guilty to this, too. But just before the meeting it is often too late, as no decisions can be made if the societies have not had a fair chance to discuss things and proposals in their own councils. If only we could agree to answer to the inquiries promptly it would help a lot. Could we possibly agree some kind of code of practice in all communication? Societies as well as executive board and CPBS President and his International Committee are certainly welcome to share their thoughts and ideas anytime, not just before the meeting.

International Committee of Connemara Pony Societies, President’s Report 17.8.2010

In his report, John Tennant suggests the societies appoint persons who would forward the news and information to the ICCPS. Please, take his suggestion seriously! There has been lot more visitors on the ICCPS website when we got the new section “Pony Information” and all the links there. News are always interesting. We are grateful to our PR Officer John Tennant as his efforts enable us to add the news on the website.

There is a link “Registered Prefixes” and a promise – coming soon. I’m afraid has taken lot more time than I thought to compile this list and I’m still working on it. Unfortunately, we never got the program that could have been used in this so each and every prefix or suffix with its holder and country must be added separately to the alphabetical list. So far the list has 29 pages. Almost every country are listed now but two big breeders, Ireland and France, are still missing from the list as I haven’t received the information from them, yet. The plan is to get the list out of my hands and on the website as soon as I get the information from those countries.

According the ICCPS Constitution promoting the Connemara breed is high on the agenda.

The World Equestrian Games takes place in Lexington Kentucky from September 25th to October 10th, 2010. Connemara ponies will be seen there – not competing, but the American Connemara Pony Society will have a booth in the Equine Village. Two weeks of breed demonstrations with Connemara pony ambassadors and dozens of volunteers will certainly be noticed among the visitors. The efforts and hard work of the ACPS are much appreciated and on behalf of the ICCPS and Connemara community I’d like to say thank you to everyone involved. We are waiting for a report!

Performance classes are now welcomed addition to the Clifden Show week. Last year’s puissance was a huge success despite of the demanding circumstances and Friday is now firmly fixed as an annual performance event. CPBS is to be congratulated for taking this step, as by performing the ponies promote themselves best.

I’d like to use this opportunity and thank all who have actively taken part to the ICCPS discussions during the past year. Special thanks go to our hard working Secretary Susan McConnell. While the rest of us will go home and relax a bit after what hopefully will be a fruitful meeting, her work will continue with the minutes. In order to make her job easier I hope we’ll have a good meeting today.

Tuula Pyöriä ICCPS, Chair

International Committee of Connemara Pony Societies, President’s Report 17.8.2010