President’s Report to AGM 2013

President’s Report – August 2013

I had the honour of being elected President of the International Committee last August. I wish to thank the previous President Tuula Pyoria for her tremendous work over many years on behalf of the International Committee. She has shown great commitment to the development of the the pony both in her own country and worldwide.

There have been a number of initiatives taken by the Executive during the past year


It was decided by the I.C.C.P.S at the Annual meeting in 2012 to contribute financially to a stand at the Olympia Show in London last December  to commemorate the centenary of the Ml O ‘Malley’s visit to the same venue in 1912. The stand was organised by the C.P.B.S and with help from the British Society, it was a great success. Indeed, it shows what can be achieved by close co-operation between two Societies. A special thanks is due to all those who helped to make it such an enjoyable occasion.


It is imperative that the Committee has a properly designed Website that is informative and attractive to users. There has been an initial review undertaken by Susan Mc Connell which led to the site now carrying information on events taking place during the year and news from all Societies. There will be further improvements to the site during the year. We urge all Societies to supply news items for inclusion on the site.

International Database

This is a major objective of the International Committee. It will take time and money to complete the task. The Database of the C.P.B.S is at present being updated.  The work on the International Database will commence when the review of the parent  Database is completed.

Implementation of the International Rules

The final version of the rules has been approved by the Council of the Connemara Pony Breeder’s Society and will be presented to the International Committee at the August meeting. It must be made clear that the International Rules are subservient to the Principles of the Parent Society which must be implemented in all European Countries in accordance with E.U. Directives, Decisions and Regulations.

Annual Michael O’ Malley Award

This year’s recipient is Ms Pat Lyne. It is in recognition of her tremendous research and work on the Connemara Pony. Pat is unique in that she has added to the heritage of the pony by recording over many years the memories of breeders and owners. Her dedication has been unique and she thoroughly deserves this year’s award. “Congratulations Pat”

Promotion and Publicity

The promotion of the pony worldwide is included in the objectives of the Mission statement of the International Committee. The promotion of the pony in Countries with daughter Societies plays an important part in achieving this objective. The international Committee appreciates the great efforts made by all Connemara enthusiasts to promote this lovely pony. Indeed, at the French National Championships, Connemara ponies won the 125cm,130cm and 135cm competitions in which all pony breeds participated. Furthermore, a Connemara pony won the 3 day Event Competition. The I.C.C.P.S. requests all Societies to contribute articles to the website. It is very important to promote the activities of our Junior members as they ensure the future of the breed.

I wish to thank all the International Societies and the the Executive for their help during the year. A special thanks is due to Susan McConnell for her marvellous work as Secretary in co-ordinating the work of the International Committee.

Dermot Power

President August 2013