President’s Report to AGM 2016

President’s Report – August 2016

ICCPS AGM 2015 resulted in a number of issues for the future. What is the object of the ICCPS today? What do the member Societies expect from the Executive Board? A Questionnaire was sent out to all Societies and the outcome will be discussed later at this meeting, thanks to Dermot and Karen. Personally, I think ICCPS must not take too big loads on board at a time, as we all have to take care of our own Societies’ work as well. This year, I feel that all EU Societies have been busy to comply with the new Equine Passport Regulations.

Going through minutes and mails from a couple of years of the ICCPS history, some points seem to be recurrent. Some of them, really, are now done, like the BEC and HWSD issues. “When the Mother Society works, everyone works”. So true. The CPBS has a big impact on the main challenges and issues for the ICCPS that was pointed out in my President’s Report for 2015:

International marketing of the Connemara Pony

The CPBS is re-organized into new sub-committees. A working co-operation between Ex Board and the “Performance & International” CPBS committee (Chair: Denise Norton) will be a great help for a world-wide promotion of the pony. At the March meeting 2016 we agreed on the importance of having a tool to communicate all good news about performance Connemara ponies. As usual, this is a question of active member societies, a working web site and financial requirements. What is the ICCPS role in this? Who has the money?

International database

The CPBS database has to be restored before going into an international part of the project. A lot more work than expected was needed. The ICCPS has to wait. We have to figure out how to finance.

Improvement of judging and inspection systems

The linear scoring system is not yet working within the CPBS. ICCPS has asked for an international training system for overseas judges and a possible funding through the Irish Department of Agriculture. The discussion document “Inspection, Classification and the Connemara Pony in 2015” was presented by Dr Jack Murphy in October 2015 “to assist (CPBS) Council and Members design, create and implement the optimal zootechnical advances for future generations of the Connemara Pony breed”.

Hoof wall separation disease (HWSD)

CPBS Stud Book Principles were approved in May 2016 by Irish authorities, with new rules on Classification of BEC ponies and system for mandatory HWSD tests for Class 1 and 2 ponies which have to be implemented by all daughter societies.

The purposes of the ICCPS

The outcome of the Questionnaire sent to member societies will form the guide line for the future work within the ICCPS and the Executive Board.

The ICCPS would not work without you, member societies and Ex Board officials and I do hope there will be a successful future for the international society. Finally, I would like to thank the CPBS Chair, Subcommittee and Office for being so helpful and informative. Good communication makes things easy.

Madeleine Beckman

President August 2016